Kuch toh hai by Eva Part 3


Hiii people   
Eva here 😀
Swalak reach downstairs…
Swara:Thank u…baaki ka mein khud dekhlungi
Laksh:OK aur haan sunoo…
Laksh:Today we have a party at our Mahehwari house,we are celebrating our company’s 25th anniversary so u r invited too becuz now u r a part of this company..
Laksh left
Swara:Party???Now I need to attend this too??

She dislikes parties as whenever she goes to such gatherings she gets insulted and mocked only but as it was official,she had to go..
Swara called Ragini….
Swara:Mam,will it be a problem if I don’t come today?
Rags:If it’s due to fear then yes and if its due to some other reason than no…
Chachi from behind:Oyeee Raginiiiii…..clean Kavya’s room before going to your ex in law’s place
Swara:Who was that mam?
Ragini:Mere papa ke bhai ki wife…
Ragini hangs up..
Swara:Ex in laws?She is married?And divorced too?These rich people don’t value any relation.One argument is enough to break their relation…huh…Be it the husband or the wife,no one is ready to compromise :/

After sometime,Swara gets ready in a simple white suit with her hairs opened…
Swara gets on the auto…
After sometime:Bhaiya yehi rokh dijee…
She gets down..
Swara:Should I enter or?Wapas chali jaati hu…
She turned back when she felt a grip on her hand..it was neither San nor Lak :p
It was Ragini :/
Ragini:Where are you going?
Swar:Umm nowhere…
Ragini:Just come inside…

Swara’s pov
It’s a house?It looks like a palace,beautifully decorated with blue lights.I could see many people dressed in bright cloths.Mine are nothing compared to theirs..
It ends!!

Salina comes there along wth some other girls.
Salina:Oh Ragini mam,you are looking gorgeous!!
Ragini:Hmm u too Swara u be with them..i’ll need to make a call..
Ragini leaves
The 2 girls with Salina were Rhea and Kashi
Rhea:Swara,were u like this from childhood?
Kashi:I can understand your status seeing your dress,now tell me how did u get educated? Or did Ragini mam keep u as she felt sorry for u for pity?
Swara:Ragini mam kept me after seeing my qualifications…
Rhea:Swara darling,this place is definitely not for u.Our company needs active workers.Ragini mam bhi patanhi kiskisko rakhleti hai…

Swara left from that place..she saw Ragini on the pool site,she was approaching towards her when she slipped
Swara:Bachaooooooooooooooooo..i doonnooo swimming…
Ragini:Swaraa………areh koi bachaoo usehhh(Someone plz save her)
Everyone gather there….Sanlak even come there..
Laksh:What happened Ragini?
Ragini;Swara..pool mein..areh jaoo…help her..bachaooo
Sanskar sees ths:Yeh siyappa queen hai…sacchiii
Sanskar:Oye ladki…haat doh yahaa…
Ragini:Sanskar,tumhara haat itna lamba nehi ki tum useh pakadloo…gadhe kahike…Jaooo…bechari ko bachaoo..
Saying this she pushes Sanku…
Swara:Mein marjaungiii…(Crying)
Sanku goes near Swara and holds her waist…
Swara:Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..bachaoooo….kisine haat rakhaa…kamar mein(Someone kept his hand on my waist)
Sanskar;Shut up..it’s me…
He pulled Swara…

Swara lost her consciousness
Ragini;Swara…open your eyes…someone call the doctor…
Sanskar:Punch her stomach
Laksh:He means uska stomach press karo…pani bahar nikal nekeliye…
Ragini did as said and Swara started coughing badly
As soon as she got up she hugged Ragini…
Swara:Thank u for saving me… 
Sanskar:Excuse me?I saved u….and yeah I don’t need a thank u….u siyappa queen…chalna aur swimming nehi atah toh pool ke pass kyu ayi?
Swara starts crying…
Sanskar;Huh..now crying….u slipped didn’t u?
Swara:Yes(Lower tone)
Sanskar:U should use wheel chair… 
Swara felt like bursting into tears….but she didn’t…She took her walking stick
Swara:Mam…i think I should leave….and mam I don’t want to do this job….
Swara leaves from there….

Ragini eyed Sanku angrily..
Ragini:This is inhumanity.If u had to say this then why did u save her?U don’t sympathize her?Don’t u feel bad for her?U are continuously doing something which is hurting her….why??You are taunting her,did u forget that u even have a daughter who can’t speak?Disgusting!!!
Ragini went behind Swara…..She saw her trying to find an auto…
Swara:Ragini mam,plz leave me alone….u r a nice woman..i respect u..but now I can’t work there..
Rags;I need to talk to u..
Swara sits in the auto..
Ragini:Move…that side..

Ragini sits beside her…
Ragini:U dislike Sanskar…don’t u?
Swara:The one who doesn’t understand anyone’s pain,who mocks on disable people..how can I like him?
Ragini:Swara…u donno him..i knw what he said was wrong but u can say that he doesn’t understand anyone’s pain or doesn’t respect disable people…
Swara;Then why did he say that I should use wheel chair?
Ragini:Swara,Sanskar is pure at heart,he doesn’t keep anything in his heart and blurts everything he has there…about disable people,how does your dad feel seeing u in this state?
Ragini:Sanskar feels the same….Swara….he has a daughter who can’t speak…she is just 2 and that family is so unfortunate that unke ghar mein bacha toh agaya par uski kilkari nehi gungi…..that’s all I had to say…..
Ragini asks the driver to stop and gets down..
Ragini:If u feel like coming then do come…Maheshwari office dorrs are always open for u..
Kuch toh hai song plays on

Precap:Sanskar Maheshwari ki betiii 😉

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  1. Zelena81196

    amazing… update soon…

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      Thank u and I’ll update soon?

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    amazing dear

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  3. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Haww??yeh kya tha…1000bolt ki jhatka laga mereko??..Sanky has a daughter.. That means….I got it??….loved the chappy babhiji??.. It’s too good..Feeling bad for swara??..But koi na,there are many people who care for her,love her.. Keep it up.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Eva

      U got it?? I’m sure u didn’t get the right thing??? u too take care!!

      1. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

        Oye,don’t underestimate the power of guessing of mine??..I can tell you now but don’t want to disclose it*pout face..

      2. Eva

        I can challenge u ki jo tu sochri hai woh thik nehi h 😉

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        ????????… Okkiiiiiiiii!challenge,huhh??

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  5. wow….di its just awesome …I mean I fell in love with the story , u , meher di and Anjali di were the evergreen green writers of TU

    from u trio only we all learnt to write ff and think beyond imagination ….
    and coming to the story , just now read the three parts in one go ….I know now this ff will rule TU

    plz don’t stop writing di ……because without u TU is nothing …still u the same eva with same professional writing ..

    the way u write shows how much grace u have for writing ….its our pleasure reading this wonderful ff di ….

    I just love u like hell …..I want more and more stories from u di ….
    you are such a wonderful writer di ….me and alia (my elder sister) who is also a writer in TU are big fan of u di …..

    todays chapter u rocked ..never say it boring …now I am impatiently waiting for the next episode …I want to know how this beautiful love story starts ….

    hmm a small request ,
    I don’t know when u will post but my birthday is on 2nd jan …..I want a bada wala mast episode on that day …if u could give

    anyways thanks for an wonderful episode

    *pulling your cheeks* *a big tight hug to you* di

    keep smiling and take care

    1. Meeraa

      Agreed!!! 3 stars of telly updates,i started reading Anjali’s ff Mr Maheshwari and I,it’s going amazing.i read up to chapter 20 and i’m loving it.And Meher’s yeh dooriyan,i read that but I was not a member then so did not comment 🙁

      Eva’s samjhota series,i read the second and third season only and I became her fan.You write obsessive lover right?I like that one too..or is that your sister Alia?

      1. That’s my sister alia’s but I help her ..

    2. Eva

      Dolly??? u made my day by writing this comment..it’s very encouraging..thank u soooo much…
      Feeling like to come to u right now and give u a bone crushing hug dear…i doono if this ff is going to rule or not but I love this ff and I won’t stop writing anyways? there are many other writers,I’m sure they don’t need to learn from us…they r even superb like your di..i read her ff..and yes love u sooo muchhhh???

      Your bday..hnn I’ll try my best to post a badawala dhamaka..if I can’t then I hope u can forgive me dear?

    1. Eva

      Thank u?

    1. Eva

      Thank u?

  6. Meghs

    Sanskar is so rude. He have daughter woo interesting

    1. Eva

      Thank u? meguuu?

  7. Meeraa

    Best parts about today’s episode
    Mere papa ke Bhai ki wife
    “Kisne haat rakha meri kamar mein”
    Ragini pushing Sanskar
    “Punch stomach”

    And the dhasu dhamaka,Sanskar’s daughter..
    I loved it <3
    Please continue and just to let you know,no one can replace you.That's not only because of your writing,it would be because of your personality.
    People admire you and you are an inspiration to many.
    You bought thinking changes to telly people.
    Keep writing dear.

    1. Eva

      Meeraa?? your words? I love u yaar? thank u*hugs*

  8. Evu!! Amazing! Hahaha, when Sanskaar saves Swara and Swara says thank you to Ragini… those SwaSan scenes were amazing.

    Update soon,
    Loved it, take care and keep smiling ?

    1. Eva

      Thank u haluliiii? u start a new ff..jaldiii

      1. Will start a new Fanfic soon, I already got one running on my mind but not sure if anyone will like it ?

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        They r surely going to like it ?

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    aawww love it love it love it

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  10. Love it so much….
    Best of luck for nxt epi….
    Plz uoload nxt part quickly

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      Thank u Rakiba? I’ll update asap

  11. awesome loved it .

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  12. Nice one dear… Loved it ????

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      Thank u Vidhi??

  13. Sami

    fab ff dear
    I just read all 3 epi in a go
    all of them wereamazing

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