Kuch toh hai by Eva Part 1


Her point of view
It’s the 100th day and we are not together.I’m no more a Maheshwari.I’m Ragini Gadodia…once again.
“Love is weakness and I can never fall in love I bet”
This was the only sentence that echoed in my ears.I have thousands of reasons to cry and not a single reason to smile yet I’m smiling cause no one’s there to wipe my tears.On the other hand is my chachi,always nagging around,asking me about remaariage.She is very concerned about my marriage but least concerned about me so I never gave a thought about her proposals.All she wanted was a rich hen to be caught so that she could extract money from him.She already hated me as I rejected thousands of her marriage proposals and moreover I did not demnd for any alimony after my divorce.But now who cares about her hatred because that’s common.She hates everyone other than her children Nikhil and Kavya.
“Ragini di would u like to have tea…i’m preparing for myself so I don’t mind making some for you”Kavya said
“A coffee would be better darling,I’m having bad headache..do u mind making that?’’I answered
“Nehhh….i’ll be rght back”she said and was about to leave when I stopped her…
‘Kavya….u make your tea..i’ll make my coffee..chachi will be annoyed if she finds u making anything for me or dong any of my jobs”I said
She herself is annoying…so just ignore….i’m an independent citizen of Bharat….and no one has the right to stop me from doing anything anyways!!!’ she said and left…
I got ready in a black saree for office..ahhh i’m used to sarees… .Kavya got my coffee…it was disgusting but still I smiled sighing her that it was the best coffee I have ever had.I tiptoed to the gate to avoid meeting chachi as she would bombard me with her questions about office and everything.Yet she caught me…..i failed once again…
“When will you return?”she asked
“7”I replied…

“What do u do at your office huh?I’m sure no one stays there that late other than the ones who…”she said while I interrupted
‘Who what?Chachi why don’t you accompany me to my office to see what am I doing there?If you had shown this attitude towards the apple of your eye Nikhil then our situation would been something else”I said
Shut up.Nikhil was jailed for no reason.You and your ex huband framed my son”yelled my chachi
“Yeah right…..she tried to molest a girl.U should be ashamed to give birth to a moron like him…u r a women still u support Nikhil.”I shouted back
I was leaving when she shouted again
‘Ajj ladke wale arahe hai”
I looked back holding the knob of the door
“Do u think I care?’I replied B)
I sat down in my car and took a deep breathe.I checked my phone..it had 18 missed calls…it was from Salina(My assistant)

I was driving to the office when I saw someone fallen on the road before my car….it was extremely hard for me to brake but I did….”life holds no value for such idiot people…they just want to extract money…disgusting”I thought at first..
I opened the car door…people gathered there to help that girl…
“Can’t you hear or what??..mein kabse horn marrahi hu aur tu kya chaal bhi nehi sakti?”I yelled
She looked at me with watery eyes..I’m sorry”she said while sobbing
She was trying to stand when I held her hand..
Are you hurt?”I asked
She nodded negatively
“My stick”She said
“What? Stick?”I asked
“My walking stick..it got broken….”She said
I could feel a deep pain inside my heart..She could not walk.I was ashamed of myself and a drop of tear unknowingly escaped my left eye…
“I’m not hurt..sacchiii and I can’t walk that’s why I could not move..i’m sorry..please don’t cry..”She said
“Can I give you a lift?”I asked
Neh..it’s fine…”she replied
“Please don’t refuse”I insisted
She nodded
I made her sit I my car…
Huh…so where do u want to go?”I asked
“ASL company”she answered
Hei?That’s my company…wait….coming for an interview?”I asked
“Yeah”she answered
So….My boss’ assistant…k..u got the job”I said
No…i want u to check my profile.i don’t want sympathy”she said boldly
“That much selfrespect…i need to respect it”I thought”
Huh?I think u should not go for this job..u deserve a better job and not this assistancy.u have the ability”I suggested
“I need this job…I have a younger brother and I need to get him educated…but..who will give me a job?It’s better if I do smaller job?”she said
“HMM…our society considers u a weak person but I don’t..now u do this job..i’ll make sure that u get a better job…”I promised
We reached the office.Everyone stared at us as I was supporting her to her desk..
“Salina..make sure that she faces no inconvenience here…”I ordered my assistant
I saw people gossiping around..
“Ladies and Gentlemen….before you speak a word further please hear me out.SHE IS MORE EDUCATED THEN U ALL AND EDUCATION RULES”I said
“Excuse me?”that girl called
“Oh shoot….neither I asked your name nor I noticed your name on the file…u?i said
“Swara”She said…
“Me Ragini”I said


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  1. It ws good dear plzzz continue

    1. Eva

      Thank u Mayra 🙂

  2. Meeraa

    I hope I’m the first one to comment??

    Merry Christmas ? ?

    Samjhota queen is back!!
    Swara can’t walk,sad?

    1. Eva

      Hey Meeraa….merry Christmas!!! and thank u 🙂

  3. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    How.. Come..You.. Here*blank
    The dialogue queen is back*blank..How.. How*mouth shape is ‘O’now.. And how… Let me come out of shock first..Tumi amay heart attack kori echo*pout face..

    1. Eva

      Umaaaaaa…nanad ji…ooooo…tumi thik acchoooo???/Doctor er kachee jaooo..laksh jodih jante pareh tar sister ke ami heart attack diyechi toh amake pakka chere dibee……and I can’t lose him 🙂 😉

      1. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

        Laksh udao from TU??????

  4. Awesome

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      Thank u Sindhura 🙂

    1. Eva

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  6. A.xx

    nice start and wonder where this will go xx

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  7. Shloka

    Awesome Eva… So happy to see u back…
    How r u???? Hope veryfine missed u a lotdear…
    Waiting for next …

    1. Eva

      Shlokaaaaaa..I missed u too…and I had my exams but now i’m having my holidays….so thought to continue 🙂 i’m fine..what about u? Will update asap…u r writing any ff??

  8. Raglakholic

    Amazing update???
    Who r the Pair’s????

    1. Eva

      Thank u and I never reveal the pairs sorry 🙁

  9. plzzz god make it raglak and ex husband is sanskar and now swara husband excellent superb amazing mind blowing plzzzz be regular don’t be late and plzz yaar give lakshya jeleousy please and plzz write more bcoz now raglak ff is very less and raglak fan missing them badly so plzz give them treat by giving me raglak ff

    1. From where on earth do u see Raglak ffs less?Eva please make this swalak…please!!!

      1. Re-entryyy
        U wrote the samjhota series right?
        Emotions over flowing!

      2. Eva

        Raglak ffs r not less….but let’s see if your wish comes true or not 😉

      3. Eva

        I wrote the samjhota series….thank u Mahan 🙂

    1. Eva

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    Amazing concrpt dear

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  12. A Swaragini ff in true sense.Different concept please continue

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  13. Sanskari Girl

    Swasan please!!!! But I will read this ff anyways.

    1. Eva

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  14. Nice one dear ????update soon

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    Awestruck start C

  19. OMG… Evu? Is this you? *rubbing my eyes.

    Welcome back and I enjoyed the episode, it’s something different and unique.

    Take care and keep smiling…?

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