Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 16th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Koyal opens her eyes n sees doctor n asks where am I n who are u, doctor says some man got u may be ur friend I don’t know his name u fainted so i got u here, raj outside hospital angry abt Koyal taking Maddys name n deteriorating her health because of maddy n says but Koyal I will keep trying hard till u see Maddys real face, he is a big fake n I will end his fakeness.

Surya says Amma go sleep I will take care, Koyal comes , all ask her where was she, Koyal says I fainted n some guy took me to hospital forget that what abt maddy, Vidya says oh u fainted in an mans arms n, venkat says Vidya what is this, Vidya says she is liar n because of her my brother is in trouble, tani says Vidya let’s not fight, Koyal says Amma trust me maddy is innocent n someone is

trying to pull maddy down but I will not let that happen n stand by him Come what may, Vidya says wow bhabhi so what’s ur plan then or ur just good at talking n let me tell u, u have 5 hrs to save maddy, Koyal says I have to talk to awara sir n rushes, paru says God please keep ur eye on my child because I can feel the storm.

Raj says baba find a good lawyer I can’t take a chance since we have no proof,n I want him to spend his whole life behind bars, Rudra says who will stop us, Koyal comes there n requests security to plz let her meet awara sir, on constant denial Koyal says ok plz at least give him my message, Koyal gets angry n walks in to meet awara, raj walking n relaxing n says maddy ur down fall has started n I know Koyal will be here asking help for u, Koyal rushes to meet awara at pool, Koyal reaches him but he jumps in water.

Leela meets maddy n says we all trust u, maddy says Amma I knew I don’t be tensed, I know u all trust me n so nothing can pull me down, Leela n venkat are asked to leave maddy alone, Koyal requesting awara sir plz come out plz sir, I beg of u plz talk to me we have a hearing in Maddys case plz sir, manager says Koyal mam sir is exercising n has headphones on n he doesn’t talk to anyone in this period, Koyal says I can’t wait n jumps in water, raj turns around n sees Koyal drowning n goes to save her, Koyal sees its raj n says raj n keeps looking at him n says who are u leave me, raj says Koyal I can never leave u, remember u once had jumped in water to save me, Koyal has that day’s flashes n how she n raj has saved each other, ran says it’s always me with u Koyal.

Vidya hugs Samar n says thank god u are here, Samar says anything for u darling,Vidya says Samar I need help maddy is in trouble n tells her whole story n sees Koyal in pool n gets shocked n says she is here having fun with guys when my brother is behind bars n its raj, Samar says he was raj now he is awara.viday tries to go to Koyal. Samar says Vidya don’t, trust me sit here.

Raj n Koyal out of pool, Koyal analysis everything n says so it was u raj, u are awara, raj says aren’t u happy to see me alive,ur love ur raj. Don’t u wish to hug me, ask we everything, Koyal says stop it why are u here.raj says for u Koyal, no one can separate us Koyal, our love story will have a happy ending, look at me, Koyal remembers the day she met raj after wedding n his angry face. Raj says Koyal look raj is ruling the world, Koyal says n u are also the one hurting maddy n why are u back, for what are u back, raj says to give a new start Koyal.

Raj says maddy is one who ruined my life,Koyal says no raj maddy didn’t do anything, raj says no Koyal maddy did this to achieve u, Koyal says I don’t know what have u done, he didn’t do anything n if u had any feeling for me , save maddy, raj says Koyal I am in same situation maddy was few years back, he saw half truth n gave his evidence n now this is exactly what I will do now.

Pre cap: judge asks awara to come in witness box, all are shocked to see that raj is awara.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I am getting cooked of this story! It’s a serious mess… Silsile Pyar Ka will replace it soon in January 2016. So it has almost half to 1 month…. What they r trying to do? Just create s***!!!

  2. Only 2-3 weeks r left . I wonder what will happen? Will Raj-Koyal or Maddy Koyal unite. Still confused. The way the story is moving , I wonder how they will show the love story

  3. Fektha kapoor do u have any brains or kaali sir se bejha tujhe bhagwan ne???

    1. Dragging Kapoor Ko kyun itna dat de rehe Ho 😛
      Btw, who is Kaali sir?

  4. I meant empty head..:)

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