Kuch Rishtey Aise Bhi Episode 20 – (the endless love of lovers)

after 1 month:-
swara-stop sanskar its a sad moment and you
sanskar-what can i do i want romance romance and only romance
he lifts her up and takes her near chakor and imli room
swara-thank you mr. maheshawari
sanskar-welcm mrs. maheshwari
sanskar-you will be soon
swara-what ever you go its girls talk time
at chakor and imlis room:-
imli-di is it necessary to go
chakor-you say me one thing do you love dance
imli-yes di i can leave anything for it
chakor-like that i love marathon a lot
shivanya-this time i am with tanu
chakor-do what ever you want to but just let me go
naina-yes we dont mean anything to you
chakor-see no emotional blackmailing let me go

at airport:-
chakor-now say bye happily
after 15 minutes
chakor-suraj didn’t came
at collage:-
suraj-what should i do should i go and confess before she goes or
at airport:-
chakor-okay i have to go now
15 minutes later
suraj-chakor where is chakor
nobody had an answer
laksh-you are late she went
just then chakor comes suraj bounced chakor in excitment
suraj-I LOVE YOU
all jumped in excitment
ragini-but your flight

phone rings
person-miss chakor
person-actually now the marathon has been postponed for some technical issues
chakor-okay thanks

suraj-that means my love won
rishi-lets leave the love birds alone and go in another car
all agreed and went in different cars
tanuja-rishi i know you did in selfishness
tanuja-for for nothing
rishi pulls tanuja closer
rishi-means i dont have to explain anything rigth
tanuja pushing him
tanuja-right and uncle drive fast
at another car:-
shivanya-ritik stop you already gave me six roses
ritik-this the last rose as last promise that i will take care of you
at collage:-
laksh-finally we reached
laksh-can you give me one hug
ragini-okay but only one
all from back-ahem
karan-that means we love have only love no hate
after 6 months:-
tanuja-time to say good bye
karan-yes we dont know when we will meet next
after 1 and the half year:-
all the lovers got a phone call as an invitation to collage for TANSHI wedding when they came to collage they saw everyone with their matchmakers and even enjoyed the wedding
nania-we got our matchmakers
rishi-yes so lets do dance as all of our story started with a dance
they all danced toghter

real part of story:-
shivanya-the end
tanshi-tanya natasha come
vimli-vani come
sukor-sunny our champ come
narian-naren our champ come
aradhya and arayaan-chilli come
meghnal-come dear monty
thaan-tina bani come come
swasan-aran come
raglak-mishti shyan lets see who comes first
sanveer-ranveer our best boy come
teni aman-naresh run run and come
parth shorvari-tommy my dear
rivanya-shivangi run fast
and called their children

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  1. Sukorlover

    Interesting end. Will miss this story. Waiting for your next story

    1. Sprihasarania

      for sure sukorlover

  2. Loved the happy ending and the introduction of their children. Looking forward to your next story.

  3. Jasminerahul

    swasan were cute.chakor suraj confessed luv n d marathon got postponed.so sweet.tanshi rivanya raglak scenes were romantic.dance was good.loved the ending of the ff with their kids

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