Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART) – Episode 5


Thankyou so much friends for you comments..i am happy that u like my 1st ff even my 1st story..some of you don’t like sona being a maid.sorry for that..now i am back with 5 th epi..read it soon dears..

In the eveng,after roaming around the village and talking al stories Dev and saurav comes to the beautiful river going near sona’s home.
Saurav – hey dev ..when is your marriage.surely you wil marry a beautiful princess
dev – s saurav ..and i think i have already found her(smiles)
sau – realy.who is she
dev – no da.i haven’t seen her face til now
sau – then r u telling u fal for a girl without seeing her face..how is it
dev – s it happend like that..and i also don’t know how
Sau – wow dev interesting.. Soon you have to tel me the good news
Dev – (smiles)sure saurav..ok..nw you go home .i wil go after sitting here for some more time .
Saurav – ok dev..bye.take care

dev is sitting in the banks of the river.he remembers al the incidents with sona..

At the same time in sona’s house, sona came back
bejoy – sonu
son – s pa.
Bej- y your face is dul anything happend?
Son – nothing pa.( if i tel dad he wil feel very bad and even he wil ask me not to go to work then he only has to struggle more in clearing the debts)
asha – sonu..you know 1 thing today prince dev came to our house
son – (surprisd)what..how
ash – he came wit saurav sonu.he has the same respect for elders..he didn’t see any difference
(saurav comes home)
bejoy – saurav.hw was the day with prince
sau – pa..he is my friend dev.he is only grown but not even changd a bit.
(Sona thinks every one is praising him but i only can’t understand him)
son – did you said to him about me
sau – s sonu.even he remembers you as my little sistr
son – o realy?(now nly smile came in her face)

( sona thinks now he wil keep distance from me aftr knowing i am saurav’s sis..it wil be good then)

At night,
son – ma shal i go
ash – where now
son – ma.today is ful moon day
ash – o sonu when r u going to leave this habit.i have told you it’s not safe dear.so you don’t go now
son- ma i am not going somewhere else.the river is very near our home and in night only no one wil be there.so please mom don’t spoil my little happines and it is only once in a month.
ash – ok sonu.come soon
son – ok ma(runs happily)

here in the banks of river,the river is very beautiful in the ful moon light..the air is so chill. dev haven’t went til now .he is looking at moon and stil in the thoughts of sona(he thinks i don’t have the heart to go back to palace..i want to see sona’s face.hw long i should wait..but if i go to her home now,i can see her..ya tat is good .i should go.)
he gets up then hears the anklets sound from some distance..
(this is..s it’s sona.o my god she is coming here.but for what at tis time..i have to see her but if she sees me she wil go..what to do..let me hide somewhere.).he runs from there.sona came near the river.dev hides behind a tree.sona was facing the river..

Sona – (in loud voice)wow.so beautiful..i think today the moon is more
brighter than anyday..
Dev -(tels himself)because dev is here sona.
sona untied her hair..she has a long silky hair.
Dev – wow how pretty..please sona turn back and show ur face too.
Sona walks inside the water..
Dev – o my god.where she is going at this time.whether
she is taking any wrong decision..sona tmrw i won’t do anything.come here..(he comes out)
sona goes inside water
dev – what i wil do now..
Suddenly sona comes out of water..dev again runs behind tree..now she turns back
(she is half inside water..she is like a fully wet rose..her face is glowing in the moon light..)
now dev has no words..he is just staring sona with his mouth wide open.
He thinks.’god who is she..this is not sona..she is apsaras..how beautiful she is. whether she is coming from the moon..her eyes ,her nose,her cheeks,her lips everything is killing me..nothing is more beautiful for me than you in this world.even this moon’
sona is swimming in the water..

sona -(thinks when i came here al my worries are gone my mind is very free now but y i feel like someone is looking at me)i know who is that!(in loud voice)
Dev – (comes back to senses)did she see me.no not possible
sona -(looking at moon)it is you only..you only looking at me like you r going to swallow me.
Dev – (smiles) how childish she is..sona it’s not tat moon.it’s your dev here..i want to come in front of you now itself but i don’t want to spoil your happiness..you are very bold sona and more beautiful too.
Son – (remembers dev) he is also staring me like you only eventhough he can’t see my face.what he wants i don’t know
dev – (surprisd)whether she is talking about me..i want you only sona
son – (now she talks to the river)he is hugging me like how you are hugging me..why he is doing tis?
Dev – (smiles) you dnt know va sona..it’s because i don’t want to leave u ..

(sona now thinks again his thoughts only disturbing me..i should go soon)
she comes out of water..
Dev – (gets mesmerizd by her beauty)how beautiful like a golden fish coming out of water..
(now sona walks towards her home)
dev comes behind tree.
dev – wat girl she is…taking bath in the night in this river whether she has no fear..y can’t she bring a towel..she may get cold also..wat if some one else was here in my place..he wil take her and go(he makes a worried face) but they may also think her as a beautiful mohini and run from her(now smiles naughtily)

sona came back home stands near backdoor..
Sona – ma..bring the towel and dress
asha – o sonu u wil get cold(wipes her hair with towel)
son – ma nthng wil happen to me. taking bath in river and coming like tis in chil air gives me more pleasure ..
Asha – hmm.you won’t change.come inside and wear the dress..

After some time,
some one knocks the door..
Bejoy – who is this at tis time.
Saurav – wait pa.i wil go and c
(he opens the door.there servant ramu came from palace)
saurav – who r u?
Sona sees him
son – ramu uncle.u at this time
sau – s sona.mam told tat prince went wit your brother.but he didn’t came til now.so i came to check
sau – what..but i left him near the river evening itself..he told tat he wil go aftr spending sumtime there..whether anything happend(worries) .
Dad..i wil go and check with him
bej – ok saurav.take care
(sona is shocked..she thinks o my god whether he is near the river but i don’t see him..haiyo what if he saw me ..no no it can’t be.he may went somewhere else)consoles herself.

(when saurav and ramu came near the way..dev was coming through the way thinking of sona..he is not in his senses..they see him.)
sau – dev
(no response)
sav – hey dev
dev – saurav you here..ramu uncle y u came
sau – i have to ask this.where you went.
Dev – i was just..just roaming da

sau – roaming again alone.you could have called me no..now here did you come to my home?
Dev – (tensd)haah.s da..
Sau – (laughs)Ok it’s already late.we can c tmrw.now you go home soon.
Ramu – s sir..come with me..mam is very worried
dev – wat mom..ho i don’t even know how the time went ..ok bye saurav
sau – bye da
(he went)

saurav came home
bejoy – saurav.did u find him
sau – s pa..he is so naughty.just roaming and coming again to our home..i think he met me after a long time no so he can’t go from me..
Asha – ha ha..he is so sweet
(sona thinks bro he realy came to meet you or me)

to be continued..
Precap- dev proposes sona

thankyou for reading friends..i hope you like this..please drop your suggestions in comment

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