Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 11th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Maddy says sir come out let me help u, Koyal says maddy u saved me thanku, lift starts working, maddy says Koyal lift is gone lets go ,calm down. Maddy says Koyal madam best of luck go rock it, Koyal leaves n sees girls admiring koyals new cabin, Koyal steps in n starts going around n gets surprised, raj is watching Koyal through cctv,Koyal starts smiling n loves her cabin, raj gets very happy seeing Koyal happy n says Koyal whole life I will keep u happy this way, maddy looks at koyals cabin, Koyal says maddy u did this it’s so awesome n thanku n hugs maddy, raj gets angry n says this maddy always interferes, Koyal says all this is so nice I am loving it n so happy, maddy remembers their college days conversation n it’s strikes maddy abt raj, Koyal says maddy

how did u manage it, maddy says management has asked me so, Koyal says u always take care of me, maddy says Koyal I will leave now I got work n leaves.

Maddy thinking abt all the things that relate raj n awara, n says no this is not possible n I shdnt discuss this with Koyal it will hurt her, I have to now go n find who this awara is n walks to confidential room, baba shows raj on cctv that maddy is trying to find abt u, I told u not to do so,why did u decorate her cabin, we have to stop maddy, raj smiles, maddy is trying to find some evidence, baba asks raj to look at it, raj says baba relax its me who did it now u watch the show.

Security catch maddy red handed, baba rushes to the confidential room n asks what is all this who are u n from what department u are, maddy says accounts, baba says then u shd be aware u aren’t allowed here, Koyal comes there, baba says is he from ur department, Koyal says yes sir, baba says see then punish him, Koyal says sir maddy is very hard working n he won’t damage any company, baba says Koyal this is professional issue n he broke a protocol, raj thinks now have to do something that will insult maddy n let him down in his own eyes.

Baba says Koyal we gave u a new post looking at ur dedication but the way u are behaving, Koyal says sir sorry to disrespect u n let me Handle this my way, maddy says sir I know the punishment , I have to give company my full details n give away my 50% salary n company has the right to question me in any matter, n I will cooperate sir. Raj says in his cabin u are very right maddy but u forgot one thing that will let u down.

Baba says maddy u missed one thing when an male employ breaks company rule u know right n if u cooperate u stay or else u can leave.koyal says sir maddy has to strip all his clothes n allow to let him be checked,to make sure he isn’t hiding anything, raj is having fun looking at all this , siting in his cabin, he msgs baba strip him off in front of Koyal, baba reads it n orders security to do so, maddy n Koyal are ashamed, security hands Maddys mobile to raj, raj finds maddy n koyals photographs In it n says maddy this was all mine but u snatched it from me n now I will take it all n with full interest.

Koyal picks up Maddys shirt n gives it to him, maddy puts in the shirt, Koyal says sir maddy is innocent, baba says no Koyal he has broken a protocol n if he needs salary I want whole months salary sheet by evening, maddy leaves, baba says Koyal stop I am impressed to see that u kept ur personal n professional life separate n also abt ur promotion party I heard it I mean maddy has mailed us invitation so instead of partying outside I give u permission to party In company premises, good job.

Pre cap; Vidya says to Koyal so u said u were at ur friends mehendi right n u are the one who never lie n all but the truth is u weren’t at the function.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I hate this Raj….

  2. This shows reminds me of MATSH just that there are two actors and only one actress in the show so it’s either raj-Koyal or Maddy-Koyal, which makes it different?
    I don’t know whom to chose confused maybe Maddy-Koyal, n raj is annoying nowadays -_- why don’t he show his face at least to Koyal or Maddy

  3. So boring
    This serial is all about love and friendship
    Raj would have found out about shobu death and new story would have started
    I think star plus writers and director don’t get any new stories
    All routine and boring

    1. Star plus shows are all boring. Saas Bahu starts with S so does Star Plus, instead of offairing boring shows they off-air nice shows like Manmarziyan, Badtameez Dil, Nisha aur Uske Cousins, -_-

  4. Guys, KTHTMD goes off air… The last episode till 2nd January, 2016…as the makers unable to increase their TRP

  5. Good raj… Take ur revenge but why r u so sympathetic towards koyal … She is the main culprit. I hate koyal .

  6. What it was….. What it is now! Yuck!

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