kuch rang pyar ki- FORBIDDEN LOVE (Episode 2)


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Sonakshi’s POV

The door was unlocked and dev walked in with a plate and a glass of water. “Have this, I don’t want you to die.” He kept the plate and the glass on the table when I suddenly got an idea. I quickly ran to the glass and broke it and held the broken glass piece by my wrist. “Mr. Dexit please let me go to a place and I promise I will return here. And if you say no then I hope you know what I am capable of doing at the moment.” I threatened him. 
He stood there in complete silence as he thought I was faking it. But I surprised him by pricking the glass into my flesh when a little drop of blood appeared. He was now scared as he was convinced that I wasn’t just threatening him but was capable of doing it. “Stop! Fine I will let you but on one condition, you will have to take my bodyguard with you. That also in my car.” 
I had got what I wanted, to see Arjun . I needed to know if he was keeping well and if his treatment was going on or not. I hadn’t seen him for almost 2 days now. Without giving it a second thought, I agreed to his conditions and left the place with his bodyguard and the driver. The doors of the ashram were closed as it was already night but since I knew the watchman he let me in. I went straight to the doctor’s cabin to inquire about his treatment. 
“Sona, where were you. I have been calling you since forever.” Dr. Mehta asked. 
“Doctor I am sorry, was too busy with all the things happening. How is the treatment going on?” I said it as I took a seat in front of him. 
“I wanted to inform you about this only. Actually I had tried to convince the board members to give you sometime but they…….”
“What happened doctor. Please tell me.”
“They said that you have to clear all your balance within 15 days, only then they continue with the treatment otherwise we will have to throw your brother out of this ashram.”
“What!!! How can they do this. They had given me a years time, then how can they do this. And where will I get 45 lakhs from in 15 days. And you only told me that his treatment can’t stop otherwise he won’t progress if he has a gap!”
“I am sorry sona, this is the boards decision and I can’t do anything.”
I couldn’t believe his words. Things were all just getting more messed up. “Thank you doctor,” we’re the only words I could think of.

After leaving the doctor’s cabin I went to arjun’s ward and saw him sleeping like a baby. He was too young to face so much in his life. First his parents were taken away, then his independence, then his one and only family and now the hope that he can walk once again. I had never complained about what God did to me but I will not forgive him for doing all of this to my brother. He was the least person to deserve this. I let him sleep and left the place. Dev’s driver and bodyguard were waiting for me outside and I quietly sat in the car. As the car moved I recalled all that has happened in the short span of 8 months. I was to get married so that I could have got some financial help from ritwick’s family but Mr Dev dexit had ruined it all. My pain had turned into anger. 
As I stepped into his house I saw no one. It was empty. My anger was getting beyond its limit and I had to burst out. I threw the 3 vases that were kept by the door. It felt better so I stared throwing everything on the floor, I threw the furniture, the cushions, the plates on the dining table and all the antics kept in the lounge. I had turned the entire lounge into a fish market. Everything lied on the floor, broken just like me. Only one thing was in my mind and that was to ruin his house as he had ruined my life. I broke all the alcohol bottles in his bar which was in a corner of the lounge. Everything was in a mess but I was still not finding the peace in me. My anger now subsidised by tears. I walked through the broken glass which got into my foot causing me to sit on the floor in pain. The pain was to much and a sudden weakness got me. I slid myself on the floor to the sofa. I rested my back on the sofa and sat on the floor with my foot in my lap. I gently took out all the glass pieces stuck in my skin when I stared to black out. A black light flashed in front of me and I fell unconscious. Was this the end of me, were the last few words I though off.

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