kuch toh hai OS by sara

Kuch toh hai-OS by #sarah

Read at your own risk

Mature content

Bashers stay away

Heyaaa guyzzz its sarah here its my first attempt to write a os its a mature content so read at your own risk hope u all wll like it plzz do comment nd yaa its a different os soo go ahead nd enjoy the story #sarah


Bcz i love u sanskaar said
(with out wasting time swara locked her lips with sanskaar,sanskaar was shocked due to swara’s sudden ths act
After few minutes thy broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen)
Swa:(breathing heavily) i love u too
San:(too breathing heavily)am i dreaming or or plzz pinch me
Swa:(pecks on sanskaar’s lips) nw u believe i kissed u hw can i pinch u u wll get hurt na.

San:no no u r in real wow hurray hu hu(starts to dance) swara i love u soo much.
Swa:(was smiling seeing sanskaars childish behaviour but suddenly tears starts to came out of her eyes)
San:(notice it nd stops)
San:shona y r u crying it such a happy day fr us dont cry today.
Swa:its the tears of happiness sanky(hug him nd cries sanky also hugs her back)
San:shh swara(swara brokes the hug nd wipes her tears)
Swa:wll u marry me sanky.
San:yess swara ofcourse first lets talk to our parents.

Swa:marry me today sanky.
San:but swara wht r u saying with out our parents blessing no no nw come ill drop u at your home today is the bst dy of my life.
Swa:(hugs sanky) make me yours sanskaar plzz make me your i want to be yours i want u to mark me nd my each nd eve part of body yours plzz make me yours sanky plZz.
San:but swara we r nt marriade i cant.
Swa:if tht is a problem thn i have a solution too(swara starts to go she takes her bag nd takes out a small sindoor box) take ths nd make me yours fr forever.
San:but swara
Swa:no sanky we wll talk to our parents nd wll marry with all rituals but plzz make me yours plzz sanky plzz(cries)(sanky takes the sindoor nd fill’s swaras forehead while filling her forehead swara closed her eyes)
Swa:nw we r marriade sanskaar nw u
have your all rites on me make me yours.
San:i love u soo much swara i love u soo much.(saying ths sanskaar kissed on swara lips swara was also replying first it was a slow nd smooth kiss but soon it became wild nd hungry one sanky bite swaras lower lip to bleed it badly swara open r mouth to breath at tht time sanky enters her mouth nd roam his tongue nd taste the every corner of her mouth their tongue did mate dance while swara was brushing sanskaar hair with her hand aftr a while thy broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen they breath heavily swasan looked at eo with lots of love.
San lifts swara in a bridal style nd moves towards the bed sanskaar makes swara lay on the bed nd came at the top of her sanskaar started kissing nd biting her neck make swara mourn his name.
Swa:ahhhh sanskaar

Sanky kissed swara’s forehead nd removed her crop top nw swara was in her (br***a) sanskaar kisses her belly while swara was removing his shirt after removing sanskaar shirt swara hugs him tightly.
Swa:never leave me plzz always b with me i cant live with out u.
San:ill never ill be with u till my last breath.
(Kuch to hai frm do lafzo ki kahani plAys in the bg)

Aahatein kaise yea aahatein
Sunta hoon aj kal
Ae dill bata
Dastake dete hai dastake
Kyun ajnabi se pall ae dill bata
(song stops)
(sanskaar starts to give her open mouth kisses he removes hr (b*a) nd pinched her nipples bited thm making her more turned on swara gasped in pain)
Swa:aahh sanskaar plzz
(Song continues)
Kuch toh hai jo neend
Aye kam kuch toh hai
Jo aankhe hai nam
Kuch toh hai jo Dill
Keh de toh Has te
Haste maar jaye hm

Swara starts to rub his back nd dig her nails on his back.
(song continues)
Mujh se zyada mere jaisa
Koi hai toh hai
Tu phir na jaane
Dill mera kyun
Tujh ko naa de
Saku kuch toh hai
Jo dill ghabraye
Kuch Toh hai
Jo sans na aye
Kuch toh hai jo
Hum hoton se
Kehte kehte keh
Na paye
Swa:sanskaar i cant wait more i want u nw.
(ram ji plzz maaf kr dena mai gita pad lungi plzz paap maath dena)
?????Bacche plzz close your eyes)

Without wasting time sanskaar removes swara’s jeans nd her (pa**ty)
Swara feels shy nd pulled sanskaar up by holfing his hairs nd kisses on his lips
Nd starts removing sanskaar jeans sanky smiled nd help her to removed it nw thy r fully naked sanskaar comes down to her inner thighs nd kisses there nd…………
Swa:screamed his name) sanskaaarrrrr
San:(comes up nd kissed her nd coveres thm selves with blanket.
San:hugging swara) today is the bst dy of my life.
Swa:mine too i love u soo much
San:i love u too.

(After smdayz swasan told their parents tht thy love eachother nd wanna marry their parents agreed nd thy marriade with all rituals)

(After one year)
A hospital was shown sanskaar was sitting outside of OT suddenly a doctor came out nd goes to sanskaar sanskaar stands up nd
Doc:congratulations Mr.Sanskaar Maheshwari u r vry lucky nd proud father of twins baby grl nd a boy.
San:(smiled) how is swara nw.
Doc:she is unconscious ri8 nw dont worry she wll gain conscious in few minutes.
Two nurse came out with two babies nd gave thm to sanskaar,sanskaar take both on his each arms nd kissed their foreheads.
(swara’s cabin)
Sanskaar was sitting beside her bed swara wake up nd smiled to sanskaar nd he helps her to sit.
Swa:sanskaar where are the babies.
San:thy r fi9(nd shws her d cot)
(sanskaar goes nd takes thm nd gives thm to swara)
Swa:(smiled) so sanskaar u remember hw u confessed your feelings to me.
San:yes how can i forget tht day its the bst day of my life nd.

(flash back)
Swasan work at the same office thy know eachother nd r bst frndz also swara nd sanskaar both have feelings fr each other but cant express it one day swara was going back home frm office tht time sm goons start to tease her while sanskaars house was vry near to office he saw it nd come there.
San:wht the hell yr u disturbing a alone grl dont u gave shame??
Gon1:no nd who the hell r u mr whatever we r talking wid the grl plzz u may leave nw or otherwise.
San:(holds his coller) otherwise wht wht otherwise han u wll beat me before tht ill kill u.
Swa:sanskaar plzz plzzx leave him plzz sanskaar come come lets go(loud) i said come.
(sanky home)
San:wht the hell i told u na nt to go home late go early nd if ur going also u shud have cll me ill have drop u but no if thy do smthing with u thn say swara say.
Swa:y sanskaar y y u r ths much angry tht sm goons r teasing me say sanskaar.
San:u r my bst frnd thts y.
Swa:no sanskaar noo kuch toh hai say i knw kuch toh hai.
San:bcz i love u
(thn wht happen u all knw)
(flash back endz)
Swa:so wht wll b our children name.
San:kuch toh hai.
Swa:laughed) say na
San:sanara nd hmm
San:so Sanara Sanskaar Maheshwari
Swa:nd Swastik Sanskaar Maheshwari
(swasan huggeg eo)
(Song continues)
Jo hamare darmiyan hai
Is ko hum kya kahe ishq
Kya hai ek leher hai
Aao is mei bahe

Kuch toh hai jo
Hum hai khoye
Kuch toh hai jo
Tum na soye
Kuch toh hai jo
Hum dono yun
Haste haste itna
soo frndz hw was it its my first os so i was nervous agar over ho gaya ho toh maaf kr dena plzz do comment if u like it.

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