Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 7


Thanking so much my dears..you are encouraging everyday with your comments and I also thought I shouldn’t disappoint you anytime…so I am here with the 7 th episode..read it soon dears.

Sona is still standing in the garden remembering dev’s words…
Vicky comes near her.
Vic- sona dear.
Sone comes to senses and suddenly wears her veil.
Vic- o beautiful sona..whether you will show your face only to the prince..did he gave you anything.
Sona looks angrily.
Vic- but he is smart..since he studied in London he is somewhat intelligent than me..so he is trying to get you in the name of love..but both our intensions are same and you know that sona(smiles ackwardly),but he don’t know about me..remember you will sleep only with me first..
Sona’s eyes are full of tears..
She thinks ”god what wrong did I do,I have to bear all this..whether its my fault that I have born beautifull..god if you can please take my beauty and give me some peace..”
She sits down and cries..

After sometime,
Elena thinks why sona didn’t came till now..
She comes to garden..sees sona crying..comes to her..
Ele- sona..what happens..y are u crying
Son- elena(still crying)
Ele- stop crying first and please tell me what happened..
Sona tells her everything..
Ele- then r u again comparing them
Son- no no elena..i am crying thinking of my fate..
Ele- wat sona,you are very lucky the prince likes you very much..and I also saw that..do you know how angry he was when he saw me with your anklets..
Son- s elena..now that’s the problem..i am also always thinking about him..when he comes near me, I feel like I am flying..
Ele- wow sona then you are also liking him..then what ya..
Sona- s elena..i like him..i like his touch..i like his hug..everything..but think what will happen after that..
Whether anyone will accept this..and think of my family..for me my family’s self respect is more than my wish..
Ele- sona its ok but think of the prince.he loves you lot..think well and decide..
Son-(wiping her tears) I already made the decision elena and it will be good for both of us..
(she goes)

In the eveng,sona went home..
Dev gets ready to meet sona..he is very much excited..he comes down
Iswari comes there..
Dev- mom..did you meet them..
Ish- s dev..they are very good and I like the prince ranveer..and soon we have to fix the engagement..
Dev- ok mom..but wait let neha come we can decide..
Ish-ok dev..r u going somewhere
Dev- s mom..to meet my friend..
Ish- dev remember my words come soon..
Dev- ok mom..bye.

In sona’s house, sona came home
Saurav is getting ready.
Son- bro ..r u going somewhere..
Sau- s sonu.dev told yesterday that he will come and meet me in the eveng..i will go with him
Son-(thinks shall I ask bro that)bro..yesterday whether the prince was sitting near the river till that time..
Sau- don’t know sonu.may be he is..because he likes to sit there near the river..he even don’t notice time
(sona thinks that means he might have seen me yesterday)
Sau-but you know one thing sonu..he can only sit and watch he can’t go inside the river
Son- what bro..
Sau-s sonu..in our childhood one day we were playing near the river..i went inside the river he follows me..but he don’t know swimmimg..suddenly he is drowned in the river..he went deep inside..i was shocked and tried hard and saved him.. he was shivering in fear…after that he wont go inside the water..if he goes he will shiver a lot..even he wont go for swimming pool in his palace..till now that fear haven’t gone..but our bond was very strong after that only..
Sona is hearing this with eyes wide open..
Sau- sonu
Son- ha bro..i feel really sorry for the prince..
Sau- hmm sonu.
(sona thinks whether he might have came now..he will come with full hope..what I should do now..i am worried to see his face)

Dev comes to the river,he waited there for 2 hours..
He thinks y sona didn’t came till now..i can’t wait..let me go and check..he goes to sona’s house..
Saurav- hai dev..come wecan go..
Dev- hai da..but I didn’t came to meet you..where is sona?
Sona comes there..
Dev- saurav.. I am taking sona with me for some time
Sona come with me(he catches her hand)she is shocked and looks at saurav..
Saurav is looking very very shocked..
Sona –sir..leave me..i will come..(turns to saurav )bro I will come now..
(he leaves her..he goes in front and she follows him)
Saurav still seeing them in shock..

They reached the river..
Sona- sir..y r u doing this ..
Dev- y r u doing this sona..first stop calling me sir..i came here with much excitement to meet you..but y u didn’t came here..
Son- sir..
Dev- again sir..sona..now please tell me one thing whether you love me or not..i am very eager to hear you
Sona is silent..
Dev- y r u silent sona..
Son- sir this cant happen..
Dev- what cant happen..
Son- (in loud voice)sir I told your wish cant happen…I don’t love you and I cant love you anytime..
Dev is shocked..tears filled his eyes..
Dev- sona..please don’t say this ..dont lie..please don’t let me down..
Son- I am not lying sir..i really don’t love you..
Dev-sona(holds her shoulder tears running from his eyes)..no you are lying..in your eyes today I have seen the love for me..but now these eyes are full of lies..
Son-(she removes his hand) sir you may think whatever..but I think I have the right to say my wish..i have never thought of loving you and I don’t love you..
(saying this she turns back and goes..now tears are flowing from her eyes)..
Here dev is shattered..he sits down and cries..

To be continued..

Precap- ( suspense)

Thankyou for reading dears..hope you don’t like the ending part as we are devakshi fans..please send your views in commets friends..

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  1. Angel20

    So sad yaar! Can’t see them in pain?? but I know you will unite them soon! Please please please please please please post the next part soon!!!!!!

  2. Aaru

    ???? I’m feeling very bad for Dev Babu..

  3. Awesome. Plz write large episode…

  4. Manya

    Awwwwwww ??????poor DEVAKSHI post soon ?

  5. Wow nice episode superb one ???????
    Waiting for the suspense

  6. Rj12

    cmon when will they be a happy couple
    a lot of suspense?

  7. Sumi1998


  8. Awesome but yaa u r right i don’t like end as they r in pain, but its a Part of ur ff so its ok. Agar royenge nhi ya separate nhi honge to milne ya unite hone m uthna interest nhi aayega. I’m eager to know what will happen next so post soon dear nd once again awesome epi. Love u as well as ur ff ?????

  9. Sharica

    So nice?

  10. Nice episode.. End was a bit sad?

  11. omg ..suspence queen.. precap plz.
    at its point episode was amazing superb ..a bit sad for dev ..
    but I am sure that u will unite devakshi…post soon

  12. Amazing as always. The end was a bit sad??? but I really loved it. Feeling sad for Dev?? Waiting eagerly for the next part. Bigger episodes plz…. Post soon.??

    Love u and your ff???????

  13. Wow!!Its awesome….great…u wrote it very well……i feel k yhi real ”KRPKAB” Ki bhi story hoti…very nyc…??????????????????

  14. Episode was amazing sakthi☺️????. Vicky is so cheap ??. Elena and Sona friendship, loved it. Dev babu Kay sath Sona nay acha nhi kiya ?☺️. Waiting for the next

  15. Sakthi

    Thankyou so much dears…i am so happy that you love my ff.love you all..

    1. Angel20

      When will you update it?

  16. Sakthi

    Sorry dear..today i went for my license test..so i am writing and updating it late..tomorow morng u wil get it dear..very sorry for making you wait.

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