Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 17th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone arrives in court for Maddys hearing, maddy arrives too, he is made to stand in witness box, Leela asks paru where is Koyal, paru says she will come she will not leave maddy, Koyal comes, Leela asks Koyal what happened did u speak to ur boss, Koyal doesn’t answer, paru says all will be fine come lets sit. Hearing starts.

Maddy tells court, I am a married man n I know to respect a lady, I can never do this to any lady, opposition says why will my client Ritika lie it’s her life after all, plz allow Ritika to speak her side, Ritika says maddy is two faced he tried to rape me, Koyal gets angry n says my husband can never do this, judge asks Koyal to stand in witness box n then speak, Koyal says I know maddy since childhood n he is n always have been

known for his honesty n character, opposition asks so where was ur husband during party, Koyal tells the court that he was been punished to complete his work on urgency, opposition asks why the punishment,Koyal tells the story, opposition says so this is his honesty n so my client isn’t lying, maddy did try rape Ritika, Koyal says enough he can never do this, I trust maddy, opposition says what proof u have, Koyal in anger says he didn’t touch me how can he touch someone else, all are surprised n shocked.

Judge asks awara to give his evidence, raj is waiting outside the court, Rudra goes out n tells raj that maddy didn’t touch Koyal this is what Koyal said n now it’s ur turn go get ur Koyal n take ur revenge, raj says yes baba, awara is called out, everyone’s eye at door to see who is awara, raj says baba it’s my day n I want to see everyone’s reaction when they see its me raj.

Raj enters court, all are shocked to see raj as awara, raj looks at everyone n walks to witness box, maddy also analyses past scene n comes to conclusion that raj is behind all this happening.

Raj looks at maddy n walks to him, judge says u are witness not culprit,ran says yes u are right actually I was used to this position anyways time changes, raj says before I take oath I would like to say that this man was my best friend that girl was n is my love n those people my family, we were best of friends, me n Koyal loved each other n maddy our best friend, when I was in jail there was fire breakout n I was let free on saving my fellow mates, lawyer says we aren’t interested in ur personal life plz give ur answer.

Raj says ok I did see him raping Ritika, maddy says why are u lying raj. Raj says sorry judge I will not lie like others this man didn’t rape Ritika, judge asks why did u change ur answer, raj says he is innocent that’s it, I don’t know anything else, n my time is money n is very important n leaves, Rudra follows raj.

Judge announces maddy bail based on medical report n says after proper analysis the judgement will be given.rudra says why did u do so raj, ur revenge what all is this, raj says baba I will get many chance this is just a beginning this was to show that hero has arrived n I can’t back stab as maddy did.

Maddy says Koyal I had this doubt that awara is raj n so I went file room, maddy sees raj n calls him, raj turns around n says it’s awara, raj is dead, u married his love n u maddy u were the best among us right but look where u are n I am n Koyal u married him but see what are u going through n what’s surprising is he didn’t touch u wow n that’s a good news for me n remember i will separate u two, Koyal says this is where u are behind him n u can never have the character maddy has n holds Maddys hand n says u can never separate us, let’s go maddy n walks with him away.

Pre cap: Vidya looks at raj n says here is koyals love n her mr right, raj walks to Vidya n says the good I am the worst I can be keep this in mind n mind ur language.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. The story smells like shit.

  2. Seems like raj knows value of friendship ^_^
    So he proves maddy innocent and whereas maddy didn’t stood by raj when he was innocent

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