Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 14th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone having fun at party, koyals colleague ask her where is maddy, Koyal says he is busy, gals says he has to be here after all his wife’s party, Koyal says u know he is so committed towards work, Koyal thinks maddy where are u plz come soon. Maddy working n thinks Koyal must be waiting, he goes to get water, maddy sees Koyal happy n enjoying party n smiles, Koyal looks at him n asks him to come in, maddy signs her that he is fine, Koyal shows him a a card reading I miss u, maddy smiles n leaves.

Maddy goes back to work n thinks Koyal is feeling so bad alone I can’t let her be sad, n says now I will cheer her up. Koyal gets a fax in party, she sees its a sad smiley, another fax comes with a smiling smiley n a note that cheer up have fun it’s ur day,

enjoy to fullest, ur friend maddy. Koyal leaves.

Maddy gets a fax from Koyal saying u are being awarded best husband n we will have best party our own little party after this one. Raj says this party is so dead n since it’s dead , baba go talk to Koyal may be that will cheer her n water Bluetooth so that even I can talk to her.

Everyone is informed Rudra sir will join soon, baba enters n says everyone make some noise have fun, Koyal congratulations, raj listening to Koyal smiles, baba says Koyal I heard old bosses arranged company ball n I think we shd take this trend forward, raj says baba ask her abt last years party, baba says some director had come n a guy performed very well at the party, Koyal says yes sir it was an employs son raj, baba asks where is he, Koyal says he is no more, baba says I am sorry I heard abt his dance which song it was, Koyal says badtameez dil, baba says oh right have fun, Koyal has Rajs flashes, raj says baba see she remembers every single thing abt me n look at her face I am sure she is thinking abt me n raj smiles.

Ritika says Koyal look u are so sad let me go call maddy he will cheer u, Vidya comes in n says wow such wonderful decoration all for u bhabhi, Koyal says akka u, Vidya says surya asked me for help so I came, surya says Koyal all fine n can I distribute visiting cards, Koyal says sure Anna go ahead, Vidya asks where is maddy, baba comes n says Koyal I liked ur professionalism u did very correct by punishing n stripping off ur husband n tells everything that happened n says u did good n leaves, Vidya says how dare u do this, poor my brother I insulted him, stop ruining his life n insults Koyal in front of whole party, baba tells raj that guess Maddys sister is here n she is up to creating problems,raj says baba the problem will start now.

Ritika comes in crying saying plz save me, he tried to rape me, Koyal asks what who, Ritika says maddy tried to rape me. Maddy Comes n says why are u lying I didn’t even touch u, raj says baba go u are owner what happened n its abt women safety go baba, Rudra smiles n leaves.

Ritika says u tried to rape me but I ran away, maddy says I never spoke to u from where will I touch u n ask any lady here they will know that I can never do it, Rudra comes in n says what happened, Ritika says sir Koyal was upset so I went to call him n maddy tried to rape in corridor, maddy says sir she is lying, Rudra says maddy why will she lie take him in, Koyal says no sir maddy will never do such thing, Rudra says Koyal it’s not personal but professional n plz be a little responsible towards ur post.

Rudra says Koyal this is abt women’s safety I have to take action, n u can’t be by ur husband u know like that night whole night u stayed for his job , Koyal says sir these are two different things but I know maddy will never do it n Ritika do u have proof, Ritika says awara sir, Koyal says awara sir no one even saw him, surya says u can’t blame my brother everyone knows he is very loyal n a good man, Rudra says wait, ritika says I will not keep quite I have called police, take hold of maddy, Vidya says Koyal do something.

Pre cap; Koyal feeling giddy, raj sees her n rushes to her n catches her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. as this serial will end on January 2016,when will Raj come front of Koyal and Maddy…???? And what will happen then?

  2. it it true ? that the serial will end in january ????????

    1. Yes it is true. This serial is finishing a little too fast. They should have given this show a little bit more time.

  3. #we want to see koyal n raj together.. Plz jaldi se yeh patha chale ki raj new shubo ko nahi maara…bcz of that blo*dy Samar…koyal n raj alag hue…n that so called good boy maddy

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