Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi(ek aur rang) Episode 2

Precap:ishwari overhears mishti and vicky planning to kill sona and ishwari calls everyone but by the time she calls everyone they both..

The episode starts with ishwari overhearing mishti and vicky ‘s convo and calling others.but by the time she does,mishti and vicky are not in the room and everyone thinks she iimagining.sona and dev believe her and ask her “kya hua ma?”(now sona calls her ma because she is going to get engaged to
dev).ishwari explains everything.mishti and vicky come and say
Vicky:maami aap?sona bhabhi and bhaiya?aap yaha kya karreho?
Mishti:arae aap log hum to…
Dev and sona:koi safai nehe dena San sach jaangaya
Mishti and vicky:kya?sab..sab..kuch..ku.
Ishwari:ha sab sach jaan gaya
Mishti:kya yaar sona ka birthday ka surprise spoil hogaya.
Ishwari,dev and sona:kya sona ko birthday surprise?
Mishti:ha birthday surprise?
The three go away.
Mishti to vicky:isi kehthe ek pathar do birds (sorry guys I don’t know how to say bird in hindi)
Both smirk
Sona ‘s mum calls:sona,kal sourav keleye pooka rakrehehe,dev babu ko saath le aana huh?dev babu ka mumma,chutki sub ko leana teke?
Sona agrees and goes ahead to ask dev
Now dev is in office and Sona barges in,dev is in a meeting and says”ms sonakshi bose no one is allowed during my meetings
Sona gulps and is about to say sorry when dev says except you.
Dev tells his client to wait outside for 5 mins and talks to sona for a while.while coming back from office,dev and sona see vicky and mishti near a forest,calculating bundles of money

Precap: dev and sona confront vicky and mishti when someone from the back lifts sona and dumps her in a truck.dev is rushing after the truck but is not able to..when he sees a hand hanging out full of blood in the truck he shouts “shona!” But shockingly…

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  1. Great Going!!! if u want to right a few dialouges in english ,u can………..but it was very very small!!!!

  2. Wow it’s awesome nishi just read part 1 and 2 together it’s fabulous keep it up m quite curious to know what will happen next

  3. Lol..nishi u r ff was so nice. Bt write dialogues in English. I can’t understand them so.

  4. y u r writing so short make it long if possible

  5. Ngkrishnakumari

    AmaZing ff nishi make it little long ur writing ff style is rocking comparing with other eagerly waitibg for next epi

  6. Very nice ff and pls make it long

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