Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with leela saying that we always wanted to join relation with your family. She says surya n tani’s marriage will happen only if we tighten maddy n koyal’s relation for marriage. She says this marriage will happen only if both the couples will marry. Tani n surya come n hear everything. Surya is about to say something but leela says did i teach you talk between elders? He keeps quiet. Tani says to leela but why do you want to forcefully join koyal’s relation? Leela says i am just placing my point of viwe you decide n tell me. Ghosh babu thanks venkwt n says i am very gratefully to you both. Venkat says no its nothing like that. Leela says you think n tell us. They go n venkat says to leela do you know what have you asked. Leela saya i know

very well n they go. Tani says to paro that how can koyal marry maddy when she yet loves raj. Paro says which love? The one who is in jail or the one who killed their shubho? Tani says but she cant forget her love. Ghosh says dont speak a word tani, paro told me everything. All this happened because of you. Koyal took ypur blame n now she is a characterless girl for everyone its because of you. Koyal says to ghosh babu dont say like to tani. Tani says koyal how much will you hide my mistakes baba said right this happened because of me. Paro says this has happened because i gave you both so much freedom. She says now in this house you both will listen only to my n ghosh babu’s decisions. They both go. Paro cries n ghosh babu consoles her n she says dont forget in your daughter’s love that what has their love done to us. One has snatched our son n other has snatched our respect. He reciprocates. Rosy tells raj that koyal is pregnant. Raj says its impossible i have never touched her n she cant get pregnant n says i know my koyal she might be taking someone else’s blame to save her. He says tani…n says i know my koyal i trust her she cant be pregnant. Rosy cries n says that how do you trust her so much when she hates you n doesn’t trust you. Sanju hates you koyal hates you n everyone hates you. I don’t understand whom to believe n whom not to believe. He says don’t cry gulabo you see everything will get fine. At koyal’s home, paro is folding clothes n ghosh babu comes n saya have food. She says no i don’t want it now i ll have it later. He says i know you won’t eat it n feeds her. The bell rings n koyal says wait i ll open the door. A courier boy comes n says its shubho’s courier n says sign here. He says i heard shubho expired n i am very sorry to hear that. She keeps silent n closes the door. Ghosh says see what it is. She opens the letter n says shubho has made a life insurance policy of the savings of his money n has made paro n him the benefactor. Taani also comes n she gives the letter to ghosh babu. He takes the letter n cries n says that even after going away from them he fulfilled his responsibility of being a son n cries vigourously. Paro says i dont want money n she also cries. Koyal n tani also cry n koyal goes out. In jail, raj is waiting for koyal n says koyal come once please come n meet me. He remnisces the old times with koyal n says i am not used to live without you. A shadow is shown coming n raj gets up n asks who is it? The person comes near n its koyal. Raj says i knew you would come, you love me so i knew you would come. He says i know you cant live without me n holds her hand. She removes her hand n clutches him n says i hate you raj i hate you n cries n says why did you do this raj? See what has happened. He says dont worry koyal everything will get fine n this time will also go. He says i ll face your hatred also koyal. She hits him on his face n he wriths a bit in pain. She says is it paining. He says yes a lot n she puts cream on his face wherever it his hurt n caresses his face. He closes his eyes n when he opens his eye koyal is not there. He panics n shouts n says koyal where are you koyal come back why did you leave koyal come back. He keeps shouting. He then hold his head in pain n faints.

Precap:- Sanju says to koyal who is with maddy that don’t think about raj n don’t let this chance go. If i would have been in your place i wouldn’t have let this chance gone.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Rubbish serial. Koyal is such stupid she could never know madhavan is perfect is perfect for her not raj who just loiter around not studying having father who is a thief making the would be daughter in law slog for the theft money. Not at all a good family. Why can’t koyal understand that madhavan is the correct guy

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