Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 22 (Devakshi marriage)

Thanku my dear friends for al ur lovable comments and support..i am happy that al of u are happy ..so happily writing tis..here is epi 22..read it soon dears..

Continued in palace..
Its the day of devakshi marriage..and friends we are going to attend it..
Here the hall in palace where marg takes place..



The day starts with haldi ceremony..
Dev,sona,ranveer,neha are brought to the hall..
Dev’s dress


sona’s dress


They were made to sit between the screens..So poor dev cant see sona..the family members applied haldi in their faces..[*friends u decide whether u want to apply haldi on sona’s or dev’s face* ]
Iswari also applied haldi in sona’s face..
Isw – i am also like ur mom nw..so i wil also apply it..
Son – (smiles)sure aunty..
Dev takes the screen nicely and sees sona sitting in the other side..
Dev – (silently)sona.
Sona – dev
dev – ummah
sona smiles..
Niki and ria sees tis..
Nik – see ria..they r romancing behind screens
ria – ha niki..let them romance..we can leave them nw..
(both smiled)

The bride and grooms were taken to the respective rooms..
They were getting ready for the marriage..
Dev wears the dress..


He thinks ’tis was the day i waited for..i am getting my sona today as my wife..god thanku for giving sona to me..’
He cals someone and tells ‘have u arrangd everything’
They said ‘yes’
dev – ok then..when i come there it should be perfect..
He keeps the phone..he thinks sona dear today i wil give u the surprise gift..i hope u wil like it..
Iswari comes there..seeing dev she gets happy tears..
Isw – dev..i am so happy to see u in bridal dress..
Dev – thanku mom..bless me..
(he falls in her feet..she gets him up..he hugged her)

In sona’s room,
sona is getting ready in the bridal lehenga..elena is helping her..
Her dress.


Ele – sona u are very beautiful as a bride..while seeing u every man wil think of getting a girl like u..
Son – (smiles)thanks elena..but i only want to be beautiful in my dev’s eyes..
Ele – o ok dear..i wish you a very happy married life with prince..
Son – thanks elena(both hugged and smiled)
ele – ok sona..i wil come nw
(she goes)

sona sees herself in the mirror..she smiles and thinks..’am i realy that much beautiful..’
she remembers dev’s words,’u even dnt know hw beautiful u are’ she smiles..
‘god finaly u made my big wish come true..i am getting my dev today and gave him to me..dev ..wow the word itself freezes my heart..hw madly he is loving me..wat i wil do for his love i dnt know..but i wil always show him my love til my life’..

Bej,ash,saurav comes there..
They are happy to see sona..
She falls in their feet..
Sau – my little sis sonu has grown tis much..
(sona smiles)
Bej – sonu u have faced so many hardships frm ur childhood for our family..but here after u wil lead a happy life..
Son – no pa.i never thought like that..u have grown up me with so much love so that i never cared of anything.
Ash – sonu..we are very blessd to have u as our daughter..
(she kissd her forehead..
iswari comes there..)
isw – wil u give me permissin to see my bahu..
Bej – ha..come iswariji..y asking permision..
(Iswari gets happy seeing sona)
isw – wow..hw much beautiful my bahu is..wat a great a mistake i have tried to do to loss a diamond like you…i am very happy nw dear..
Sona- (smiles)thanku aunty..
Isw – ok dear..dev wil be waiting come soon..
(she smiled and went)

In the hall wedding ceremony starts..everyone are excited to see the prince and princess wedding..
There were two seperate mandaps..
Dev and ranveer came to the mandaps..
Then sona and neha are brought there by niki and ria..
Sona comes to the mandap bowing her head..
Dev looks at sona without closing his eyes… ‘my sona is so beautiful looks like a godess today’..
Sona sits near dev in the mandap..lighty turns and sees dev and smiles.. Dev too..
Dev – (whispers in her ears)
‘sona today i am the luckiest person in the world to get a wife like you’
son – (whispers)no i am the luckiest dev..
Both smiles..

Pandit asks dev to take the mangalsutra..
Dev wears the mangalsutra in sona’s neck..sona’s eyes filled with happy tears..
Then dev keeps the kumkum in sona’s forehead..both looks at each other and smiles..
Dev tells..’i wil keep tis everyday for u’..
Next they exchanged the garlands..
Then While rounding the agni..sona lightly slips dev holds her..he smiles at her..and suddenly takes her in his arms..sona is surprisd..everyone too..
Son – dev
Dev – sona..i am going to carry u in my heart till my life..and tis is to show my love..
(sona smiles..he rounds the agni carrying sona..everyone smiled and showerd flowers on them..)
alternatively neha and ranveer’s wedding also happened..
The bride and grooms got blessings from the elders..everyone’s heart is filled with happiness..thus marriage completed pleasantly..

After al the rituals..Now it is time for sending neha..neha left in tears with ranveer..here everyone sends her in happy tears..

Bej,ash,saurav comes out..
Bej – ok iswariji..we are also going..u are sending ur daughter but we are leaving our daughter here in safe hands..and we are happily going..
(sona cries nw hugging them)
dev – no need uncle..u dnt want to go..sona wil be very if u also be with us.
Isw – s..nw we are al same family so please u stay with us.
Sau – aunty,dev u are asking with big heart..but it is my duty nw to serve mom and dad ..they have struggled lot to make me study..so i thought of taking them to mumbai and keep them happily with me ..please dnt mistake me..
Dev – no saurav..ur wish is great..every son have to do tis..u take them.(he hugs him)
Sau – thanku dev..i wnt worry of sonu at anytime as she is with u..
Ash – we are leaving sonu..u should always be responsible in protecting the respect of tis palace..
Son- ok ma(in tears)..i wil always keep ur words..
Ish – u dnt worry asha ji i wil take care of our sona..u take care.
(they left with happy tears..sona stands and sees them going..dev comes to her..wipes her tears and hugs her)
Son – dev..tis is the first time i am leaving them..
Dev – i know it dear hw much u wil miss them..i wont stop u..u can cry as much u can lying in me..i wil give u comfort..and hereafter i wil be everything for u..
Son – (hugs him emotionaly)love you dev..
Dev – love you sona(kisses her forehead)

to be continued..

Precap – suharaat and dev’s surprise gift to sona.

Thanku for reading dears..i have tried my best to do devakshi marg..hope u al wil like it..please send ur views in comments friends..

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  1. Sharica

    It was so cute and so nice. Loved it di?

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much sharica dear..very happy that u loved it.

  2. Awesome episode dear….???

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  3. Very nicely written. Simple yet so perfect. Thanks for writing this ff. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow.

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      Thanku so much sgatik..thanks for ur encouragement daily..also thanku for the wait.

  4. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee as always and yeah we exchange the garlands first then the rounds and then mangalsutra and vermillion but it’s okay Di u didn’t knew it but u tried ur best ???
    And yeah I guess the people who were not happy with devakshi’s wedding yesterday it would be a relieve for all ???❤️??????????❣❤️??
    Post soon eagerly waiting love u ❤️?

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much manya dear for ur support..sorry dear for the mistake and thanks for forgiving me…
      S dr i wil be very happy if everyone got relieft with tis..thanks for ur love dear..
      Just wait for tmrw..
      Love u too dear.

  5. Rj12

    omg!!!!??????????????????amazing as always

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  6. Angel20

    Wow! Finally Devakshi are married now! Eagerly waiting for the suhagrat!!???

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    Yay.. Devakshi married☺

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  9. Superb……everything…from the dresses to the wedding….to the bidai…..and everything all?????☺️??????????☺️????……suhagraat???…and surprise gift????☺️?…….I’m waiting…and ya one thing I can’t believe on ishwari being so good

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much maleeha dear..haiya u like the dresses..thanks dear..s dr i hope it wil be good surprise..
      Ha ha even i cant believe that iswari in my ff dear.

  10. Awesome epii….finally devakshii are married…post ASAP….

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much manya dear..s i want them to romance freely so married them..just wait tmrw dear.

  11. Erina

    Yeh pari finally i have stolen some moment to read ur ff nd what to say it was mind blowing, fantastic, awesome, lovely, commendable nd heart touchiii too. Yaa their r little bit of mistake in rituals but its ok. U made so much effort for this. I’m impressed dear with ur writting skill?????. I have now on words to describe what u nd ur ff means to m as u have stolen my words too…. ?????
    Again with loads of love
    @ Erina

    1. Sakthi

      Wow my pari dear..happy to see u..r u enjoying the festive..thanks for ur cute and lovable comments dear..
      Thanks for forgiving me..thanks for ur understanding and compliments dear..u have stolen my heart with ur comments..
      Loads of love for u rosho..

      1. Erina

        One i forget to tell u that i’m from dulhan side so i would love to apply haldi to my sona as i’m big vali fan of her (thats why i put this name erina =erica +sona)….. I love dev also but not more that sona ?????nd thankque to u also dear as for d first u called me ur pari… I thought that u r only my pari but i didn’t thought that i’ll be also pari for someone… ??????
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      Love u rosho

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  12. Hi Rithika It was really awesome marriage loved it bcoz sona and dev were happy through out the epi.Thank u for giving tiz loveable epi.Are u from tamil.

  13. Hi shakthiIt was really awesome marriage loved it bcoz sona and dev were happy through out the epi.Thank u for giving tiz loveable epi.Are u from tamil.

    1. Sakthi

      Hai shivani..thanku so much for ur comments..s dear i want them to be happy always..thanks for ur love dr..s dr i am tamil..and u?

  14. sorry shakthi i hav wrongly mentioned ur name.

  15. Hi shakthi sry i hav mentioned ur name wrongly.

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      No problem dear.thanks for commenting..are u tamil dr

  16. Yashfeen

    Woooooooooooow….wat an epi..amazing, osum, beautiful…d palace..OMG,OMG,OMG wat a palace..m in luv wid d palace..n dresses wer as olways fantabulous..I guess u have gr8 sense of dressing..n ya m from devs side to apply haldi..shaheer fan u c…yr sch a drastic change in ishwari..sb badia tha yr…waiting fr suhagarat..I knw thr vl b a blast…n shaheer’s surprise gift….I hope it shud b as per d expectations..

    1. Sakthi

      Wow..thanku so much for the comments dear that makes me happy..thanks for liking the palace and dresses dear..u wil also get everything in ur life dr..dnt know dr whether i have good dressing sense but i want devakshi to be best always..me too shaheer side with u..ha ha let tat iswari dnt disturb devakshi..s dr just wait for tmrw.,and i hope i wnt disappoint u.

      1. Yashfeen

        Ohhh…so sweet..u r wishing ol dese thngs fr me too..luv u yr…luv u soooooooo mch..n ya v 2 vl apply haldi to our hero..
        U knw wat, I feel tat, may ds cn hurt some ppl too bt ystrday sona ws nt luking as stunning as she usually luks…she ws luking dam gud in neha’s marriage n even hr engagement wid rithwickk….may b she had so many thngs to wear tat wud b d reason..n sry guys if u feel bad..

    2. Sakthi

      Love you tooo dear..
      Its ok dear if u dnt like the dress but its their tradition so we can accept it..

  17. Love your ff.i was silent reader but i cant from comment today.i love your choice for sona and dev marriage dress yours choice was better than tv drama of them..

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much nur amy for commenting..thanks for ur love..wow i am very happy that u liked the dresses..and thanks for the compliment..

  18. Dhira

    What to say it’s amazing superb mind blowing
    U did so much to full fill our wishes dear I loved it to the core
    ????????? DevShi married ?????
    U r really fantastic write I wish u would be in serial writing team

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much dhira dear..i am so happy dear i got recognizatn for my efforts..o my dear u r making me great..thanku for ur love dear..

  19. Amazingly Awesome
    Again a superb epi

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      Thanku so much ali..its al because of ur encouragement in every epi..

  20. ya ma iam tamil.:):)

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      So sweet..entha uru ungaluku

    2. vimal sanjana

      Ahaa.. Inga tamil la chatting… Wow… Nanum tamil… Shakthi and shivani…

      1. Sakthi

        Wow really..rmba santhosam neraya tamil irukinga..

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    I hope u will continue like this and…
    Today episode is also very amazingggg ??waiting for next

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much nikita dear..
      S dear here after iswari wil be like tis..thanks for the comments dear..

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    Love u rosho

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    1. Sakthi

      Wow my erika dear..thanku so much dear….love u dear for loving the dresses…and ur cute compliments always make me happy..i have updated it for you dear..
      Love u loads..

  25. Cute episode ????

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      Thanku so much dolly dear..

  26. vimal sanjana

    Azhaga oru marge mudinchu..dev and sonna dress super…. Super pa episode… And neenga tamil la oru story start pannalame… Tamil frnds kaga…
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    Write soon
    all the best

    1. Sakthi

      Mikka nandri ungal alagana paratuku..ungala epdi kupda..unga encouragement kum thanks..try panren..erkanave ungalukukaga update paniten..thanku..

  27. Plzz post the next episode plzz.

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      I have already updated dear..dnt know when it wil be postd..

      1. Ok.Thanks

  28. Angel20

    I’m so sorry for the late comment! Please forgive me! The marriage was awesome!! Finally everything is fine! Loved the episode very much! And sorry again! Waiting for the next part!!

    1. Sakthi

      No need for sorry maria dear.. thanku for the comments dr..happy that u liked it..i have already uploaded next in afternun but nt yet postd dr.

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      Hai shivani..i am from kanyakumari..

  30. Erika

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  31. Erika

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