Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 12th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 12th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, paru searching hidden money, koyal hugs her,paru asks why, koyal says why cant i hug u, sorry ma, paru says tell me what u want, koyal says i want nothing, tani comes n says ma see this i am not looking good did u pull me from garbage, god knows why is surya marrying me, koyal says stop di u looking very pretty n jiju is lucky to have u, paru says go get ready.
Maddy says amma koyal didn’t say no, we just need time, leela says maddy u are so similar to ur dad he always understands what i want, n understand what koyal wants, maddy says now i have to show koyal that i understand her n know her better than her.
Tani says i hope surya likes me, surya messages tani to send her photo, koyal says wow jijus message let me click ur pic n sends the

pic, surya sees pic n says god this girl has no fashion sense n replies wear some more gold u shd look good, koyal reads the message n lies to tani that jiju praised u n says di wear some more gold, tani says but this necklace u wearing right,koyal says no it doesn’t match my dress , tani says ok i will since u are saying, koyal says di why don’t u speak ur heart to jiju, tani says somethings are felt n not said.
Gosh babus family reaches venkats house, paru looks at koyal n says where is ur jewellery, koyal says ma its fine i am good, paru says wear these earings n leaves, earings slips from koyals hand n falls in maddys feet, maddy bends to pick it up, raj goes to koyal n says u looking very beautiful n leaves her hair n says now very beautiful n leaves, maddy walks to koyal n says koyal ur earing, koyal says thanks maddy but these hair hide my ears no need of earings now.
Venkat asks amrish why is he so lost, amrish says no alcohol, venkat says if leela gets to know we will die, amrish says oh don’t worry i will manage, gosh n venkat say very good. Maddy looking at koyal n says now i will go n give koyal her gift, n calls her, n says i have a gift for u, koyal says why, maddy says cant i gift u, koyal says ok what did u get, maddy says see n gives her gift, koyal opens it n gets very happy.
Raj catches venkat gosh n amrish drinking, koyal sees her gift n says maddy this must be costly tell me how much, maddy says forget it, u always go late every where n so i got u watch, koyal says maddy yar, raj comes n gives koyal passport,koyal gets happy, she keeps maddys gift aside n says thanku raj this is the best gift, raj says no worries, maddy feels bad n picks his gift n walks away.
Paru sees all this n says koyal is so mad, she has no value for love, maddy gave so expensive gift but she is busy in rajs gift mad girl. Sanju says shobu sorry, actually some guy was following me n bhai thought it was u n so he hit u, shobu says its fine.
Everyone starts dancing, n having fun,raj pulls paru to dance, paru says shutup raj, see bcoz of u now koyal will never marry maddy, but u will never care abt it, u know u can never see koyal happy n keep her hanging around u, raj gets angry n walks away n drinks alcohol mixed drink.
Koyal says shobu after tani di marriage we will look for ur marriage , shobu says u first u are elder, koyal says so that u get whole room for u, shobu says no koyal i like u n di having around. Koyal n maddy dancing, koyal n maddy find raj is drunk, maddy says raj careful u are, koyal says raj i was here to ask for help, raj says so i helped u, see i got passport in a day n know one got to know that our tani di is adopted.
Tani says what, what did u say, koyal says di he is drunk, raj says sorry it justs slipped off, n di god knows from where did uncle get u n don’t react a paper cant tell that u aren’t ours n tell me why are u marrying surya, u know koyal told me surya asked tani to wear some more jewellery to look good, n paru he will take care of tani di, koyal says shutup raj, getout, i told u such big secret n u revealed it, paru says why did u tell raj, raj says what happened i told truth n paru its good that truth is out now just imagine what would have happened of this news would be out after marriage, koyal says shutup raj u care abt nothing, u spoilt tani di day, raj says but i was just being honest, why all are getting angry, amrish says raj come with me n takes him away.

Precap: koyal says to raj from today i have just one friend n holds maddys hand n walks away.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. So you have made raj the villain once again…
    I don’t understand why these serials are always after separating two lovers

    1. Koyal looks good with maddy not with raj.

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