Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 10th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Koyal in kitchen, maddy checks door its electronics people for installing the new gifts, Vidya says maddy gosh uncle n aunty gifted u these on behalf of ur promotion, maddy says but akka, Koyal says maddy it’s ok we will manage, Vidya turns to Leela n says Amma Koyal bhabhi is very understanding, and bhabhi its on emi n gosh uncle can manage I guess n plz keep him reminding n u plz don’t pay because they would not like it u see n u n maddy are married so ur salary belongs to this house u see, Koyal says ok akka I will manage things, maddy says Koyal this all is not done, Koyal says maddy look all are so happy to see u promoted so let it be as it is we will manage.

Vidya sees a expensive car outside n goes out n says wow whose it is, driver says its for general

manager, for Koyal madam, Leela why did u lie, tani says yes Koyal why did u, maddy says Koyal didn’t, vidya says so what’s cooking in ur factory, tani says Vidya what is ur problem, vidya says Koyal isn’t as eligible as maddy is but Koyal gets promoted, maddy says akka enough don’t judge Koyal, Amma plz tell her n akka don’t forget even Amma was more eligible than appa, vidya says maddy don’t compare Amma n Koyal, maddy says akka promotion is based on hard work, Leela says enough of it, u two go , Koyal says Amma akka sorry, I did this so that u don’t feel bad abt maddy n driver plz leave I will come with my husband I don’t need this car n leaves with maddy.

Paru asks gosh where is hearing aid n says stop spoiling my head, gosh says I searched every where I don’t know where it is, Vidya says Amma learn to control ur daughter in law don’t u find it fishy that maddy being eligible Koyal got it n whole night stays out I feel ashamed of Koyal ,tani says enough Vidya n Leela aunty why don’t u tell Vidya to stop, Vidya says oh tani sorry but u too are characterless , tani gets angry n leaves, Vidya says now I have to find who is behind Koyal.

Raj in koyals cabin organising things n making it the best, he is very happy doing so for Koyal, he remembers being with Koyal n maddy n Koyal throwing tantrums abt engineering, Koyal says I want life to be colourful n my cabine i want it to be the best like n explains how she wants it to be, raj designs koyals cabin as she wanted it to be, baba says what are u doing I never understand u, I mean Koyal n maddy will know abt u seeing this, raj says baba all I care is koyals happiness.

Vidya n Leela go market in koyals car, Shefali meets them n says she is upset abt Koyal not attending her wedding functions, Vidya says oh are u sure, Shefali says yes she didn’t n leaves, Vidya says see Amma , what ur Koyal is up to, this is how she is getting promoted.we need to keep a eye on her.

Maddy n Koyal reach office, Koyal says maddy stop being upset, maddy isn’t allowed in lift saying it’s just for managerial staff, Koyal says ok I will not go in it too, maddy says Koyal cmon go in I will take another, Koyal goes in, raj is among the people in the lift, he has Koyal n his good times all over his mind n smiles looking at her, Koyal is unaware of raj being in the same lift, everyone go out except raj n Koyal, lights go off koyals starts getting panicking n says maddy help.

Maddy gets to know abt lift b rushes to lift n says Koyal are u fine, Koyal says maddy save me, maddy says is someone with u, Koyal says yes there is someone, maddy says see sir my wife gets scared in dark plz hold her hand, raj smiles n gives his hand, Koyal says no I am fine, Koyal says maddy plz talk to me I will feel better, maddy n watchmen open the lift door, maddy pulls koyals hand n remove her out, n says Koyal trust me, Koyal says maddy I trust u more than I trust myself, Koyal comes out n hugs maddy n says thanku maddy, maddy consoles her n raj looks at them in anger

Pre cap: baba scolds maddy saying this is confidential room n asks watch men to check maddy n watchmen rips Maddys shirt, Koyal feels bad.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I wonder whether raj’s love is true or not…he is such a jerk….don’t he feel ashame of his deeds…my god…simply ridiculous…

  2. Maddy is d perfect guy for koyal.. dat is how love shud be… dey r like d perfect couple..

  3. Old casting was better…..Koyal looks like behenji now….not an actress.Plzzz give her a makeover plzzzz

    1. Shritima was perfect for Koyal. Asha looks elder than Aly/Raj and Gautam/Maddy.

  4. Koyal Nd Maddy look good together raj is simply trying to break the love bten them and in turn is just increasing their love for each other. Also raj what a jerk?!!

  5. The story is getting super spicy and tangy… If the earlier cast was here…. IT WOULD BE BEST!

  6. This vidya is so cheap, she herself being a lady is speaking like this about Koyal.
    But I like the actress who is acting as Vidya

  7. Aly not sute raj character asha too Not for koiyal old cast is l00/- better

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