Kuch toh hai by Eva Part 2


Hello everyone…I’m back!!
For the previous epi

Part 1
Salina comes to Ragini’s cabin
“Mam,that girl is calling u…she is so daring…she asked me to call u”she said
“Salina,she has a name..remember that”Ragini said in a harsh tone
Ragini left to see Swara..
“Hn toh Swara…u called me?”Ragini asked
“Yes….i have no idea about where to start from.i hope I’m not disturbing u”Swara said
“Not at all…hn…toh..the person u r going to assist is not here now….he will be here within sometime….so abhiii koi kaam nhi..today is our company’s 25th anniversary…”Ragini answered

“They are here mam”Salina said
“I’ll introduce u to your boss”Ragini said
Swara’s pov
I could see everyone standing and greeting someone…i was unable to see them as I could not stand up.Within the next few seconds I could see 2 handsome men appearing..
It ends!!
Salina took a file and approached towards them
“Sir,will you be attending the meeting with the Khannas?”She asked
“Of course he will..Khannas r our important clients…..Laksh needs to handle them himself”Ragini said
“I asked u to finish the presentation…did u finish it?”asked Laksh
Guy 1 was Laksh(I miss him….Namii  )
“Yes,I did it..it’s in my cabin Laksh…wait for a sec..i’ll bring it”Ragini said and was about to leave when the other guy spoke up
Let someone else bring your laptop,we need to go to the conference room….we can’t keep them waiting….hey u….(Pointing at Swara who is the only one sitting) bring Ragini mam’s laptop rom her cabin”he said
My dear Swara..she was just sitting there.

“Do u have some sort of hearing problem?”he continued
Swara nodded “no”
Sanskar,she can’t w..”Ragini said but was interrupted by Sanskar
Guy 2 was Sanskar (VK <3 <3)
Ragini was explaining the overall information when Sanskar again looked at Swara..
“You are still here?”Sanskar said
“Hann wahii batane wali thi..she…”Ragini said and again was interrupted
“Tum badtameez hoy ya himmat dikharahi ho?”Sanskar said :/

Mein indono mein seh kuch bhi na hu”Swara said innocently
Then can u plz explain why aren’t you bringing Ragini’s laptop?”Sanskar asked firmly
Sanskar ko agaya gussa 
He approached towards Swara….Fear gauged up inside my Swara’s heart 
He held one of her arm and made her stand and as Swara can feel nothing in her feet,she was about to fall motionlessly..when Sanskar held her waist tight..
Kuch toh hai jo neend aaye kam
Kuch toh hai jo aankhein hai num
Kuch toh hai jo tu keh de toh
Haste haste marr jaaye hum

“Tum….”Sanskar said
Swara held Sanskar’s hand and sat down on her chair again
“She can’t walk”Ragini said
Laksh looked at her carefully…Sanskar left from there immediately….followed by Laksh…while Laksh was leaving…he eyed Swara carefully again but this time Swara even looked at him and they shared an eye look…
After they were done with the meeting….
Laksh entered Sanskar’s cabin…
“What was that Sanskar?”He questioned
“Bhai I had no idea that she….i did not do that intentionally…should I apologize?”Sanskar asked
“Ofcourse u should Sanskarunintentional wrong things are called mistakes and mistakes demand for an apology”Sanskar said….
Scene shifts
Swara was not crying like the other typical girls…
“I’m fine mam..”Swara assured
“Ignore what Sanskar said….he dislikes people disobeying him…soo”Ragini
Swara gave a fake smile..
Ragini ordered a new walking stick for her….

It was 4…..Ragini suggested Swara to leave for home….
Swara was leaving when Sanskar blocked her way…
‘I’m sorry”He said
Swara ignored him. And ws about to leave when he again held her arm..
“Tum sachmeh battameez ho”Laksh said
“Jeseki apne bohot tameez hai :/”Swara answered
“Talking to u is useless”Sanskar said

“Badi jaldi samajgaye app”Swara answered
Sanskar left from there angrily and when he left her arm her stick slipped from her hand and landed down the stairs.

Swara was holding the railing of the stair and now the railings where her only support…she was approaching towards her stick(down the stairs)
She was about to slip when she felt 2 strong arms holding her tight…hnn…useh pakad hii liya….Laksh ne ne…..it was Laksh
Be carful!!U should use the lift”Laksh said….and made her stand…He got her stick and lent his hand to her being the support….
Kuch toh hai song plays on…..they shared an eyelook again.

Precap:Swara gets insulted..she leaves the job…

I knw its kind of boring but meri life mein esa insan bhi h jo chal nehi sakta….so that’s why I thought to write something for them…
I hope u all like it :)  

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  1. Mugdha

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Eva
    I don’t visit telly updates site.Meher’s kuch iss tarah and Anjali’s mmai…….mein kuch bhi nehi padhpari hu…fb peh yeh dekha toh second chapter mein comment kiya…Anjali,Meher,phirrr Sree Chaitali,Uma,Bisha…aur koi yaad nehi hai…sorry….I hope u all are doing well…..and yeah…abhitakh mene yeh nehi padha 😛 serf comment karnee ayiii 😀

    1. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

      Mummyyy,tari peher padu chu…Where were you???I missed you soooo muchhhh??..In fact,my whole family..No one is here??.. Sab logh iss innocent si bacchi chod ke TU se bye bye hogaye,baly bad *pout face(wow I am doing mummy ko sikhayat *pating my shoulder)BTW,how’s u??How is study going??

      1. Mugdha

        Uma beta,kesi ho? Mein kya complain sunu..mein khud bhi toh gayab thi 🙁 Patanehi Chaitali aur Sree kaha h :/ studies acche chalrahe ….and i’m fine…miss this family….swaragini khatam hogaya 🙁 🙁 🙁 sab burah horaha h 🙁 🙁 🙁

      2. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

        Mummy,chaitali and sree both are gayeb…And meher,vo toh sadio mein ek bar dikai deti hain..I mean she posted her ff once in a month..Aur comment ka reply bhi nehi karti??..

  2. Meeraa

    Awwwwwww….just imagining,how cute that scene would had been.Sanskar doesn’t know that Swara can’t walk and he pulled her,Swara was about to fall,and last that swalak scene.Swasan’s conversation

    “Tum battameez ho ya himmat dikharahi ho?”
    Nice dialogue .

  3. Is it a swasan ff or swalak

  4. Pirassenadevi

    Is it ragsan and swalak ft???

  5. Fairy

    heyya dr …welcome back 😉 ..i jst wanna ask ke tm “aise nafrat to kaisa ishq” ff cont. karogi ke nahi dear..actually its one of my fav. so ….plz agar ho sake to plz plz start krna…actually i jst loved d charecter of rags in dat ff 😉 ..n dat story is also reallly interestng soo..:)…..keeep rockng n stay blessed sweeety 😉 😀
    n dis ff is really unique n amazng..all d bst for dis 😉

  6. The update is awesome.But it is swalak??? Or swasan.

  7. awesome.. is it swalak or swasan/?

  8. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Ahhh,what to say about it..I always got speechless by your ff*pout face.. So,kuno word e pacchi na..Ok.. It’s mind blowing(same word,urghhhh??).. Loved it.. Well,confused about pairs like always??..keep going babhiji??..Waiting for nxt..Who is that person in your life..If you are comfortable then you can share it.. Otherwise no need??..
    Take care
    Keep smiling??
    #Be strong

  9. Mahjabeen

    But Wats da pair

  10. awesome.

  11. It’s awesome dear.. Did this ff is swalak… Plz make it swasan..

  12. Babydoll

    Omg evaaa. Its superbb..i love ragini..???

  13. Wow its jus awesome…swaras reply to sanskar was superb…nd swalak was nice…well it is swalak or swasan m gonna love it as swara is their…waiting fr nxt

  14. Divyanshri

    Eva…. is back wid a bang. . awsome yaar….. love it…. but hope iss baar Tu sabko jinda rakhe… ….will be waiting for ur next part……

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  16. A.xx

    amazing is it swalak or swasan and was rags married to lakshya before??? loved it and cant wait for next part xx

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  18. Nice

  19. Meghs

    Wow superb?

  20. Evu!!!! Amazing, Sanskaar apologised and Swara ignored him… Superb.

    Loved it, take care and keep smiling ?

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