Kuch sweet Kuch salty (FF Analysis)

preeti .my nick name is preeti.so let’s start ?????

Firstly I wanted to say u all are just amazing ur writings are so nice I feel like they r real.

Let’s start .if I will be right then I am an antarjammi

Nikita :nick name nikky .a very cute and very naughty girl .I guess while reading her ff her naughtiness can easily guessed .I can imagine her just like my friend.she can express her feeling so nicely that everyone is mad.

Angel pari:I don’t know what’s her real name but she is really an angel and pari who gives happiness to all. her ff are fabulous I can visualise her story so nicely that I can’t express so I guess she is very happy girl

Khusi :what to say about her she is just amazing .she writes so well that no word have such power to praise her .her way of explaining anything is fab . whether serious or happy moment she writes so well that I wanna kiss her hands

Maria :oh lord what to say about her .she is such good writer that after reading her ff I starts imagining it .when she writes about knock-jok between her characters its just mind blowing.I think she might be a very salty girl who is very sweet.

Lovely lady :she is just aaaaamazingggg. Not only her ff but her comments are also Wonderful. She can be really nice writer. Once anybody reads her ff will go mad for her .I thinks she is really lovely in her real life also.

Sumo:what to say what to say she is out of this world she writes so well .her timing is amazing I am mad for her I always wait for her ff she always have a suspense which does not allow me to sleep.I think she is very sweet girl because her sweetness can easily been imagined from her ff.

Fatarjo:she writes beautifully .her writing skills are very nice .she is so good writer.
Whenever in her writings any surprise is given she explains it very well .so I can say she is a surprise packet.

Shramansangel:her name is riya .she is writing a ff which she has recently started .she has a very nice imagination. Her thoughts are very fresh and wonderful.she is a very sweet writer I think so.

Preekarfan or pihu:she also writes very well.she has a high imagination .she has written such a wonderful ff .she is amazing.she is really very nice girl .I am just guessing

Weird sister: she is also very nice writer.her views are very clear to each and everybody.she is just amazing and her ideas are very nice so I could say she is very nice thinker.

Kittu:her hands are veryvery strong because she easily can write so long comments too.now about her ff what to say she has written nice ff .her stories are always new .she is a nice person I can just say it

Abhi:I got to know her exams are over
And hope she gets nice marks.her ff were very nice .I hope she will again write son ff and we all will again saywonderfullllll

I m sorry angel parish for taking ur idea but I really wanted to pay tribute to all of u so I taken help of ur idea a big sorrrrryy
If I missed someone then sorry
Thanks to all of u for writing wonderful ff
May u all live for long and always be happy
God bless u all

Credit to: pretty preeti


  1. Sharmansangel


    |Registered Member

    That’s so sweet of you preeti and by the I haven’t seen you but I can say that u must be really pretty because it is a quality which is not physically but by thinking and u have a great thinking
    Lots of love ???
    From riya

  2. sona

    Aawww…that’s..soon..nice of..u that.u get sime time appreciAte our friends..ff writers..??☺preeti..
    That’s really sweet of u..??
    I have the same feelings for them.

  3. Pretty Preeti

    thanks shramansangelshramansangel and weirdsister u both are so sweet and are very nice writers too

    • Pretty Preeti

      Thanku for all ur lovely comments and I should say sons that u too are edkv real fan u r so active and comment on everybody’s ff and on written update

  4. Angel_pari


    |Registered Member

    Awwww preeti u r such a sweetheat thanku soo much for such a nyc words…. Love u

    and no need to say sorry yar…thanku for dis lovely thing πŸ™‚

  5. maria

    Aww thanks alot lot n lot sweeto!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Fr writing such nice things abt me n other amazing ff writers !!! πŸ˜€
    Must say u r also a vry beautiful person frm inside n outside both πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Lots of love n hugs!!

  6. LovelyLady


    |Registered Member

    thnk u soo mch pretty preeti…… i nvr saw,u in cmmnt boxes… seems that u r slnt reader…..
    u r really a sweet heart….i really felt fortunate to find sch sweet wrds abt me…… cn we be frns????
    plz cmmnt on ffs too…..
    love u a lotttttt…….. πŸ™‚

  7. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    so it’s lyk .. u seem to be a really pretty person in and out… dats so sweet preeti … n according to edkv we r sisters.. m sumo n u r preeti ??? well thank you so much for liking my work n dis gesture was indeed out of d world .. keep reading n keep loving …. love yaaa… ??????

  8. Pretty Preeti

    Hey guys I wanted to say some words for lily actually I forgotten to add her so lily sorry and I must say u are a very nice girl by heart also and ur ff are outstanding

  9. Nikita


    |Registered Member

    Thank you so much.. It means a lot..I. Feel so blessed.. And of course we are friends.. I’m kinda naughty, but that’s just fine.. Thank you so much..!! Pretty Preeti

  10. Pretty Preeti

    I was waiting for ur response Nikita u r very sweet I m glad to have friend like u and I m also 13 just like u

  11. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Hey Preety thank u so much for adding my name dear made my day And I liked my name haha I love surprises πŸ˜›
    And as for the analysis ur anaylsis is superb dear πŸ™‚

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