Kuch Rishtey Aise Bhi Episode 18 (aman weds teni/parth weds shorvari)

wedding starts:-
everything was going perfectly but then shorvari gives parth a file
parth in mind-oh!no she got he file means she saw that i loved means was attracted towards teni
shorvari-parth why havent you given the pictures to aman and teni
from back teni gives a sign of relief
teni-dadaji you gave me a shelter to stay but will able to give that love back
dadaji-oh my dear i was sad from you for sometime but not now your and amans love life is safe
aman and teni touches dadjis feet and seats for rituals everything went perfectly and all four went for their honeymoon
parth-arayan say it fast
arayan nodded
meghna-thapki you also

thapki nodded
when arayan was taking aradhya to garden everyone followed them
aradhya-wow beautiful but
arayaan-yes aradhya dont worry
aradhya-did you said something
arayaan took a ring bended
arayaan-will you marry me once again tomorrow
aradhya-on our 1st anniversary
from back all came out and cheered
bihaan-thapki wait why you are going
thapki-bihaan why your mother pointed in my swabhimaan
bihaan-please dont leave me
thapki-do you remember when you and kunal proposed me and meghna

FB shows:-
both-we love you
both-we 2 love you
all cherred
FB ends

thapki-then why you mother troubled us
kunal-but topper what my mistake in it
meghna-kunal for me my swabhimaan is very big
kunal-meghna i promise i will marry you with your swabhimaan

next morning at honeymoon resort:-
teni-aman leave me
aman-not so easily
door knoks teni opens
aman-what happened
teni-oh yes today is aradhya and arayaan first wedding anniversary
shorvari-yes and today they will marry once again
parth-as they didnt agreed their first marriage
they called to bhanoshali house
all four-congrats
both-thank you and enjoy your honeymoon

at wedding hall:-
araayan-i promise i will love you at any cost
aradhya-me 2
wedding was done nicely and all went on their way once again
meghna-i seriously dont believe 1 month went means total 3 months from 1and the half year
kunal-hmm well lets go now otherwise all of our flight will be missed
precap:-after 3 months
hope you all like it

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  1. Thahaan ka itna kam kyun hai I love only thahaan so sorry

    1. Sprihasarania

      dont feel sorry i am sorry for posting thaan very few scene and take care of it

  2. Jasminerahul

    i’m confused.whats is in the file which parth hides from Shorvari.Aryan proposing aradhya 4 marrying on 1st wedding anniversary was romantic.If Thahan’s mother troubled Thapki its not his fault,he is right.his dialogues were very painful.kunal promising meghna that he will marry her with her swabhimaan was nice.Aryan aradhya promise during wedding was romantic.

    y this is not posted on Kasam page?plz message me whenever u update this

  3. Sprihasarania

    parth was hiding his attraction towards teni and its not posted on kasam,udaan,swabhimaan page i cant do anything sorry because we authors can write the story but the person who gives hadent given in these sites i dont know why

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