Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with,maddy is tensed n thinking abt the accident night, n how the things are affecting everyone n koyal, leela comes n sees maddy tensed n sits beside him n says maddy u must be thinking abt court confession, i know it isn’t easy for u as raj n koyal are associated with it, but i advice u to follow the truth, maddy says why amma why did i go there, leela says maddy do what always u did that is stick by the truth, maddy says amma i can see the truth spoiling to any lives, i have seen raj leaving shobus hand but i don’t know what happened before that so amma, leela says see maddy one day truth will come out n koyal is ur love too, maddy says no amma i cant do this i cant lie nor i can do this to koyal n raj, leela says maddy i trust u n know that u wont hide

the truth, and all i know is u shd speak the truth paru n koyal looking at shobus pic, maddy goes to see them, paru says come maddy i was waiting for u, i know u are too tensed but please give justice to my son please, and maddy do one favour don’t lie , that killer must be jailed, that boy wont be spared he will be jailed, n i know u will speak the truth n give my shobu peace n maddy that killer shdnt be kept alive he shd be hanged to death, paru sees koyal n says koyal are u here to ask me to think abt that killer, on that note i wish to hear nothing n let me tell u maddy wont lie n koyal i want u to see raj being punished n only then u will realise the truth n my shobus sole will be in peace, koyal says ma if raj is being declared culprit trust me i wouldn’t even see rajs face, gosh says come paru we must leave for court now, paru looks at maddy n leaves, maddy says koyal come lets go n take her along with him, raj in jail looks at his face in mirror n says raj today u will be out of this prison, maddy will save u raj, raj ask people in jail see i will be free, they say u are fool raj u have lost everything even ur girl friend, raj says no koyal wont leave me she is just upset but just see when she will learn i did nothing she will trust me again n abt her family i cant replace shobu but will do every single thing a son would do, n keep her family happy n today i court my friend maddy will save me n my love koyal will be back to me n i trust them a lot in court, koyal n maddy get out of car, koyal thinks raj i never imagined our love would bring us here one day, raj gets off the police and maddy looks at raj, raj looks at maddy n says to himself, save me maddy, amrik talks to lawyer please save my child,n walks to rosy n says rosy don’t be upset our raj will be out today, paru hears this n says to herself ur son killed shobu n durga ma wont spare him n leaves
Raj looks at koyal n says to himself koyal turn to ur raj look i am calling u look at me once, koyal turns around n sees raj n turns around, raj says please let me talk to her n says koyal look at me once koyal, koyal looks at raj in tears n holds his collar n says why raj why did u do this, u were my life but now i wish to kill u, i hate u raj, i hate u, raj says koyal u know it very well that i did nothing, so stop this acting, u are very sure that ur raj would never do this to u or to ur family, i cant even think of doing anything to shobu n i know my love cant lose, police take raj along with them, raj tries to stop but they pull him, raj says my friend maddy will save me n then koyal we will be back together, maddy says koyal don’t cry don’t lose hope n walks along with her to court, rosy n amrik stand by raj n paru looks at raj in anger, raj is asked to stand in witness box maddy is with koyal outside the court, koyal starts crying, maddy says koyal please don’t cry, koyal says maddy i don’t know what will happen today, all i know is i trust u, maddy don’t know what truth is but i believe u but my heart doesn’t want to believe that raj can do anything like this, i always dreamt of a guy who my family likes n stands by my family but my love snatched their son from my family, maddy i am so confussed n lost what will happen what will i do, koyal hugs maddy n starts crying, koyal says maddy we shd go in, maddy says koyal go in n i cant see u upset koyal, koyal says i will wait for u inside n leaves maddy says koyal i know the truth n also that truth will break ur heart but i don’t know what to do koyal

precap: maddy confesses in court when i reached terrace following raj i heard someone saying raj don’t leave my hand please save me n when i went close it was shobu n raj left his hand

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thnkgod maddy iz supportin raj i wish raj comez out of jail today n again raj n koyal shud b togeda

  2. Koyal I feel like killing u. U have blindly trusted Maddy who has not seen the full truth n wen raj kept on yelling that he is innocent u did not listen even once. How cruel. Stop showing ur fake love.

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