Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Episode 10


The episode starts with dev rushing sona to the hospital,who is full of blood after her accident.as she goes in to the OP(operation theatre),she separates hands from dev and a heart breaking music plays.

As sona is getting operated,dev prays for her wellbeing,and just then,Anuksha and maami hi five eachother.and just then a flashback of Anuksha and maami ‘s meeting is shown.
Flashback:anuskha is walking down after hearing dev and sona romancing and are cursing them when she bumps into
.maami ,after hearing her whole trouble,suggests whether they should be partners and conspire against sona.and thus they cause the accident by Anuksha in the
car and hitting sona.
Back to the present:Doctor comes out and dev rushes to see sona.doctor says she has very less chances to survive which is heard by dev and he gets shocked.he pleads the doctor to save sona as he explains that sona means
everything to him.after 4 hrs of cracking and solving the matter the doctor comes out.
Doctor:congratulations dev!sona is saved
Dev:thank you so much doctor!

He smiles and goes in to meet sona,who is now transferred to the normal ward.
Dev:sona?!tum teek Ho?!
Sona:yes dev.ami;sorry Mae teek Hu.
Dev and sona hug while the serial title song plays.anuskha and maami are upset over sona’s survival and go on to plan B.sona is brought home(dev household)and
Nikki:dr Bose!!!we are back!!!you know we missed you so much and;arae,sarr pe kese chot lagi?
Sona smiles and explains the whole thing.
Riya:then you should be resting bhabhi…
Sona smiles and dev signals her to rest.she is on her way up when maami is on her way down.
Radha Rani:Oi dactar nee,mere room main koi khanna hai,usae saaf karde.
Sona:par Aunty ji…
Radha:Oi zyada smart act karneki koshish Mat karna.
Ishwari:bas bhabhi,aap sonakshi ki upar itni inzaam nehe lagasakthehai.bas.aur nehe.bas
Radha rolls her eyes at her.
Radha rushes to anuskha house and talks to her about the next plan…they both are speaking very carefully when Elena overhears some..she takes out her recorder and starts recording.
Precap:Radha and Anuksha try to execute their plan,but it is unsuccessful because Elena plays the voice recorder.will sona get killed by Anuksha and Radha?will dev’s Love be enough to protect sona?what will happen next?

Credit to: Nishi

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  1. Some ppl r too jobless n only thing they know is to disturb other’s happiness. Radha mami n anushka r such ppl. Anyways nice episode..luvd it

  2. Thanks so much!!!❤️❤️

  3. Ohhh oh anuksha and Radha together lol….to fast update, ncy epi

    1. Another epi has been uploaded!go check it out!

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