Episode 94 ..
The Episode starts with twinkle and others entering taneja mansion …
Rt : meher twinkle you both go and take rest as the function is tonight ..

Meh & T : ji.. papa they both nodded ..
Kab : I will look for the decorations and the rest arrangements ..
Ab : I’ll help you ..

L : Misha you too go and make suhani sleep she is awake since long ..
Mis : Haan maa ..they all departed back to Thier rooms …

Soon the workers came and the preparations for tonight function started …

Kunj was sitting in his room thinking about twinkle he decided to call her ..he called her but she didn’t received ..usha comes to his room …

U : kunj puttar
K : Haan maa
U: go to TM and give these clothes to twinkle …kunj eyes sparkled ..

K : okay I’ll give ..he took her clothes and went to tm ..
He entered and find abeer and Kabir instructing others and smiled ..

Ab : arey jija ji you here …
Kab : Haan kunj we said na we will do the arrangements ..

K : arey I came here to give twinkle clothes maa send me ..
Ab : ohh ..say na you were missing her ..
K : huh where is she ????

Kab : she is in room go ..
Kunj went upstairs the door was unlocked he opened and find his sleeping beauty sleeping ..he smiled and moved towards her …he sat on bed caressed her hairs …

K : oye siyappa queen wake up ..twinkle twinkle he kept shaking her ..
She opened her eyes and looked at him ..
T : kunj you when did you came ???

K : half n hour before but you were sleeping ?
T : Haan I was tired she said yawning
K : and I thought you would be missing me ..he frowns ?

T : hahaha no hubby i wasn’t missing you at all ???
K : even I wasn’t missing you I can for my junior Sarna ??? he pecked her belly
T : awe really ..

K : yess ..
They both laughed and spend sometime together after kunj left twinkle and meher had been dressed up beautiful ..

Sarnas kapoors and the rest of guests entered while meher and twinkle was been brought down by their lovely husband’s ..the couple’s sat together and the ceremony started by elders ..

By giving the fruits and the rest necessary things to meher and Twinkle
By telling something in their ears making them blush ..

By praying for their baby health ..
The function goes on while all were teasing them …kunj sees Twinkle blushing and smiled …(piya o re piya plays in BG …??????)

The function sooon ended while the guests left and the family members stayed …elders were in hall while the couples went inside Mibir room ..

Suhani and ayush was sleeping while the couple’s sat on bed twinj Mibir mehbeer on bed while yuhi chiyan and swadarsh on couch …

T : finally these functions ended too ..
K : Haan so much tiring ..
Kab : arey I brought something he said and opened his wardrobe and showed them the clothes which he brought in morning for the babies …

T : wow soo cute clothes these are for girls Bhai ? ..
K : hahaha yeah ??
Ab : what if anyone had boy ???

Y : or these can happen both have girls or both can have boys …
Mis : don’t worry yuvi we will keep it asafe for you baby she winked at him while mahi blushed …

T : Haan bhabhi you said ryt you asked me for suhani siblings ..now I want my baby siblings soon too ..

K : yess we are not hingting to yuvi only ..
Ab : infact chiyan too …
Chiyan and yuhi were speechless and was just blushing …they all talked for sometime …and went outside ..

U : I think we all should leave now ..
Man : Haan ..
They all bid bye to each other while twinj looks on …kunj lipsed miss you and left with sarnas while twinkle went back to her room …
The next day Rajat Sapna tej jhanvi were ready to leave back for London so as swadarsh and chiyan for NY twinkle along with taneja came too sm to bid them bye …they all hugged each other ..

Sap : twinkle puttar take care of yourself Haan …
T : Haan maasi …
U : I’ll miss you ..

Sap : me too thy hugged ..
T : you are going too ..
C : Haan

T : but remember what we said last night she winked and chinki blushed ..
Ar : don’t worry twinkle I remember he side hugged chinki while twinj smiled ..
Soon they left for airport …tanejas left back to TM …

@ twinj room :::
Kunj took twinkle to their room ..
K : haww finally you came I was missing you so so much ..
T : Haan ?? she smiled

After sometime twinkle and mahi was preparing the dinner while usha was making something special for twinkle ..
Soon the dinner was served and everyone came there ..and sat ..

U : twinkle puttar you eat this khicdi it so healthy ..
Ma : Haan twinkle eat she winked at her maa give me I’ll serve ..

U : take this ..she said passing the bowl
Ma : have this jethani ji ..
T : don’t forget devarani ji your time will come too ..kunj and yuvi giggled slightly ..

Soon twinkle ate the khicdi making faces while kunj was smiling seeing her ..
Soon yuvi and mahi along with twinj was in twinj room they are seeing places for yuhi honeymoon ..

K : arey this would be amazing place you should go here ..
T : kunj let them decide ..mahi you say where you wanna go ?

Y : Haan mahi say
Ma : Greece ???
T : woahooo …

K : so Greece done he said booking their tickets …
They informed to family about it too everyone was sooo happy with it …

After few days yuhi too left for their honeymoon while kunj settled here to be with twinkle …as the last few months left …

Days were passing by twinkle and meher was fully being take care by everyone alott they were pampering them like hell twinkle mood swings has been increased too and kunj was taking care of each n everthing to be perfect …

@ Sarna mansion :::
Twinkle and kunj has been back from their check up and kunj was giving her support as she had really became a cute chubby panda with the extra love and care of everyone …they went inside while usha Bebe was already waiting for them yuhi was been returned from their honeymoon too …

U : what happen kunj everything alright
K : Haan maa everthing is normal ..soon your granddaughter/son will be playing in your arms all smiled ..

Be : take her to room and let her have rest ..
T : Bebe I have been already fat resting all the day I wanna sit with you all …

L : hahaha Bebe she will not rest now ..
T : maa aap ..she sees Leela with Misha Kabir …
L : Haan we came to take you with us…

U : Haan
K : but why twinkle will go ?
U : arey it’s custom ..till baby comes Twinkle will stay there ..

K : ahem ???
Kab : kunj you came and stay with us too we will have fun ..
Y : huh you all will stay together what about me ?

Mis : you too come na who are stopping you …
Ma : Haan ???

They all sat and talked for sometime while Twinklee went in her room to pack her luggage …while kunj sat with sadu face ..

T : kunj what happened to you Haan ..
K : you are going ???I’ll miss you
T : areyy you come and stay with me na even I’ll miss you ..they looked at each other ..

Soon they went downstairs and twinkle left with Leela after bidding them bye ..
@ taneja mansion :::
Even meher was at her mom place and abeer condition was same like kunj ?? desperate husband’s …

Kunj used to come daily after coming back from office taking twinkle for a night walk spending time with her …decreasing her frustration….
@ taneja mansion :::
Twinkle was simply sitting in hall waiting for kunj as till this time he used to come there but today he was late as he had meeting …

Kunj changes his formals and came to TM while twinkle smiled seeing him ..
Ab : finally you came now this jhalli will have dinner ..

K : you didn’t had dinner till now ?
T : no she nodded in no ..
K : twinkle tum bhi kya ..

Misha gives her plate to kunj and he made her have it soon they left for their night walk ..kunj had wrapped his arm around her while she was resting her head on his shoulder Thier left hands entwined …soon they went to twinkle room …

K : now sleep Mera baby he said pecking her forehead while she smiled ..he sees her foot swollen ..arey how did this happen ???

T : I don’t know ..
K : where is oil ?
T : why ????

K : I’ll give you a massage ..
T : no I’ll do it you don’t need to touch my feet. ..
K : arey but ?

T : no ifs and buts …
K : okay meri Jaan ..now I’ll leave …
T : nothing will happen if you stay here ????

K : hahah okay okay cool down he hugged her ..
They both laid and within no time they slept …
Next morning :::
Kunj had his breakfast at TM and left back for sm the day passed and he was back from office he decided to rest at home as it was quiet tired day for him ..they were talking on phone when Twinkle started screaming with pain ..

K : twinkle twinkle what happened ???
T : I don’t know it’s paining soo much

K : you don’t worry I am coming he said and took his jacket and ran to taneja mansion…

While in TM twinkle screams increased Mibir Lert heard her and left to her room they brought her down ..abeer who came back from hospital to inform that they had admitted meher in hospital saw twinkle crying badly wincing in pain ..

Ab : what happened to her …???
Kab : we need to take her to hospital ryt now ..soon kunj too came ..

And they took her to hospital while she was wincing in pain and crying like anything …

K : twinkle twinkle don’t cry we will reach there soon ..
T : kunjjj ????

They went inside hospital while twinkle was taken inside and rest was worried and praying for her health…Misha had informed usha and others and they all too went there ..
Screen freezes …
So how was the episode ???
Thanks to all who commented and liked and even dislikes too ..
Few more to go ?????
Bye ??????

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  1. Hi Sam episode was awsm andd very cute kunj taking care of twinkle was so adorable and I think it’s tum for the baby to complete the family eager to see twinj with the baby I hope someday I can see this happening in real life plsssssss post soon was really happy to see it ff posted soon loved it

  2. Awesome episode
    Twinj scenes as always were so cute
    Hopefully twinkle and baby both are fine
    Waiting eagerly for next
    Post ASAP 🙂

  3. Presha

    Loved it

  4. Kiya1234

    Episode was awesome yaar ??❤️????♥️♥️♥️♥️Haaaa yeh allah ????????. Twinj moments awww and Kunj missing her so adorable ?????.
    And baby shower function was too sweet and after end their teasing section excellent ♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????.
    Twinkle want bro and sis for her baby ?????. Kunj dialogue soon your grand son or daughter will be in your hands awwww..,
    Now hell excited for Twinj I want boy ????????. Now can’t wait for good news and want too see Twinj symbol of love.
    Hope everything happens nicely.
    Plz don’t end yaar.
    Some more kill me alot.
    Post soon .
    Love you Kamini

  5. Awesome superb dear
    Everything was perfect as usual
    Luved it so much
    Luv u

  6. Baby

    wowowaaa ??
    a girl yrr maybe a boy too ??
    loved it sooo much really soo cute ??
    every moment was supeerr beautiful in this episode ??
    love u sammie ??
    post soon ??
    and TRM too ??

  7. Shweta kamble

    plzz update soon I’m getting excited?

  8. awesome episode <3
    keep writing
    love your writing
    can read it over and over everyday
    update soon :*
    you are the only person writing i comment on

  9. Aamna_2690

    Superb ??
    Loved it Sammy ??
    Fantastic episode ??
    Love you ♥️♥️
    Post soon ??

  10. SSK

    Hey Sorry for the late comment.
    The episode was really fab….I am seriously waiting for more episodes but i think you are going to end soon. I am going to really miss this FF.
    Really wonderful episode….Post soon please.
    And one question are you too planning to leave TU?

  11. Ramya

    Awesome superb
    Such a deseparate husbands.
    Just lovng it.
    Two babies will come

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