Start of the wedding bells ???
Episode 91 …
Next morning :::
The Episode starts with all the girls twinkle chinki swadheenta Misha going into kitchen to make breakfast for everyone …they were enjoying working together having fun …

While on the other side the men’s RT Manohar Rajat and Tej went for a morning walk and the ladies usha Leela Bebe Sapna jhanvi were chilling out sitting in the lawn stress free …

All the girls left back to the rooms to see if Thier lovely husbands woke up or not as they were tied due to last night shagun function …

Misha went to her room to see Kabir playing with suhani while she was having a good time with her papa she smiled and joined them …

Where same was with swadheenta Adarsh was handling ayush ..
Chinki went inside her room to wake up Aryan who was sleeping lazily along with yuvi as the duo had too much fun last night …

C : see these idiots still sleeping …Aryan yuvi wake up …
Y : abey ja na Yaar let’s us sleep go ..yuvi said covering himself with pillows while chinki snatched it …

Ar : chinki plzzz some time more ..
C : no no everyone is waiting for you both at breakfast table get up now she said pulling Aryan duvet to which he got up and looks at her …

Even yuvi too sees her and looks at Aryan ..i don’t know Bhai Aryan how you handle this chinki daily …feeling really pity for you …both makes a emotional face while chinki throws pillow at them ..

C : even I feel pity for mahi huh ? she said still throwing the pillow while yuvi ran inside washroom …
Aryan holds the pillow and pulls chinki towards himself …

C : leave me Aryan what you are doing ..
Ar : what you think I am doing ..
C : huhuh leave me ..

Ar : you will disturb my sleep again ???
C : yes ???..
Ar : oh is that so he moved closer and pecked her left cheek while she stumbled he smiled helping her more tight ….

Y : ahem ahem ???
They both compose themselves …
Ar : you freshen up so fast yuvi ..

Y : yeah yeah if I would have know what’s happening here I would have come a little late he winked while chinki ran from there making a excuse while the boys smirked and laughed …

@ twinj room :::
Kunj was sleeping peacefully until his siyappa queen came back in their room ..
T : still sleeping ???? Now say who is sleeping beauty huh ?? she went near kunj to wake him …kunj kunj wake up it’s so late …
K : arey let me sleep na ..

T : no no wake up already everyone woke up just you left …
K : huh I want to sleep a little more ..

T : now you are a sleeping beauty huh ..
K : it’s result of being in your company siyappa queen huh ..

T : huh now wake up she tried to snatch his pillow while he pulled her beneath him slightly …kunjjj she screamed seeing him upon her …

K : you don’t let me sleep at night because of your mood swings and even in morning and calling me sleeping beauty Haan ..

T : hawwww so this is because of you only so bear it huh ..
K : achawwww ? shameless Kahi ki ..

T : you are
K : you
T : no you
K : you .
T : I said na you ..

K : okay I agree it’s me now let me show some shamelessness too he winked at twinkle while she cursed herself for trapping in his cage …soon he moved towards her forehead pecking her ..good morning he kissed her cheeks too while she clutched his shirt …soon he moved towards her belly good morning baby ??? twinkle smiled ..and they both got up …

T : now go and get ready ..
K : yeah he smiled and moved to get freshen up …while twinkle again went downstairs …

Soon they all served everthing on the breakfast table by the time Manohar and others too came …
The whole house filled with the guest all over making the ambience more beautiful ….

They all settled on dinning table while the youngsters went on sofas ..soon yuvi Aryan Kabir Adarsh and kunj too joined them ..and they all had their breakfast discussing about the haldi function which is going to be held in evening …

Soon all departed for works while the ladies sat together to chill out …
Sap : time is going so fast we all met in chinki wedding some months back and now it’s yuvi wedding …

U : yeah I am so much excited ???
Jh : Haan Haan you will be double happiness of again become s.i.l and soon to be grandmother too …

L : hahah yeah our kids grown up sooo much ..
Be : yes indeed all smiled at each other while the girls smiled looking at each other …they went too select their attires for the function …
On the other side ::: (Kapoor mansion)
Abeer was seeing off everything and meher was handling mahi who was hell nervous …he went to their room to ask them to get ready soon ..and saw mahi sitting with a frown and meher smiling ..

Ab : what happen lovely ladies ????
Meh : see na abeer she didn’t wanted to get ready ..

Ab : whatttt ???? Don’t you want to marry ????
Mah : no jiju it’s nothing like that but I don’t know why I am so scared …

Meh : abey buddhu ladki it happens don’t worry everything will be fine ..don’t be scared yuvi twinkle everyone is there to be with you na ..

Ab : yeah ?? if you don’t marry now yuvi will surely get mad ..
Mah : jiju ???

Mehbeer laughs and teases her soon the trio spent some time together and abeer left leaving the sisters alone ..

Mahi was beautifully dressed up in yellow colour lehenga meher sees her and smiled while the make up artist had done her make over making her shine more ..
Meh : now yuvi will get really mad if he sees you like this ..

Mah : Di …
Meh : hahaha ??my lovely sister they both hugged and spend sometime with their parents too ..

Ab : now let’s leave for the venue all nods and they left …
@ Sarna mansion :::
The hustle bustle was all around someone worrying for the decoration someone for the meals the men’s for the fun and their reputation while the ladies for their outfits and their accessories ..
Sap : twinkle puttar ..

T : ji maasi ????
Sap : I need some hair pins ..
T : okay I’ll give you ..she went to get it ..
U : twinkle twinkle

T : Haan maa she gave pins to Sapna and turned towards usha ..
U : where is haldi ???

Mis : Mami here it is your lovely son haldi …
U : Haan thank God and twinkle you come with me ..she took Twinkle with her and gave her their ancestral necklace ..wear this you will look more beautiful ..

T : thank you she smile and left ..
While chinki was helping her mother in law in make up …Leela and Bebe smiled ..
K : twinkle where are you ????

T : now what happen to you ..
K : nothing I am not getting my watch ..
T : kunjjj it’s their in room see it clearly you will find it ..

K : you help me na plzz ..
T : no no no I have enough work here huh
K : rat ???
Kab : hahah ???now go kunj and find your watch by yourself ..

Y : mom mom where is my footwear ????..
U : huh these boys grown up so much still behave like kids …

Be : hahah usha now your first one(kunj) is making your Dil mad now your second one(yuvi) will follow the same path ..
K & y : Bebe ????

All laughed soon after so much of arguments they all got ready and left for the venue …
It was a banquet hall with a large lawn ..the lawn was beautifully decorated acccording to the theme of function it the stages were decorated beautifully with a partitioned in between for the bride and groom …

Kapoors were already present there while Sarna reached with everyone and they were welcomed by kapoors …

Usha and suman hugged each other congratulating while meher met Leela and others …and went to her gang ..
Yuvi was already made to sat on his side ..while the girls left to bring mahi …

Kunj sees twinkle standing with Misha n chinki and makes a frown ..

Soon mahi was accompanied by meher and others all smiled looking at them yuvi smiled too ..they both looks at each other and mahi went to her side …

U : now shall we start the function all nodded and hooted in yes …Bebe usha called …

Bebe applied haldi to yuvi followed by ushar lert Rajat Sapna tej jhanvi suman n shyam now it’s time for youngsters …twinj came first and smirked at him …

Y : don’t smirk like this and don’t you dare tease me ..he was going to say further when they pourer whole bowl of haldi on him …while the bride side hooted …

K : Haan you were saying something little brother ???
Y : mumma ???

T : don’t cry lovely lakshman still many more are left twinkle moved aside and there chiyan mehbeer and Mibir was standing and they throwed haldi water filled balloons on yuvi teasing him more all the giggles and chuckles were all around seeing his state …

Now it’s time to go for the bride side ..mahi was hell nervous ..her parents applied her haldi first .. followed by her in-laws…twinkle went near her ..

T : don’t be so nervous mahi we all are with you she took some and applied to her while both of them smiled ..followed by other they hadn’t done any mischief with her ..as they know firstly she was very much scared …the elders left to have food and too see the other guests too ..

Y : this is cheating huh ?? even mahi should get the same treatment ..
K : ohho someone is getting so angry cool him down ..

Abeer and Kabir throwed water on him making him all wet while yuvi cries like a baby mahi too laughed seeing his condition …

Soon the couples we’re busy applying haldi to each other …

Kunj rubbed turmeric all over twinkle face and ran from there ..twinkle stands frustrated as she couldn’t run in these conditions …kunj smiled and came back ..

K : ohh my panda is so much angry ..now apply me ..
T : huh I don’t want to ..??

K : achwww ..twinkle don’t be a spoilt sport now apply …
Twinkle turned towards him rubbing her cheeks with his while he smiled holding her …

K : now happy ??
T : yess …

He bends down and apply some on her dress ? first haldi of my baby they both smiled …(bahara plays in BG ..??)

Yuvi sees mahi who was enjoying seeing others he sat beside her while she looked at him …he took some and applied on her cheeks …while she applied him too ..

He holds her hands in his still nervous ??? She nodded in yes …

Y : don’t worry Jaan everything will be fine and I promise to be with you in every circumstances ..she smiled and rests her head on his shoulder …

While the others sees them and smiled ..they left leaving them alone for sometime …

Soon they moved towards dinning section …elders already had their food and was in lawn chilling out …
K : Twinkleeeee come here sit and have something ..

T : hmm yeah she sat beside him and sipped juice while he looked at her ..

K : why are you not eating anything these days ..he heard someone saying this too and looks at abeer who was also asking meher the same question and both smiled …

T & meh : arey Yaar we will eat when we want now let’s us stay in peace ..
K & ab : okay fine huh ..

Kab : hahaha so cute ???
C : Misha di where is suhani ????
Mis : she is with maa …

Yuhi feeds each other and they all had Thier dinning and went from there for the photosession all were looking like jokers ????…

Soon the function ended and all left back to Sarna mansion and Kapoor mansion ..
Next day :::
It was mehendi function today they all are set to go to Kapoor mansion for the mehendi function …they all greeted each other …the functions starts with bridal henna and some of the dances from the girls …while the boys standing in side ..seeing off Thier respective girl …recalling Thier times …

Soon these function too completed ..and just Sangeet and wedding left …

They were hell tired and returned back to Sarna mansion all the ladies had applied henna and men’s were handling their tantrums …

T : kunjjj …
K : Haan twinkle ???

T : I want to have juice and have to take my meds too ..

K : okay wait I’ll bring it he smiled and brings the juice for twinkle ..while she smiled seeing him …he made her have her medicines and then made her have juice …

T : thank you soo much ..
K : wait ..he takes tissue and wipes her lips …now it’s fine ..

Twinkle smiled and was just starting at him lovingly ..
K : what happen siyappa queen ???

T : hmm nothing can’t I admire my cute husband ..
K : yes you can baby who will dare to stop you ..

T : yeah she hugged him while he smiled ..
K : everthing alright na ???
T : yeah ..

K : then why these tears in your eyes ??
T : hmm nothing just wanted to be with you …

K : okay okay he smiled and wipes her tears and side hugged her ..I love you ..
T : I love you too ..both smiled and left back for Thier room ..
Screen freezes …
So how was the Episode ?????
Hope you all like it ??????
Thank you for your likes and comments on last one guys …
Love you all ?????

Precap : much more ahead ????
Bye ?????

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  1. Himanigaur

    Awesome episode pls post soon!! Love

  2. It was sooooo sweet man yaar twinkles tantrums and kunj caring for her were brilliant loved it man everything was beautiful described really well thank u soo much for posting jaldi loved it like every time each episode of your s are worth reading pass post soon

  3. It was sooooo sweet man yaar twinkles tantrums and kunj caring for her were brilliant loved it man everything was beautiful described really well thank u soo much for posting jaldi loved it like every time each episode of your s are worth reading pass post soon

  4. Awesome episode
    Loved it espically that haldi wala…poor uv?
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    Haldi function ????? Yuvi hehehh mahi nervousness ???. Twinj awww♥️♥️♥️♥️
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    Sam!!! Do I even have to say this? I’m a huge fan of yours, and you already know it!!! And my appreciation for you goes on increasing with each article you write… This one too was amazing!! It was nice to see Chinki and Aryan together… Twinj scenes were really beautifully written too… The haldi was sooo much fun!! Yuvi??? poor thing?? Mahi seems to be really nervous… The mehendi too was awesome!!! Absolutely loved it!! I can’t wait to see what is coming up now….

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