Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 9


Thankyou dears for reading my ff daily and supporting me with your comments..i am so happy that i have got many new comments also..and thanks for the silent readers too..love you all very much..also again sorry dears if you thought i torture devakshi more..but in my point tis is also an impossible love between a maid and prince..so hope u understand dears..ok wait is over friends..next epi is here.read it soon dears.

In sona’s home..
Bejoy and asha came back home..
Asha comes calling sona..
Ash – saurav ..where is sonu?
Sau – ma..that is(he drags his words)
bej – what saurav..
Sau – pa..actualy.dev came here and he..he took sonu with him.
Bej – what..whether any urgent work in palace..then also y he comes to take her
sau – dont know pa..what happens..but it seems like he came eagerly to meet sonu.
Ash – what realy
sau – s ma..i wonder where they went.

Here in the river side,
Dev and sona came out of the river..they sat in the sand..sona is lying in dev’s shoulder..both are holding their hands..

Son – dev..i have never been happy in my life like this..
From my childhood itself i have faced so many hurdles..but i have never feared of anything…i like to go school but seeing my parents struggle in my making my brother studying eventhough we wont get enough food..i thought to help them..so i startd working in that age itself…i never wished any thing in my life dev because i know that i wont get it..but now i wish you..and its a big wish..but i want that wish to come true..i wil pray god everytime for this..
Dev – my dear sona..i am sorry i have not understand ur problems but remember sona now u are mine..ur family is my family..ur wish and my wish are not different..soon i wil make our wish come true, i wil to marry you and make you my princess sona dear..
Son – dev (hugs him)..i love you..plz dont leave me at anytime..

Dev – love you too sona..i wil only die if i leave you..
Son – no dev.(keeping her hands in his mouth)plz dont say that once again..
Dev – ok sona dear.(kisses her hand)
both smiles..
Son – ok dev..its time..we should go home..
Dev – s sona..but i dont want to go..let us be here for some more time..
Son – but dev i also worried what bro might be thinking now..he was very shockd when you take me..what i wil tel him..
Dev – o sona.. you dont worry ..here dev is there..come with me..
(he stands up.and give his hand to her)
son – dev
dev – come dear..(he takes her)

In sona’s home,
ash – y sonu didnt came til now..saurav you go to palace and check whether any pblm.
Sau – ok mom
(suddenly dev came there with sona holding her hand)
al r shockd..
Dev – uncle..i came here to leave sona now..but soon i wil take her permanently with me and with your permission..
(they are shockd more and sona is looking at dev with eyes wide open)
bej – dev..i dont understand
dev – (with smile)uncle i am saying that i want to became your son -in law
ash – dev..what r u saying..
Dev – s aunty..i want to marry ur sona
sau – dev..r u in your senses
dev – o saurav..i already told you that i have seen my princess..i love sona and she too loves me very much..
(now everyone looks at sona)

sau – then on tat day u told me only about sona
dev – s my dear friend..
Bej – sonu..is tis true..hw can you do this..
(sona bows down her head)
Dev – uncle..now y r u asking sona..dont you believe me or dont you like me..
Bej – no no dev..hw can i say that..but you are the prince..hw tis wil happen
dev – uncle..i thought u r seeing me like saurav..i dont have father..i have considerd you like my father but u r differentiating me..
Bej – no dev..i also consider you like my son..but

Dev – but.wat uncle..then y are u saying this..R u afraid that i wil leave sona as i am a prince..i can leave everything for sona uncle but not her..she is my life..
Ash – dev..its not that we dont trust you..its only about how your family wil take this..
Dev- aunty.you dont need to worry about that..my mom wil be very happy that i have found such a beautiful princess like sona..i only need your permision..please cant you accept this poor dev..i am begging you..
Ash – dev..dont say that..you are very good..we wil be very happy if this happens
dev -(smiles)wow..thankyou aunty..it wil surely happen..just wait for sometime..soon i wil tel my mom about this..
Bej – ok dev..let everything be fine
dev – s uncle it wil be..
Sau – (with smile)ok dev..nw you go home..its already late..
Dev – ok da..bye..bye uncle.bye aunty..

Ash – take care dev..
(dev looks at sona)
bej – ok sona.you send him out and come..
Son – ok pa..

They came out..both are smiling.
Son – dev.. I am surprisd.. I was worried but u..you r great.
Dev – sona..i dont want you to be worried.nw r u happy..
Son – s dev..happy
dev -ok now give me send off.
Son – bye dev
dev – i dont want ur bye..i have done so much good work today..give me something more(shows his lips)
son – no no.here i wont
dev -then i wont go..(he sits there)
son – dev.wat r u doing like a child..stand up..
Dev -no
son -ok ok.i wil giv
(he stands happily)

son – you close your eyes first.
(dev closed his eyes..sona brought her lips near him..she kisses in his cheeks..then bites it gently and runs)
dev – sona tis is not fair dont go..
She went..
(he smiles touching his cheeks..wat a sweet bite..tmrw we can see hw long you wil run..)
he goes from there..

In palace,Dev comes to palace..
Ish was sitting in the hal..
Ish- dev.today also u r late.
Dev – sorry mom..if you want punish me(holding his ears)
ish – ha ha..its ok dev..i am so happy today..
Dev – me too mom..
Ish – for what?
Dev – i wil tel it mom..first u tel y r u happy.
Ish – dev..i told neha about ranveer and showd his photo..she likes him..and tomorow they r coming to meet neha..

dev – wow mom realy.i want to see neha..where is she
ish -in her room dev..
Dev – ok mom..(he goes)
ish – dev but u didnt tel me..
Dev -i wil tel u later mom(he smiles and blinks his eyes)

(ishwari thinks he is hiding sumthing from me..what is that)..

To be continued…

Precap – (ish sees dev sona together)

Thankyou for reading dears…hope you like it..please send your views in comments friends..your simple comment makes me happy to write..

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    You know I should have told you this in the previous episode but forgot actually everyday I was thinking but forgot to write.. You stole my heart!
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