Kuch toh hai by Eva Part 4

Hello peeps..Eva here..
Next morning
Ragini comes to the office….
Sanskar comes to her cabin…
Sanskar:I’m sorry
Ragini:Why are u apologizing to me?
Sanskar;Becuz I was too rude and…
Ragini:Hn even I’m saying u were too rude but not to me,u said those nonsense to Swara..
Sanskar:She left the job na?How will I apologize?
Rags:She will come…i’m sure…i talked to her…
Sanskar;Huh?What did u tell her?

Just then smeone knocks on the door..it was Swara…
Swara:May I come in?
Rags:Swaraaa….thank u soo much for coming…
Swara:Mam,my work..
Rags:Oh yeah…secretary,I knw u deserve more but abhikeliye secretary hii banjaooo…
Rags:Sanskar,u published a news for your PA didn’t we?
Sanskar;Oh haan…so secretary…u are my secretary 😀
Swara:Mam…u should had told this to me before…who would work under this man?
Sanskar;Oh plzz…i knw I was rude yesterday but still u can’t talk to me like that..
Rags;Don’t u think ki u should be doing something snskar?

Swara:Leave it mam…he does not have the word sorry in his dictionary.
Sanskar:Exactly….wait what??U taunted me again?
Rags;U both stop fighting,Swara be professional and Sanskar grow up!!
Swara makes a weird faces..
Sanskar smirks
Both lower their eyes like kids…
Rags;Now,Sanskar Swara made a plan for the Obroi presentation yesterday,so u r going to go with her because u know nothing about this presentation and Laksh left for Mumbai,he will be back tomorrow,so u need to handle it.Now go u both…
Sanskar:I’m waiting in the car..
He leaves….

Rags;All the best Swara!!
Swara:Thank u.
Swara faces problem while sitting,Sanskar like a gentleman gets down and makes her sit and then places her stick beside her…
Sanskar:Abb seatbelt toh lagalogi na?
Swara:Who…mein ajtak car mein nehi bethi…toh lagani nehi atii 
Sanskar helps her and while doing this unknowingly they come to closer and share a close eye contact…
Kuch toh hai song plays on…

Sanku starts driving…
Swara:Sir do u know the meeting venue?
Sanku:Obroi office
Swara:Are u sure?
Swara:Mujhe appeh ek rupay ka vishwas nehi h…isiliye pucha :/
Sanskar starts a rock song…
Swara:Your taste…
Swara takes out her phone and her head phone…
After sometime,Sanskar raises the volume…
Swara takes out her headphones..
Swara:U have some serious issue with normal people… like me…
Sanskar:U r abnormal…dekho…without reson bakwas karti ho….attitude marti ho..sidhe sadhe admi ko ulta pulta kehti ho…
Swara looks at him with hopelessness and then starts laughing….

*For th first time she liked someone calling her abnormal*
Kabil hoon ya nehi song plays….
Sanskar was admiring Swara’s beautiful smiling face when Swara shouted…samne dekke chalaiyee sir…warna agar accident mein haam dono upar sarak gaye na toh swarg mein jakeh bhi u will blame me for your death…
Sanskar;That’s impossible..
Swara:Why?Itna confidence apne driving par?
Sanskar:Confidence driving peh nehi h…is baat peh hai kit u swarg mein na jaogi..tu nark mein hii jaogi…toh blame game hogahi nehi…
Swara;Go to hell!!
Sanskar:Huh..sidhe sidhe kaho na…u want me to come to u :/
Swara:Shut up….u r flirting wth me??

Sanskar:Flirt karnee layak nah o tum attitude ki ducan..
Swara:I wonder how your family and your daughter tolerates u..
Sanskar’s smile vanishes..
Swara:What?I knw u have a daughter…btw what’s her name?What’s her age?U don’t look like a father a of a child…
Sanskar:Now u r flirting…
Swara:Me?Ladko ki kamhhi h kya?Baat maat ghumaoo…..your daughter
Sanskar:So my daughter,my Jeevika.She is 2 years old…but presently she is not with me….
Swara:Huh?Kyu?Where is she?
Sanskar;She lives with her mom.
Swara:And why don’t u live with her mom,means your wife?
Sanskar;We are divorced 
Swara;Is it that easy to get divorced?
Sanskar;Just a sign is enough for a divorce..
Swara:Gadhe kahike…not about the sign but how easily u get apart?The 7 vows hold no importance in your life,they are like other rituals to u no?
Sanskar:Hamm pahuch gayee…tum utro mein car park karke aya…
During their presentation,it was Swara who was speaking only,Sanskar was all confused because he had no idea about it.Everyone clapped for Swara,so did he…without even understanding why they were doing do…

While leaving
Swara;Apko kuch bhi samaj aya Sanskar sir?
Sanskar:Listen I knew nothing about this project,Ragini just asked me to accompany u and u will handle the other things,wesebhi Laksh was supposed to handle it,who Mumbai mein betha h that’s why I’m here..tolerating u :/
While sitting in the car,Swara stick broke again 😉
Sanskar:What happened?
Swara;Meri is mahine ki dusri stick bhi toot gayi :/
Sanskar:Tum chize itna todti kyu ho?
Swara:I did not do that intentionally 
Sanskar:Mein tumhe tumhare ghar chod deta hu….office bina stick ke…
Swara:Ok 

Swara was guiding him to her place,the roads where too narrow to for a car to enter…
Swara:Wait let me call my sister
She calls someone..

After sometime someone comes there….its Kavita Swara’s sister 😀
Kavita Sanskar ko dekke pagal hojati h…love at first site ha…
Swara’s home…
Kavita:Swara..that was your boss?
Kavita:He is so handsome..god!!
Swara;He has a daughter u fool!
Kavita:Shit..mere sareh sapneee…
The scene shifts to hospital…
A girl;Who tikh toh hojayegi na?
Doctor;We will try…
Girl:Jeevika…   who bed she gir gayii
Doctor;Kavya,you should had taken care of her!!

Precap:Patanehi 

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    Di this is dolly here ..I just today’s episode wah re !!! Wah re !!! Couldn’t fine word’s to appreciate ..

    I seriously enjoyed it ….I mean how cute swasan is …but I can’t forget namish too …

    About the chapter ..I feel bad for swara ..I mean she is abnormal and I don’t know why I feel bad for her …

    But I liked swasan scene they were too cute to read ….

    Thanks for the chapter …waiting for the next one …impatiently …di

    Love u loads dear ….

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