Kuch Rishtey Aise Bhi Episode 19 (love blooms)

after 3 months:-

rishi-3 had gone so easily
swara-those four chemistry
sanskar-is still there

at thapkis room:-
bihaan-thapki come out
thapki-bihaan coming
when she comes out bihaan gives him teddy and a rose
thapki-what is this
bihaan-teddy is sorry gift and rose is love gift
thapki-happy love day now lets go

at garden:-
all-oh god
shivanya-sometimes suraj chakor
ritik-sometimes chakor vivaan
ragini-everyone is paired but
laksh-not theres we cant even guess who is with whom
bihaan from back
bihaan-we all have to do something

basketball court:-
chakor-today also you lost
suraj-very funny
vivaan-our chakor is a bit special
imli-vivaan is absolutely right

at garden:-
nania-thapki great idea
thapki-my pleasure
karan-are you sure
meghna-dewar ji our friend thapki would be wrong never
kunal-and my topper cant say wrong
at class room:-
as everyone decided they took each in one group dividing into four groups

1st group-chakor,tanuja,shivanya,ragini
2nd group-imli,nania,thapki,swara,meghna
3rd group-vivaan-rishi,karan,bihaan,ritik
4th group-suraj,kunal,sanskar,laksh

1st group:-
chakor-today why is the group divided
tanu-chakor because we are upset with the boys

2nd group:-
imli-but why are the others girls not with us
nania- because they generally stay toghter

3rd group:-
vivaan-but till today it never happened
rishi in mind-shut up how many questions

4th group:-
suraj-did you said something
kunal-nothing so tell your hearts story

1st group:-
chakor-what do you mean
shivanya-do you love someone

2nd group:-
imli-maybe yes maybe no
thapki-what does that mean

3rd group:-
vivaan-dont know but actually i love someone
karan-who who

4th group:-
sanskar-really really
1st group:-
chakor-really its suraj
ragini-great we come in few minutes

at basket ball court:-
swara-all the pairs are matching but why arent they saying
bihaan-okay lets wait for 6 months and wait for the result
laksh-no i cant wait anymore
meghna-i think i am forgetting something
nania-di nothing you are thinking too much

at the end of 5th month:-
meghna-everyone listen now i remember after 6 months means next month chakor have to go forever for marathon races
all-WHAT oh shit
tanuja-what can we do now
rishi-all is bihaans fault
kunal-now only can do something orelse
thapki-we all can do nothing

precap:-suraj-what should i do
chakor-suraj didnt came
suraj-where is chakor
nobody had an answer

tomorrow is my last ff

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Bihaan Thapki scene was very romantic.dialogues were very sweet.so chakor suraj luv each other.but chakor leaving .hope suraj stops her n they unite.plz show tanshi raglak swasan rivanya scenes

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