Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, paru asks tani whose baby is it, tani says its of no use ma, he betrayed me n went away, i am sorry ma, paru sees maddy n says maddy is here quite, maddy comes n says koyal come lets go, paru says go koyal all the best , maddy n koyal leave for exams, maddy gives her sandwich n says have this, koyal says no maddy i am fine, maddy says u say u want to take everyone’s responsibility how will u do it if u don’t eat, koyal says u know me so well how come, maddy says because u are my best friend, koyal eats sandwich , maddy says ok come lets go
rosy meets raj n says i trust u raj, i know u did nothing n in court don’t be emotional just tell the truth, raj says gulabo i always troubled u, police come n tie up raj, rosy says please let me talk,

raj says ma i am fine don’t cry, rosy says keep this flower its gods blessing don’t worry all will be fine, police take raj away,
raj in police van, the van stuck in traffic, maddy n koyal are beside the van, raj sees koyal n tries to call her but she doesn’t listen, raj says sir please i request open my hand for few seconds let me talk to koyal ,sir its a love matter please, police says ok just for 30 sec, raj throws the flower rosy gave in koyals bag n says koyal now u will pass by good marks n no one will ever come ur way, koyal truns around but raj hides, maddy n koyal leave n so does raj,
koyals exams begin, maddy sees koyal isn’t concentrating, koyal looks at maddy n shocks head indicating she is fine, koyal looks at paper n remembers that raj stole paper n maddy saying he saw raj with shobu that night, koyal unable to concentrate , she lies her head on bench n feels someones hand over her head n turns n finds its raj, raj wipes her tear, koyal smiles looking at raj n holds his hand, n keeps looking at him, n hugs him, koyal pushes raj away, raj holds her hand n stops her but koyal leaves his hand, raj walks away, maddy throws pen at koyal n koyal realises it was her imagination, koyal looks at maddy, maddy signs her time is running start writing the paper, koyal says to herself koyal don’t think abt raj forget him u have to pass koyal start writing, koyal starts writing her paper, maddy has his one eye on koyal to check whether she is fine
amrish says rosy don’t worry our raj will be fine, sanju says how can u say this, raj killed shobu n that step son spoiled our lives, he ashamed us, amrish says how could u say this sanju he loves u so much n dare u say anything abt raj n dare u call him step son, rosy says enough sanju n don’t u behave like this, amrish says we have one option to save raj n its maddy
maddy after exams says koyal don’t worry u will pass, koyal says maddy i am sorry i distracted u, maddy says no koyal i am fine n u go rest i am good, koyal leaves,maddy sees rosy n amrish at his door n says please come in, amrish says we are fine, rosy says maddy i beg u please save raj, ur evidence can save him , amrish says maddy u know raj very well, u know he cant kill anyone n its not just raj but koyals whole life is at risk too please save him, amrish n rosy leave, maddy says i don’t know what to do
leela sees maddy tensed n asks what is it, maddy says ma i don’t know what to do i mean in rajs case, after all raj n koyal are my friends, leela says see maddy truth comes front one day, maddy says can i lie for koyal, leela says see if u lie it will be wrong for koyal after all shobu was her brother n if u really care abt koyal i think u shd speak the truth n not follow the lie that will help koyals future n u to, leela goes n she hears surya talking to venkat, surya says appa i want tani back in my life, i want to be good like maddy, leela says good surya we will go talk to tanis parents, suray says thanku amma appa leela meets paru n says paru i know u are in great pain but have to be strong for koyal n tani, venkat says i know this isn’t the right time but we are here to speak something important, actually we are here because we want surya n tani to get engaged, surya says yes i know i did wrong with tani n i have realised my mistake n if u all forgive me for what i have done i would like to marry tani, tani says i would like to talk to surya before taking any decision, leela says sure u shd u tow go, paru says tani, tani says pl ma, tani n surya leave, leela says i have one condition abt the marriage, surya n tani can marry only when maddy n koyal get married, koyal enters n hears this

precap: koyal says to raj, i hate u raj, i really hate u

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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