Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, amrish in police station, for rajs bail, he looks at raj n sees he is all wounded n asks raj who did this to u, look at urself ur so injured, i wont leave this inspector,raj says baba its fine, amrish says i wont leave this inspector,u don’t worry, raj says baba how is koyal, amrish says i met her today she will be fine, raj says did u bring her home, amrish says she deined n there is one thing abt koyal, lawyer comes n says amrishji tell me every single detail abt what happened,raj says ok raj lying on floor n thinking abt koyal n sees her in jail n says koyal u here, how

are u, i was missing u so much, n u don’t cry i will make everything right, koyal says what will u make right, u are the one who messed everything, look at my destiny the one who hurt my family is asking me to be strong, enough raj, raj says koyal what are u saying n don’t worry u concentrate on studies, koyal says stop acting raj, why did u kill my brother, i loved u so much but u killed shobu, raj says koyal look at me n tell me do u think i killed shobu, koyal says then who killed him, raj says koyal trust me i didn’t kill shobu, i love u n tell me do u think that i can ever do this, koyal says yes raj u killed shobu n not only shobu, u killed our love, u killed a mothers love, u destroyed a family, u ruined everything raj, koyal removes exam papers from her bag, raj says koyal how did u get these i asked maddy to throw it give it u will be, koyal says raj u have lost rights over me n now koyal will not be blind in love n think only by brains n not heart, raj says koyal but u always said that love requires no brains n one day koyal u will soon learn that raj didn’t do anything, now go away u have exams, koyal says yes raj, i have to do good in exams for my ma n baba, so that they don’t miss their son, who u killed raj n raj u got these papers for our future but i see my brothers blood on it, n tears the papers n goes away, raj says koyal don’t do this, my heart says that u still love raj but once just turn around, koyal says to herself no raj never, i will never return to u raj n leaves tani sitting alone n thinking abt how samar betrayed her, koyal walks to tani n sits beside her n looks at her, n says tani di when will this pain end, u must be in double pain, tani sees we both are in pain n u are being scolded for my mistakes, koyal says she is my ma n always will be, tani says n raj, koyal says tani di some love stories don’t have happy endings, tani says koyal we both lost in love, koyal says yes di ,i think love means pain, tani says yes,koyal says u must be in pain right di, raj in jail says koyal instead of taking me culprit it would be better if u had killed me, how did u agree that ur raj could have did this, u broke me koyal, u broke us, everyone left me alone expect one maddy, maddy will tell u the truth koyal n then u will learn the truth n then u come to me n i will ask u why didn’t u trust me, maddy please save me bro
Maddy goes to surya n gives him coffee, surya says maddy u have exams didn’t u go, maddy says yes anna will be leaving soon n anna u were going some where right, surya says yes i am leaving, maddy says anna one question please think on it, i mean tani di needs u now, please think abt her n now u know the truth too, i don’t know whether this is wrong or right but please think abt tani di Tani says koyal we belived on love so much but it betrayed us, koyal says yes di, we were deeply fallen in love but now we have to live for ma n baba n not let them miss shobu n u must be in bigger pain then i am n i know that pregnancy test was urs, tani says then why didn’t u speak, koyal says i knew u would tell me some day, paru comes n says what is this true, is this what i taught u tani n koyal why didn’t u speak n stop me, i blamed u for everything, why didn’t u stop me, koyal says u taught me ma to stand by family n so i did this for tani di, n ma u hate my love, but i love u guys too n shobu, paru holds koyals hand n kisses it n says u are my daughter, koyal says yes ma n hugs her,tani says ma i am sorry, i couldn’t gather guts to speak the truth, paru says tani why didn’t u think abt ur family before taking this step n who is the father n tani when u broke ur engagement with surya i was with u because i knew u didn’t love surya , so now tell me if its not surya who is it

Precap: leela says surya n tani can marry only when maddy n koyal will marry eachother

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Wat a love story… Koyal if u can’t trust then don’t say u love. N raj why r u crying for a gal like her. Nor ur love nor ur best frend knows u. I hate maddy koyal n paro

    1. Hey cn u please clear my doubt

      Wht is da seret of tani n samar?? Abt wch shobu blackmailed..

      1. Shobu knew that Samar was married and having affair with Tani. He blackmailed Samar and threatened to expose him to Tani and the world. Samar thought Raj was the one blackmailing him and wanted to teach him a lesson. At the last moment he realized it was not Raj but Shobu who had blackmailed him.

  2. This serial is getting bad.

  3. story ko ghuma firana koi seriel writers se seekhe :p

  4. This story is going to be like Dhadkan movie,Raj-Suneil Shetty,Koyal- Shilpa n Maddy-Akshay,instead of business ,Raj may become an actor,whatever I like only Maddy..hope they will bring a good strong new lead for him.

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