Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi:spoiler (18 october)

Okay guys!!!!
Now… im caira here with a spoiler….hope you guys remember me. I wrote the shots “Devakshi.. happily married”. Im sure whatever i have written WILL come MOST probably today….


So i ve got some news here!!!!!
What will happen is that sona will decorate the dining place with candles (wishing to do something special for dev)…..
Ishwari will come there. She will find sona and say that she(sona) may go to bed as dev has not told the time (when he is going to return from office). Sona says that it is late and ishwari must go to bed for the sake of her health. Ishwari says that she has a habit of doing such and waiting for her son makes her happy.Sona tells that as she is his wife she has the responsibility to wait and serve dev. They argue and sona restlessly goes to bed… when she comes down the stairs again, she finds dev entering. She welcomes him home. They (devakshi) are just about to start a conversation but ishwari comes and welcomes dev. Ishwari tells him to serve and she will serve the food. Dev tells her that she might have become tired so she must go and rest, sonakshi will serve him the food. Ishwari *he is MY son**possessive +dissatisfied look* leaves. She moves towards the stairs. Sona and dev are standing side by side(forming an angle). Dev forwards her hand to serve something in a bowl beside. Dev snatches the bowl *and makes that face which we all expect from him after no calls from sonakshi all day*
After that i dont know…..
Something more which u will find interesting…
Sona and dev are talking.. they are talking about their honeymoon. Dev tells that they need to prepare and have to do all the shopping and stuffs. Sonakshi tells him not to worry, everything will happen. Dev tells they will go for shopping the next day.

Listen guys im not sure if this is going to come today. I assure you that it will be shown on the show.. pakka se..!!. Complete assurance…???.

Love you. I really missed you guys these dags. Please do comment on how you are liking the current track of the show and if this spoiler had reduced or increased your excitement for todays telecast …. *mine has increased*… ????. If you missed me??
Comment below.

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  1. Well the spoiler seems interesting but ………ishwari rang main bhang dalne ke liye hain na ????……….. I too missed u and ur few shots…..?????????❤……come back soon with an awesome ff and ur amazing looks???????????❤

    1. Caira

      I have seen the full shot of the spoiler… i will surely be coming back soon..?along with my looks….?

  2. Hey Caira!!
    Long time no see! It feels so good to hvpave something written by you after such a long time! And yes, I sure did miss you!☺️☺️
    Now, coming to the spoiler for today’s telecast, I simply HATE Ishwari! But thankfully, if the spoiler is true indeed, Dev himself will indirectly let her know that he sure does NEED Sonakshi in his life????
    Once again, I got a chance to see more of your ‘looks’??
    Regarding the honeymoon, have heard that the new of DevAkshi’s honeymoon is learnt by Ishwari as Dev tells her (I guess) and this leaves a back an envious Ishwari! Sources are trying to gather more related information.
    So now, the question is whether Dev and Sonakshi’s honeymoon will reach its destination or will Ishwari will come up with yet another plan/trick of hers and prevent Dev and Sonakshi from leaving.
    Missed you a lot dear! Do come up with another FF soon!
    Loads of love!?????

    1. Caira

      I completely agree with all you said anshita …hate this ishwari

  3. Caira

    Guys sorry !!
    The start was for today… but i ensure that the latter will be shown

  4. Hi Caria! It was nze spoiler alert.?❤?????????✌✌✌✌✌…….
    I mm badly waiting for your ff…..

    1. Caira

      Thanks nikki

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