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Amrik and Venkat have an argument.Amrik says he has heard that they have put conditions.Venkat says they did it for own family.Amrik says he also has a family and they have betrayed by putting that condition.Venkat says his family member has killed other families son.Amrik gets angry.Venkat says kids have arguments that doesn’t mean one murders the other.Amrik says Raj is not guilty.Venkat says still he is in jail!Amrik says its bad luck,other people were also there that night but his son fell into the trap.Venkat says police are not that much blind.Amrik again says Raj is not a murderer and he will prove it.He says he is seeking justice for his kids.

Venkat says he is thinking of his kid’s happiness.Amrik says they are getting happiness by snatching others.Venkat

says his kids are not goons.They didn’t raise hands on others.They just gave shelters two Koyal and Tani.And Koyal can never be happy with a goon.Amrik says thats enough,Raj is his.Venkat says Madhavan is his pride.Amrik taunts about betraying him in friendship.Venkat says Ghosh was also his friend but what they did to him!Amrik says if he thought him as a friend then he would have trusted him and his son.Venkat says how he will trust him when he was the one who took 2 lacs knowing it could have cost Leela’s job.Amrik tries to defend himself but venkat doesn’t want to listen.Amrik says Venkat is saying all this because its Raj who is in jail,if it would have been Maddy then he would have tried his best to save Maddy.Amrik says Raj will come out of jail one day and will see what they have done to him behind his back.Venkat says only of he comes back from jail.

Leela heard all this and stops Venkat as they are making a scene on road.She says to Amrik that he should be ashamed for making a scene of family matters.Amrik says he is not her employee that he will listen to her lectures.Venkat gets angry.Leela stops him and says these kind of behaviour must be normal in their family not her.She tries to take Venkat from there.Amrik says they should have understand them earlier.He calls them betrayer.Leela again comes to him and says they have tolerated enough of their behaviour silently.He has done wrong to her still he is speaking like this!She says his son has killed his to be wife’s brother,so who is the betrayer!The boy who can snatch his friend’s love and who’s father takes money,they should not speak like this.She says to do them a favour,just like the way he was kicked out from the office,he should wipe them from their lives also.If Amrik and family sees them they should ignore.She says they want to keep far away from betrayers.They leave.

Maddy comes home.Leela asks how was his exam.He asks about father.She says he is not at home and asks him to eat.Maddy says he doesn’t want to.Leela is surprised and asks he was saying he wants to eat Rasam and now he is saying he doesn’t want to eat!Maddy says why she is behaving as if nothing happened.He says she has fall down from his eyes.He thought she was always right.What she has done is wrong.Leela asks him to trust her.Maddy says how he will trust her,she is forming new relationship with conditions.Leela says since childhood Maddy asked only one thing from her.He has learned what is love through Koyal,now why he is ignoring all these!Maddy says he could have get Koyal if he wanted to.Paro always liked him but he never want to get Koyal by force and not at all using conditions.

Leela says they have never forced Maddy and Surya,they always had the freedom to take their decision.She says does he know that Tani is pregnant,not Koyal.When they are doing so much for Koyal and family then why they can’t do this much for them.Maddy says its not a business.Leela says he is not understanding now.He has always thought of others happiness.He says what about other’s happiness!She says at the moment she is only thinking of her kid’s happiness.Maddy then takes her to his room and shows her a toy and laptop.He asks her why she bought these things for him.She says because she wanted to give him everything.Maddy angrily says but Koyal is not a commodity,she is a human being.She has chosen her life partner.He doesn’t know what wil happen to their love,but he doesn’t want his Amma to come between their love.He says he will never allow her to buy love for him and leaves.Leela tries to stop him but he leaves.She asks him to forgive her.

Koyal is walking outside and thinking what Paro said to her about Raj being Shubho’s killer and how her love brought problems for them.She sits on a bench.Maddy also comes there and sits opposite her.She smiles sadly.He aks why she is smiling.She says life is totally changed.She has nothing to say to him.There situation has changed.Maddy says sometimes frienship needs a little bit silence.Their friendship didn’t change.Koyal agrees.She says she used to share her problems with him and now he himself is her problem and solution.Maddy says he wishes they wouldn’t have grown up.Koyal says she searched solution in him always,that can’t be changed and Raj can never be her.

Maddy says its a difficult decision for her.Koyal says yes but she needs to take the decision for her afmily.She can’t be selfish and will have to forget her love.Maddy sits beside her and says he always wanted her happiness.She deserves love,friendship and everything.He is with her.She says she can’t take the decision.He says then don’t take it.Raj’s sister (Probably) comes and asks Koyal what she is thinking.She asks her to forget Raj’s love.She says life is giving Koyal second chance and leaves.Maddy asks her not to listen as she is being emotional.He says she should do whatever she wants.A message comes and Koyal is shocked and leaves.

Raj is being taken to hospital.He is unconcious due to torture.Koyal comes there but doesn’t see Raj.Some hit and misses happens and Koyal doesn’t see that the patient is Raj.She prays for the patient.Then she comes to a cabin where Tani hugs her.Tani is crying as Paro is talking about her abortion.Tani says it will risk her life.Paro says if she will not abort then that will be the risk.Its a sin and it will be better if Tani also dies with the sin.Koyal stops her saying she is also a mother.she has given shelter to girl whose mother left her.How can she say this.Paro says that was different matter.Koyal still tries to convince her.Paro says if you want the baby then tell the father’s name.Tani remembers how Samar blackmailed her.She says she can’t reveal.Paro says to Koyal that its their family matter and she has no right to interfere.She made a mistake long back and she will not allow Tani to make the same mistake.

Koyal is hurt but she says okay she is not her daughter but she is a human.She will not allow to abort the baby.She is not her daughter,Shubho is also gone then how can she do such a thing with her only daughter.Its unfair.Will she be happy!Paro says do whatever they want and leaves.Tani thanks Koyal.Koyal asks her to leave and says she will meet the doctor.

Koyal is walking by the corridor and listens someone calling her name.She is confused but then she sees Raj lying unconcious.She is shocked.

Precap : Koyal is crying.Raj’s mother asks her to stop the drama.She asks her to leave Raj.

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