Episode 95 ..
The Episode starts with everyone roaming here and there in corridor hell worried for twinkle as she was crying very badly and it was so late even doctor’s hadn’t came out ..

K : why they are taking so much time my twinkle ???
Kab : kunj kunj calm down everything will be fine …

L : meri bachi ??
Mahi gives water to usha and Leela who was too hell worried about twinkle …while the rest standing trying to distract them …

Soon abeer got a call from meher mom ..
Ab : okay mom I’ll come there soon you don’t worry ..

Rt : what happen abeer puttar ????
Ab : they are going start meher operation so I need to go there papa ..mom called me to come soon ..

Meher too was in same hospital but on the other side …
Kab : abeer you go we all are here …
Ab : kunj take care ..

K : you too they hugged and abeer left from there …while yuhi standing looking at each other ..
Y : mahi you can go too your mom would need you there ..

Ma : no yuvi I’ll go there but after sometime she said while they both smiled ..
The time passed by soon doctor’s came outside …while all ran towards him bombarding with several questions ..

K : what happen doctor my wife is fine na ???
Dr : Mr Sarna no need to worry now it was quiet complicated case but everything went well and the operation was successful and yess congratulations you are blessed with a baby boy he said while everyone eyes sparkled listening to her …

Kab : congratulations kunj all shouted together and hugged him while kunj was in shocked cum happiness that he had became father finally …

Rt : when we can meet her doctor ???
Dr : it will take sometime as we need to keep the baby as well as mother under observation as she has became so weak so you can probably meet her in morning ..

K : ohh and baby can we see him ????
Dr : yep you can see him they said while nurse brought the small baby wrapped in towel …while everyone smiled ..

She gave him in kunj hands while he was sleeping peacefully ..
Y : awwwwww so cute ???

K : my baby mom see he said showing usha and Leela while they both took off his evil eye all smiled ..

Rt and Manohar too took him in their arms the feeling of becoming grand father was clearly visible on their faces ..yuvi Kabir Misha mahi too see him while all smiled …

L : so cuteeee
U : he is looking like kunj dicto ..
L : yes ????

Nurse : now I have to take baby for keeping him in observation so plz can you give me ..

Kunj looks at his baby he didn’t want to leave him for a second but has to give because he has to look for his baby health too ..he pecked him and gave to nurse while she left with him …

L : now let’s go there we have to see meher too ..
Rt : Haan ryt ..let’s go ..
U : who will stay here ????

K : you all go maa I’ll stay here he said while all nodded and left while kunj was waiting for them to shift twinkle in other ward …he smiled closing his eyes remembering his baby face …
Next scene :::
Abeer Mr n Mrs Kapoor was sitting there while the surgery was going on … everyone comes there and met them ..
Ab : maa you all here ??? Twinkle is fine nah ?????

L : Haan abeer your twinkle is fine ..and congratulations you have became mamu …

Kab : yess junior sadu sarna came ..
Ab : what ??? both the brothers laughed along with yuvi ..

L : now waiting for another one ??
Ab : I wanted to see junior sadu sarna ..
Kab : arey we can meet him in morning along with his mumma ..

Ab : ohhh hahah twinkle still can’t believe she has became mumma ..
Kab : yes ????

It was 6 in morning everyone was awake whole night soon they heard the crying voice of another baby while all smiled ..and doctor’s informed them ..

Dr : the operation went well and yess it’s a baby girl .. congratulations
L : wow ??? boy and girl both entered our house ..

Mis : yeah they had just few hours difference …
All congratulate each other and smiled soon they met mehbeer angel too she was too cute ..they had informed kunj too about it he was too very much happy ..

Soon it was 10 in morning twinkle and meher both shifted to normal ward which was beside each other …

Twinkle was still sleeping due to medicines effect while usha and Bebe was sitting beside her …while on the other side meher gains consciousness and sees Leela abeer mahi Misha Kabir everyone there ..she smiled while abeer helped her in getting up …

Meh : my baby she smiled looking at her girl while abeer to smiled along with her ….

All congratulate them while spending time with them suhani sees her younger sister and smiled cutely trying to touch her she was nearly a year old now ..
Meh : where is twinkle ????

L : arey she is in beside ward she has been given birth to baby boy ..
Meh : what ???

Kab : I’ll go and sees if she has woken up or not …
Ab : Haan yeah ..
Kabir went beside and sees kunj roaming having his boy in his hands ..

Kab : so new papa how was your experience in handling baby ..
K : arey see Kabir he is too a sleeping beauty just like his mumma not waking up just sleeping sleeping ..

Kab : hahaha after all he is sleeping beauty son ..
Twinkle slowly wakes up and sees usha bebe sitting there ..she tried to get up ..
U : arey twinkle she helped twinkle while she rubs her eyes ..

Kunj turns and looks at his wife and smiled …
Kab : finally she has woke up ..
K : Haan he said and smiled while Twinklee too looks at him and smiled seeing their baby in his hands ..

He went forward and gave the baby in twinkle hands while she took him ..
T : awww my baby ??? she pecked him slightly while he too slowly opens his eyes kunj got shocked ..

K : cheater ? I was trying hard to make you open your eyes but as soon as you went in your mumma arms you woke up Haan ..

Kab : hahaha ????so sad for kunj already mumma and son in one team ..
T : huh kunj don’t say anything to my baby he will be on his mumma side always okay ..

Yuvi comes laughing at kunj Acha hua Bhai champ he said looking at him …
Y : seee you have the world’s cutest Chachu ..
K : huh self obsessed ?

While baby starts crying and they were trying to calm him down ..
U : you all go out ..
K : why ????
Be : arey just go out and come after sometime ..

Kab : chalo guys ..
They all left while twinkle feed him and made his burp she was very much happy …

Soon kunj and others came again and sees him sleeping again in his mother’s arm ..
K : again he slept ???

U : kunj why you are so desperate ..
K : mom he didn’t look at papa once ..
T : arey sadu sarna he did look at you when he opened his eyes ..

Be : Haan
Leela and other came there too and sees them ..
L : congratulations twinkle ..
T : thank you sooo much maa ..

Abeer sees him and smiled …and says he is sleeping too …
T : he is sleeping too means ?
Ab : even your niece is sleeping ?

Twinkle didn’t got what he was trying to say when suddenly it clicked her mind ..
T : whatttt ??? Another niece ?? she smiled awww I want to see her ..

Ab : she is sleeping ???why are they sleeping so much ..
All the ladies slapped their foreheads thinking what will happen to their idiot sons ..

L : Haan abeer kunj then what should they do Haan go in lawn and starts playing today only all laughed ..
K & ab : maa ???

They all feed sweets to each other and was very very very much happy …
After sometime they all left from there leaving the newly parents to have their time together ..

Abeer spend his time with meher and his baby girl playing with her tiny fingers …
While on the other side kunj sees twinkle admiring their baby and smiled he went and sat beside her …

K : how much he will sleep ab toh uth jaa mere Baap ..
T : he will wake up when he will feel hungry ..

K : ohh Acha he smirked naughtily while twinkle punched him slightly …
T : he is so cute na I wish to see him like this whole life I wish this moments stops here ..

K : yess I wish this too and of course he is cute after all he went on his father in looks ???
T : ohh really ?

K : thank you soo so much twinkle I can’t describe what I felt when I took him first in my arms ..
T : awe she pecked his cheek while he smiled and pecked her forehead …

K : I love you soo much he said and was moving towards her lips when baby starts crying ..not fair Mr junior Sarna…

T : haha see he has wake up she rubs his back and he stopped crying and looks at his parents with his big eye balls ..
K : give him to me ..

T : okay twinkle slightly give him in kunj arms while baby looks at kunj ..
K : or say Mr Junior Sarna you will be on whose side mumma or papa ???

T : mumma say mumma
K : he is just one day baby say mumma he said mimicking twinkle ..

T : huh sadu sarna ..while the baby moved his fingers slightly ..see kunj he is making fun of you too ..
K : huhuh ??? baby no no we will be on one teams boys team okay ..

T : no he will be with me ..
K : you shut up rat ..
T : you donkey monkey ??

Baby starts crying loud while twinj looks at each other and started laughing …
They try to console him and was successfully in make him stop and was playing with him taking with him even though he can’t understand ..

Soon after 4-5 days there were discharged from the hospital ..they all went to taneja mansion ..

Twinkle sees mehbeer girl while meher sees her boy both smiled ..the both couples were welcomed in taneja mansion with their babies ..while Leela and usha did their Aarti and let them in…
They saw the house decorated beautifully and smiled soon they all sat together …

Kabir and abeer had twinj baby with them while Misha kunj yuvi mahi with mehbeer girl and twinkle and meher sitting on sofa while suhani in Leela lap seeing her parents becoming kids ….kapoors too present there

Rt : suhani is gonna be of one year after a day ..we will have naming ceremony as well as her bday party on same day ???
Mano : Haan ram it’s good idea then we will take our daughter in law back ..

Y : huhuh both the babies will stay here only ..
K : Haan ???

U : hahaha don’t worry kunj yuvi after 2 days your champ will be in his home ..
Soon they all went in preparing dinner and also discussing about the function .
After sometime they all had their dinner and sarnas decided to leave ..
Mano : I don’t want to go back home ..our heart is here ..

U : Haan ???
K : let’s take them with us only maa ..
Y : Haan good idea ..
Ma : ??? chale Bhabhi

Be : arey ?she will come after naming ceremony ..
They all looks at the babies and kissed them ..

U : come soon dadi n everyone else is waiting for you ?twinkle puttar take care
T : Haan kunjjj you please stay here na ..
K : Twinkle I ???

Rt : Haan kunj puttar stay here na .
K : okay …
While sarnas and kapoors left while all went in Mibir room along with babies chit chatting for sometime ..

Mehbeer angel and twinj champ was sleeping on bed while suhani who started walking little bit sees them she moves towards them ..trying to touch them ..
Mis : see her ??

Kab : Haan she finds her siblings so cute ..
K : yess …
It’s 12:00 guys all said together and hugged suhani wishing her happy birthday ..her first bday …she was smiling clapping her hands …

Leela came to their room and sees them all ..you all are still awake sleep now…she too wished suhani and kissed her …

T : Haan maa we were going they said and all left back to their rooms…
Twinj entered twinkle room and they changed their clothes and came back on bed seeing their baby ..

They slept after sometime and woke up in middle of night hearing his cry ..
Kunj roam taking him in his arms while twinkle smiled seeing him ..

K : junior Sarna calm down see everyone is asleep you should be too na my baby…he starts crying even more ..
T : kunj give him to me..

K : okay he gave to twinkle but still he was crying and they changed his clothes making him wear warm clothes he slept peacefully after then ..

Finally he slept kunj said yawning …
T : this is just the beginning ? a small trailer now everyone night is gonna be like this ..

They looks at each other and smiled joining their foreheads after sometime they too slept ..
Next day :::
They all had been woked up and came for breakfast while twinj and mehbeer still tired having their babies with ..they all sat on breakfast table while suhani was playing with spoon …and RT wished her too she smiled and continued playing

Su : mummmm mummmm …she makes the spoon fall while Misha pick it up and gave her back ..she again makes it falls
Mis : suhani what you want ????

Kab : my baby ???
Rt : she is becoming naughty day by day
Mis : Haan papa see her she gives her spoon back while she makes it falls again now kunj Kabir and abeer started laughing more ..

Misha takes the spoon and keeps it on dining table while suhani makes a frown and starts crying while everyone burst out of laughing..
Screen freezes ..
So how was the episode ????
Thanks to all who liked and commented on last one and disliked too ..
Seriously guys I am hell disappointed today with your response after each chapter comments are decreasing n decreasing if you are not liking anything you can say me I’ll try to change it but by not commenting … seriously I am feeling very bad about It i write with so much emotions so that you can enjoy and you can’t even spend your few seconds to comment … never ever thought my last episode’s would be like this …thank you soo much for that …
And about trm that has been discontinued I am not going to write a single chapter more …
Soon I’ll finish off this too bye sorry …
Bye …

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    Nice episode and next one post soon

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    Today’s episode was awesome. The new enteries in the family were really cute and their fights over baby was too cute .
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    Very cute episode… Twinj’s champ ?
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