Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 15th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raj in his cabin, Ritika n Rudra join him, raj offers Ritika a glass of water, Ritika looks at him n smiles, n says so awara sir did u like my act, raj says u are good, film industry needs a good actor like u n here are ur new flat keys in Mumbai n u have to stay here until Maddys case, Ritika says sir u haven’t seen my real talent n Koyal will beg in front of me, raj says be careful don’t u dare cross ur lines n dare u talk abt Koyal n remember the good I am the worst I can be so just follow my instructions n now go to police n tell them the scene leave, Ritika leaves.

Maddy is taken to police station, maddy says one minute plz, Koyal trust me I didn’t, Koyal says maddy I trust u I know u, u can never do this n trust me I will prove u innocent, Vidya

says stop it Koyal this is all ur plan, u spent whole night alone then promotion n maddy I will never except anything bad for u,this Koyal is a big lie, Koyal says akka we will fight later now maddy is important, maddy says akka stop n Koyal why did u go to those people for me, u broke my trust, didn’t u trust my hard work, Ritika comes n says inspector this guy raped me, maddy says sir I did nothing, Koyal says sir he really did nothing, n call mr awara for evidence, inspector says first arrest then everything else, Rudra says Koyal don’t forget awara is ur boss respect, maddy is being pulled n taken to police station, surya tries to calm Koyal, Vidya says Koyal u are good for nothing, surya we have to do something come with me, surya says Koyal take care I will go with akka, Koyal says god what is all this happening, I have to help maddy I can’t let him go through this.

Koyal reaches police station, she is asked to get lawyer to talk to maddy, Koyal tries to request but she isn’t allowed, Koyal thinks I have to do something n says I will check cctv footage, she calls security n asks for cctv footage, security says cctv footage is under awara sirs special security we don’t have access to it, Koyal says I have to wait for awara sir n first I have to get something for maddy he hasn’t eaten yet.

Raj looks at Koyal n says I am on my way, this was where I was year back. Maddy in jail thinking why is Ritika doing all this, on whoes instructions she is doing all this, awara goes police station n says I will give evidence directly in court n leaves, maddy hears awards voice, awara I standing facing back, maddy says sir plz stop I did nothing plz trust me, sir plz help me, raj walks away n then says this is ur karma back maddy, u betrayed me n its ur turn now, count ur days now, maddy says why didn’t sir turn to me n talk to me I am Really innocent.

Koyal says to Hawaldar plz give food to my husband, he asks her to leave, Koyal walks away n she starts feeling giddy, raj from rear view mirror sees Koyal fainting n rushes to her n holds her, Koyal faints in Rajs arm, raj says Koyal why don’t u take care of ur self Koyal wake up, I will not anything happen to u.

Vidya sees a man taking Koyal in his arms n puts her In his car, paru says who was that n my daughter, Vidya says wonderful husband is in jail n look at her anyways maddy is imp n not her, Leela says paru give Koyal a call.

Raj says Koyal I don’t want to hurt u, it’s me n maddy plz u keep away from this,I will not allow anyone harm u,Koyal is unconscious.raj takes her to doctor n says I will pay as much as u want save her , doctor says get her in.

Paru trying to call Koyal n worried abt her, Vidya says aunty plz u care abt nothing forget it because of ur daughter my brother is here n Koyal she is having fun with guys, paru says Vidya, Leela says Vidya quit n paru try reaching Koyal n I will try to talk to maddy.

Maddy is being interrogated, Leela watches maddy with inspector. Raj is with Koyal taking care of her, doctor says she is dehydrated n is under pressure n stress, raj says when will she get to conscious, doctor says soon I have injected her,Koyal starts gaining conscious n starts taking Maddys name, doctor says her blood pressure is increasing I need to get glucose for her plz stay by her side n leaves.

Koyal opens her eyes.

Pre cap: Vidya hugs Samar n says good u came n sees Koyal in pool n gets surprised.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Raj is simply irritating. He seems like a blo*dy psycho. Thank god this show is going off. I feel sorry for Maddy poor him he saved Koyal’s life and now his life is being ruined. Koyals its high time you fall for Maddy. He has so many good qualities than that blo*dy Raj. I seriosuly hate him. Wtf? How come Samar be with Vidya?? Doesnt Maddy’s family know how cheap, bastard is that Samar? Pls dont bring twist where Maddy is seen negative

  2. it’s a serious mess…

  3. Vidya and Samar looks good together 😛

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