Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 22 (last fine day)

Thanku my dear friends for supporting me daily with ur comments..i want to make u smile everytime..love u so much for u love and wait daily..here is epi 23..read it soon dears..

Continued in palace ..

In night..
It is almost time for suhraat..
Sona is getting ready..
Her dress..
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She thinks ‘y i am very nervous ..i am going to my dev..but i feel different today’
nikki and ria comes to her…
Nik – bhabi u look very glamarous..already bro is flattend ur beauty wil make him more and more mad..
(Sona smiles)
ria – s bhabi..and whether bro bought tis saree for u..
(sona again smiles)
ria – ur smile says tat it is true..so u both have planned everything for nyt..
Both laughed..
(Son shies)
nik – hei..enough ria bhabi is shying..
Son – u both are so cute..i like u very much and neha too..
Ria – o thanku bhabi..here after we are friends..lets always be like tis..
(both hugs her)

Dev is getting ready in his room..
His dress..
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He tels himself,’my dear sona when wil u come to me..i am very much excited to give u the gift..’

niki and ria brought sona to suhraat room..the room is well decorated..
Dev comes to the room..and knocks the door..
Nik and ria opend the door but standing on the way didnt let dev in..
Nik – wat u want bro..
Dev – its my suhraat..i want to see my wife dears..what r u doing here
Ria – o but we wont allow u bro..
Dev – nw u cant disturb us dears..i got the license to romance my sona..
Nik – we are also not disturbing u..u give us gift then we wil let u in..
Dev – wat gift..i dnt have anything nw dears..
Nik – thena u give ur credit card and go..
(dev gives it..)
ria – gud bro.. enjoy ur first nyt bye..
(they went smiling)

Dev comes inside..
Sona sitting in bed nervously ..
Here dev is seeing sona without taking his eyes..
He comes near her and touched her shoulder..she stands..
Dev – sona
sona – dev
dev – sona u look very beautiful and hot in tis saree..
Sona – (smiles)u only bought tis for me dev..
Dev – so wat r u going to do nw?
Son – wat u expect me to do..
Dev – sona..when i said ur anklets are beutiful for u removed it..and nw i am saying tis saree is beautiful for u..so nw..
(Sona shies and smiles..)
sona – u naughty dev..
(Dev takes her hand and kisses it..he feels her nervousness…)

dev – sona..r u nervous..
Son – ha..s dev..dnt know y..since tis is the first time for me..
Dev – sona..then r u telling i am experiencd
son – no ..no dev..first time i am going to sleep with u..
Dev – (smiles and touched her cheeks)i said simply dear..i know about u..tis is the feeling of everyone..
But today u have to remove al ur shyness..
(sona smiles)
sona I want to give u one thing..wil u come with me..
Son – where dev..
Dev – come lets go..
(he holds her hand and takes her out..he takes her out of palace..iswari comes there)
isw – dev where r going?
Dev – we wil come mom
isw – but today is ur suharaat
dev – (smiles) i am going for suharaat only..bye mom
(isw thinks what he is telling)

(dev takes sona in the car and starts the car)
sona – dev where we r going?
Dev – to ur favourite place..
Sona – my favourite place..dev r we going to river..
Dev smiles..
Son – dev but y nw..
Dev – u wil see it dear..
(sona looks at him confused)

Dev stopped the car some distance before the river..they came out of car..dev comes to sona…
Dev – sona close ur eyes..
Son – y dev
dev – please..
(Sona closd her eyes..dev takes her in his arms..)
Son – dev..wat are u doing..
dev – sona.i told u to close ur eyes..and dnt open it til iam telling u
sona – ok dev..

Dev walked with her and reached near the river..he drops sona down.
Dev – nw u open ur eyes sona..
(sona opened her eyes and widens it in suprise and keeps both her hands in her cheeks as she saw a beautiful boat house standing in the banks of the river..)
it is..



dev – tis is my small gift for my dear wife.
Son – (sona smiles holds dev’s hand)dev its..it’s amazing..
Dev – come we can go inside..
(dev takes sona and drops her inside the boat..then he also gets in)
there was silent everywhere..it was an half moon day..the river is not more dark and not more bright..only the cool breeze was filled everywhere..
Sona was standing near the edge of the boat..she didnt come out of the surprise til now..dev comes near her and holds her hand..
Dev – sona do u like it..
Son – (smiles)dev..i have no words to tel my happiness..i didnt expect tis..thanku dev..i can giv u wat dev other than me..
Dev – (smiled and cups her face) sona u r my precious gift..tis and nothing in front of u..i can do anything for ur smile sona..tis place is not only ur favourite but very close to my heart..here only i get u sona..i promise u today in front of tis nature sona i wil always keep u happy like this being ur lovable husband..
Son – (happy tears)i also promise you dev..i wil always serve u with love as ur wife til my life..
Dev – love u my dear sona..
(he kisses her forehead)
son – love u dev..
(dev kisses her cheeks..nose and lips)
(she hugs him..he too hugs her..they are hugging more and more tight with ful of love..the cool breeze also didnt allowd them to seperate)
dev moves his hand towards her hip and holds tightly and kissd her neck..sona left the hug and moves backwards..dev pulls her again towards him..
Dev – u cant escape dear..
(both looks at each other romanticaly into their eyes..)
son – (smiles)i also dnt want to escape dev..
Dev – i cant wait anymore sona..
(he took her in his arms and moves inside the boat house..)
there is only a single room in the boat..and it is..

Dev comes inside with sona and locks the door..
Son – dev tis is beautiful
dev – s sona because u are here..
Dev keeps sona in the bed..he removed her saree ..sona closes her face in shyness..
Dev then removed his kurtha and throws it..he sits near her legs..takes her feet in his arms and kissd it..
Then he moves upwards slowly and lies lightly above her and brings his face near her’s and removed her hands from her face..both are looking into each others eyes hot ..
He removed the hair in her face behind her ears..he removed the jimki in her ear and kissd the ear..sona closes her eyes..
Dev nw gently draws his finger over her face and to lips..sona bites his finger gently..
Dev soon kissed her lips and sucks it hardly..sona too kisses back deeply..
Dev rolls over and sona is lying above him stil kissing by cuping their faces..the kiss lasts for more time..
Dev now removes the thread in the back of her blouse..and he removes everything..
Sona shies..dev smiles..
Dev – u are so beautiful my dr wife..
Son – u too dev..
Both kissd again and went inside bedsheet..
They united together with lots of love..
Suharaat is over fine..

Next morning..
Both are lying closing their eyes..
Sona is keeping her head dev’s chest..
She opend her eyes..and tries to get up but dev didnt leave her..holds her in his arms.
Son – u naughty u r acting like sleeping.. Leave me
dev opend his eyes..
Dev – (smiles naughtily)ok u go dear..
Sona tries to stand..then thinks where is my dress..
Son – dev..where is my dress.
Dev – i throw it in the river..
Son – s it was covering u and i dnt like that..
Son – no dev..what wil i wear nw..u naughty..
(she beats him..and he puls her again to him smiling..sona too smiles)
dev – do u realy want to go my dr..
Son – no dev..love you
dev – love you sona
(both hugs again and …..)

After some time they returnd palace..
Every day went like tis ful of joy and happiness..
Due to their love Sona gives birth to twins little dev and little sona..
Devakshi lived happily years after together..and let us wish them happy life always friends..

The end..

Thanku for reading my dear friends..hope u al like tis..sorry friends if u felt i went over or disappointd u..u have supported me til now every day..thanku my dear friends for ur love and support..tis is my first ff and u gave me lots of encouragement for tis..i have got many friends and sisters here..love u loads..i hope i have satisfied many of ur wishes in my ff..so ending it happily..please send ur comments dears..silent friends also do comment plz since its last epi ..love u all friends and miss u..if again i got a good story i wil be back..til then bye..take care..

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  1. Rj12

    amazing ? but it shouldn’t have ended this early

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much rithika..thanks for ur support everyday..s dr i just finishd with happy ending.

  2. sakthi u ended it so soon but it was awesome so loveable:):). Devakshi suharatt in boat ha ha superb….

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku shivani dear..nan storya ipdi tan first ae decide panirunthen da..intha last epi kuda oru addition tan..thanks for liking tis dear..

  3. Aaru

    Will miss u dear..come back soon wid another story..short n sweet..

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much aaru dear.thanks for the support til now..miss u too..thanku dr..

    2. Sakthi

      love you……..

      1. Aaru

        Luv u too..23456789 infinity..

  4. Manya

    Episod was Awesomeeeeeeeeee as always ❤️❣???????????????????????❣??????❤️❤️
    But gave me a shock by ending this ????plzzzzzzz Di come back soon with another beautiful story plzzz?
    Love u loads❤️❣❣❤️❤️
    Take care ?

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much manya(ayushi) dear..u have supportd and guided me lot..thanks for ur love dr..
      I wil come back dear..
      Loads of love for u too..
      Take care dear

  5. Erina

    No no no pari u can’t do this to me….. I… I… I.. Hate …. U….. I hate my pari….. ??????????first u enter in my life as sakthi.. Then u impressed me by ur skill of writting… Then u became pari for me.. My pari for which i used to wait no matter how long but i wait just bcse i love my pari.. My pari has stolen my heart… my words… my life as i only wished to read ur ff.. I’m sorry if my words hurt u dear but today u broke my heart.. I’ll miss my pari… Very badly bcse she always maintain to bring smile on my face… Ok what i felt i have told to u sakthi. Sorry dear but i litreally cried as something of my is going very far from me thats why i told this much.
    Anyways coming to ur ff it was awesomeeeee, commendable, amazing, lovely, cuteee, mind blowing, sweet nd romantic also… I wish u achieve every thing in ur life which u want to achieve… I can’t write any more so bye pari, miss u..
    With loads of love

    1. Sakthi

      O my dear rosho ..u are not at al hurting me i only have hurted..u always made me happy but i hurted u suddenly nw i felt realy guily y i ended tis..i never got tis my love and support for my work..i got my rosho here who called me pari and stolen my heart and my love..if i stole ur words,heart and ur life i wil always stole it dear..because u r my pari..love u so much..i dnt have words to express my love.. U are almost like me..i wil always feel the same like u missing my besties..please dnt cry dear becoz my ff is ending but my love with my pari wil always be like tis..wil mis only ur comments and not u dear.so no worries..and again thanks for ur ever cute comments dear..i wish u got al happiness and love in ur life dear..bye pari..mis u but wil be with u..
      Love u loads my dear rosho..

      1. Erina

        Hey pari no not at all u hurt me. Don’t feel guilty aur sad dear. I was scared thats why i said that but now i’m fine. So don’t be upset remember i can’t see my pari sad. Chalo big me a tight hug (ya ya i know u r woundering how can u give me a hug… I want imaginery vala hug which means i love u..forever. Nd u r right u will always be with me as my first nd last pari for my whole life. Love u so much that i’m dedicating this song to u –
        “Mere dil m jo jagah khali ty…
        Dekha vaha to aaj tera chehra hai…
        Mai bhatakta hua sa badal hu…
        Jo tere aasma m aake thehra hai…. ”
        It means that d place in my heart which is vacant for many years…..
        Today when i just looked at that place ur face is their in that vacant place….
        I was roaming like a cloud….
        Which just stoped in ur sky…
        Love u a lot pari… Nd never say bye say that we will meet soon..
        With loads of love

    2. Sakthi

      Wow my dear pari..thanku so much dear..my heart gets comfort now that u r fine nw..a very very big hug with lots of love to u..and u are also my only pari dear and always u wil be in my heart and thoughts..thanku for dedicating the beautiful song dear..love u more than u love me..
      Loads of love for my dear rosho..take care..wil meet always..

    3. Sakthi

      My pari dear.. I am realy very very sorry..please forgive me..my laplap has wifi problem..but i saw ur messages in mobile..i cant reply to personal msgs through my mobile dr ..til nw tried to connect my wifi in laptop to reply u..but i cant..hope u wil read tis mesage..love u pari dear..
      Take care..
      Very very happy pooja dear..i hope ur fasting went fine..
      Love u loads rosho..

      1. Erina

        Hey u r fine thak god nd i’m happy to see u pari u know what i was wrong i have said u na that i can wait but no i can’t wait for u so long.. ??nd i’m big duffer i always use to check my msg in hope that u will msg me but never tried to see ur msg. So how many more days it will take aur how many days i have to wait… Nd yaa my fast went well but i missed u very much bcse i hoped that u will msg me nd i always check my msg in exicitment but close it with dull face. Today finally i got ur msg nd i’m happy.
        Love u my pari ????
        With loads of love to u also pari nd i’m missing u badly ??????

    4. Sakthi

      Again sorry dear for making u wait

  6. Great episode. But y u have to end this soon. Heartbroken. Will miss ur ff. Plz come up with another story for our Devakshi. Plz plz. Miss u.

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much sgatik..thanks for the love and support til nw and sorry my frnd if i hurted u..i wil mis u more than hw much u mis me..so i wil cme back surely..

  7. Amazingly Awesome.

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much ali..thanks for ur support til nw..

  8. Dhira

    Wow sizzling episode
    I am sad that you ended it What to say dear I was treat for us to read
    Thanks for the awesome and super amazing story and u way of taking is superb
    Will miss you too much dear
    Lots of love take care

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much dhira dear..thanks for ur support everyday..but dnt be sad dear..u always make me happy with ur comments..thanks for ur love and compliments dear..
      Wil mis u more than u dear..
      Loads of love for u..
      Take care dr.

  9. Amazing ff dear but should not end soo early.plzz some with another ff.??

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much princess dear..ur eagerness always encouragd me to write eagerly..wil cme back dr..thanks for the love.

  10. Madhuri

    It’s was a awesome epi. Cute ending. I urge u to write nice ff like this

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much maduri..thanks for ur compliments dear..wil surely come back dear..

  11. Yashfeen

    Heya…thr wer 2 surprises..one I jst loved n other I jst hated to d core…surprise by dev was osum bt surprise by u (last epi) ws d wrst thng for d whle week..it ws a shock fr me n nw wat vl I wait fr everyday???? I vl miss it a lot n mre thn ff I vl miss u…n ur rplies..
    Well..ur ff ws as usual osum n amazing..tat boat..u r actually Killing me wid d beauty of palace, boat n dresses…I have fallen fr ol ds..yr dy r jst lovly…n u continued impressing us wid d same naughtiness(new word invented by me especially fr u) of urs…dnt mind I vl call u nly naughty…
    Name of kids???
    Yr plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue na wid atleast a stry involving life of devakshi n kids..plzzz thnk smethng..I vl miss u n ur ff badly..u have olways fulfilled our desires n wshes plsss continue n ya dnt evn thnk u disappointed us…u have made me happy n I wnt to b happy every day so plzzzz write d continuing part

    1. Sakthi

      O my dear yashu..thanku dr. And realy very sorry for the second surprise dear..i wil be friendly with al but u are first person to ask me to be my frnd..so i want my frnd to happy always..very sory again if i hurted my dear frnd..i only wil miss u more dear.ur sweet comments,ur true words ur descriptn of my ff..i wil mis a lot..
      Thanks for loving the dresses dr and happy tat u loved the boat house..u can cal me naughty dear as u are my frnd and u have right..thanks again for ur comments dr..
      And do u want the kids name dear we can keep it yash for little dev and erina for little sona..do u like it..
      U always gave me gud suggestn so i wil surely come back dr to bring smile in ur face..thanks a lot dr for making me happy too always..
      Love u loads yashu(shal i cal u like tis)..

  12. Angel20

    What?? This is the last part! Are you seriously ending it?? No yaar! And you say it was your first ff! Really? I can’t believe at all! You wrote it so beautifully! I loved your entire story! Especially today’s episode! It was really HIGH ROMANTIC CONTENT!!????
    And all the pictures were awesome i mean the links. Sona’s saree was superb!
    Overall a very awesome, splendid ff! Loved it very much! Be back with a new ff di please?? very sad that you are ending it! Actually you ended it! Please be back with another one soon!! I’m waiting!
    Love you so much di??❤❤???????

    1. Sakthi

      Thankyou so much maria dear..and s dear..its time to endd..an its my first ff dear..even my first story that i wrote it based on my dreams……thanks for ur cute compliments dear…loved it so much..thanks for loving my story dear u….s dear it was fully romance i also worried while writing but nw happy that u liked it…
      thank u for liking the dresses dear…and i feel great with ur love dear..thankyou for the love and support..
      sorry dear if i hurted u by ending ..with all ur love i will come back again dear…u called me di and have me as ur sis..love u dear…
      love you so much my dear…TC

  13. Sakthi…..so finally u also ended ??…….u were going superb yaar……and this episode was epic…superb….and every beautiful and lovable word in dictionary ???☺️☺️??☺️???????????……and it wasn’t boring…..it was so sweet..lovable….and the suhaagraat was ??☺️????????…….and the dresses, boat, there room……everthing felt like Royal…..u achieved as a writer..??????☺️????….love u and come back soon with an awesome and superb ff……???☺️?

    Take care and I got a shock after reading that it’s the last episode but then….yes everything has to end…sooner or later….and u also finished on a happy note ??????☺️
    Loads of love ?????????

    1. Sakthi

      wow…thakyou so much maleeha dear for all the love …s dear i ended it and thanks for liking it dear…thanu very much dear for these lovable comments…i am very happy dear u liked everything…love you…u made me very great dear with ur comments…will surely come back dear for all ur love..and u also should come back..missing ur ff……
      love u dear and sorry for the shock…s dear i thought of ending it happily…nw feel relieved that u liked it………..loads of love and kisses for u dear…………take care..

  14. Yashfeen

    U need not to ask…u definitely cn call me yashu..my frns call me tat nly..I luv d names..n by saying u vl miss me mre u made my day..m really happy tat I have a frn lyk u..a sweet one..n thank u for giving me d right being a frn….bt plzzzzzzz do return back soon..I vl wait for it eagerly..

    1. Sakthi

      ok my yashu dear..i will call u like this and u can call me anything u wishh..thanks tha u loved the names…finally i am happy that i made u happy..blessd to have u as my frndddd…will come back dear..take care..

  15. Y.balamirra

    super aa irukku pa

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much balamirra..mikka nandri.

  16. Sharica

    Di will miss you and your ff very much. Anyways it was a happy ending and loved it as always. Please please return back soon with another Devakshi ff. Will be waiting di. Lots of love.

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much sharica dear..i wil miss u badly and ur comments..thanks for the support til nw dr…very happy that u loved it..s dr i know nthng other than devakshi..so i wil return only with them..
      loads of love for u tina dear..Take care.

  17. Very nice ff. You have really great skills dear. Keep writing more ff s and keep delighting us. All the best and thanks for giving us such a good story. ??????

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much dolly dear..thanks for u support everytime..sure dear i wil write more and thanku for the very cute compliments..take care dr.

  18. Awesomeee episode sakthi….u ended it so soon .. will miss ur ff sakthi… but i’m waiting for ur next ff..plz come soon with ur next story..

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much anitha dear..thanks for ur support everytime..s dr i ended it because i dnt want to drag it..thanks dr miss ur comments too..wil come back again dear..

  19. It was an awesome episode do start with a new fan fiction uh really write well…..come bavk again with a bang

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much akshita..thanks for ur encouragement dear..wil come back again with a bang…

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    1. Sakthi

      Wow nikita dear..thanku so much for ur love..i am very happy to know that u come here for me..what a lucky person i was..
      Wil come back again dear..
      Love u too..

  21. hi sakti! ths nikki.thou i wrte short comment,but ur ff was close 2 my heart:-)) v gonna miss u a lot.plz jaldi sa com back.don’t frget me.i m ur big fan prince.bye:-)) mss u a lot:-))

    1. Sakthi

      Hai nikki dear..i always loved ur short and sweet comments..thanku so much dear u filled my heart with joy by giving place for my ff in ur heart..i wil miss u more..i wnt forgot my friends dr.hw wil i forgot u..so ur name is prince dr..
      Bye ..take care dr..

  22. Erina

    Wow pari thanks for keeping my name as little sona….. U made my day…. ???????????
    Love u a lot nd i’ll miss u dear…
    So can u join me….. In krpkab Written Updates page where i can chat with u…
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    Again With loads of love [email protected]

    1. Sakthi

      Hai my pari dear..s i kept my pari’s name for little sona as i love my pari ..
      Love u so much dear..
      And thats is any seperate pg dear hw to join that..i wil read the written update but i am nt aware of joining dear..so tel me about that dear..ha ha i also said love u so many times to u..love u pari..
      Loads of love to dear rosho..take care.

      1. Erina

        Pari its very simple go to krpkab Written telly updates nd click on that nd directly scroll down their u get comments on episodes so go through that nd their u can comment on epi aur talk to other also nd m to….
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    2. Sakthi

      o yes pari dear i wil be just reading it and didnt commentd til nw..but today i wil see u there my dear rosho..

      1. Erina

        Ok we will meet soon love u

    3. Sakthi

      Love u too pari.

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    Ur ff was just amazing…..I am short of words for ur awesome ff?
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    With Lots And Lots Of Love,

    1. Sakthi

      Hai niki dear..sory for making u sad dear..please forgive me..thanku so much for ur love and support til nw dear..actualy what i thought i have done dr and didnt want to dragg it so ended it dear..
      Thanks to god that i got this my love from u all..
      I wil surely come back dear after some time..and only with devakshi..
      Loads of love for u too dear..
      Take care..

  24. And this episode was one of the best????Superb!!!

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku very much niki dear..thanks for ur support daily..

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    Lots of love❤❤❤❤❤❤…♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much sakshi dear..thanks for al ur love to my ff..surely i wi come back dear..
      Til then mis u dr.
      Loads of love for u dear.

  26. Dear badly missing ur ff plzz comeback soon..??

    1. Sakthi

      Hai princess dear..wil come back soon..dnt feel bad dear.

  27. vimal sanjana

    Wow super ma.. Oru valiya subham … Santhosam… Oru episode kooda bore adikala .. Super …
    Very good writer u r…
    Thanq for giving us a wonderful story dear…
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    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much dear..
      Rmba santhosama iruku ungaluku rmba pidicirukunu..inimelum bore ethum adika kudathunu tan mudicen dr..unga paratuku mikka nandri..en mudal eluthai rasithatharku nandri..kandipa varven alagana kadhaiyodu..
      Thanks a lot dr.

  28. Erika

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee but this is not fair at all pl. dont end it anyways i will miss u and your ff dear u write soo well miss u lots of hugs and love to u

    1. Sakthi

      Wow thanku so much erika dear ..always u have supportd me with ur comments.thanks for ur love dear.and sorry dr for ending..and again thanks for ur cute compliments dear..miss u too..lots of hugs with more love for u dear.

  29. Erika

    your most welcome dear

    1. Sakthi

      thankyou dear

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