Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 12th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 12th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Koyal walks to maddy n asks him why did u do this, u never break company rules, what made u take this step, I didn’t like to see u being insulted, maddy says Koyal I wanted to know abt the new owners n their history, Koyal says maddy I know the new owners have created lot of hurdles for u but why break company rules I mean I agree they are very suspicious, maddy thinks Koyal I am sorry I are to lie but if i tell u its abt raj that will upset ur I will tell u only when I am sure abt it, maddy says Koyal stop crying see all that matters to me is u, these efforts to pull me down doesn’t affect me,relax, Koyal hugs maddy.

Tani n paru are waiting to for plumber to check what is caught in drainage pipe, plumber comes with hearing aid,Vidya says wow gosh uncle

how careless of u , u flushed such expensive machine, gosh says Vidya u have no idea how much I need this machine, Vidya says relax gosh uncle no worries maddy will get u another one n u careless people why will u care abt money.

Koyal says maddy I am not going to the party without u, maddy says Koyal its ur party the company has organised it n u have to go n have fun, Koyal says u will ev working n I can’t party without u, maddy says Koyal don’t u know ur super friends speed I will quickly finish my work n join u n now go home get ready, Koyal leaves.

Leela says paru Vidya is right for today, u people are being very careless abt money, paru says plz leelaji I always take care of it n whenever gosh does mistake I am the first one to scold him, tani says ma aunty don’t fight. Vidya comes n says tani u don’t interfere, tani says so do u,Vidya says this is my house n u gosh family look what u have made out of it, Koyal comes n says why are u all fighting, tani says Koyal, baba by mistake flushed hearing machine n Vidya is calling everyone careless, Koyal says baba u shd have been careful abt it, u knew it was expensive right, Vidya says wow look at this, Koyal u are such get actress u know, u behave as if u , Koyal says akka what happened, Vidya says I met ur friend n she said u weren’t at her wedding function n so where were u whole night is this how u got promoted, tani says Vidya mind ur words, Vidya says u shut up tani, Koyal we need to know the truth.

Koyal says Amma akka, I am sorry, I did this for sake of maddy n when u will know abt it u will understand my side n u trust me right Amma, Koyal gets a call n she says yes I will come soon, Vidya says the house is in tension n u are up to partying, Koyal says akka its formal party organised for my promotion, Vidya says grt we all join too, Koyal thinks if everyone comes they will know abt Maddys incident n says sorry akka its formal party, Leela says Koyal u go get ready maddy must be waiting.

Koyal gets ready n on her way calls maddy, raj picks Maddys call n Koyal unaware of its raj n not maddy says plz finish ur work n come fast n maddy one more thing, thanku so much for always being there for me n understanding me, u are my best friend, this Koyal is nothing without her maddy thanku.

Hearing this raj gets angry, baba says raj stop punishing ur self, raj says baba this maddy always over takes but when I talk to Koyal the fire in me gets brighter n abt today’s party baba see what will I do, this formal party will turn into an entertainment one. Baba says what are u up to, raj says it’s an Rajs act wait n watch.

Koyal reaches party everyone congratulates her n wishes her luck n ask where is maddy, Koyal says he is busy n thanks everyone n says this is all because pf u people’s wishes n luck.

Vidya says Amma koyals first promotion party n no family members, Leela says Vidya every company has its rule n its company rule we can’t go to such party’s u won’t understand, Vidya says I don’t wish to but I have to find abt the lie.

Surya on call talking abt company party catering, Vidya hears it n says Amma this is a big opportunity, n says surya can I come with u, surya says yes u can but u have to help me, Vidya says sure I will help u, surya says ok.

Pre cap : baba in front of Vidya says Koyal I am impressed u have proved u are the right person for the new position by punishing the culprit even if it was ur husband.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Illiterate talks like illiterate…. I HATE THE SIGHT OF VIDYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just studying in school,college and university or having the word ‘ KNOWLEDGE ‘ in name does not make anyone literate… One must utilize the knowledge… And yes,I think, this is one of the shortest running serial of Star Plus coz it’s going to end at January 2016.

    1. Yah!! right

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