Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 21


Thanku my dear friends..lots of love for ur support and encouragement..u are also guiding me in writing tis..thanku so much..love you all..tis is epi 21..nw we are again going into devakshi wedding celebrations..so read it soon dears..

Continued in palace,
it is the day of sangeet,mehandi..
In the eveng..
Palace is filled with guests..[friends we are the main guests there] Ranveer’s family came first with heavy bands and music..
After some time sona’s family also came in..

Sona’s dress
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Iswari and dev welcome both family..iswari does aarathi to them.
Dev’s dress
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Iswari introduces sona to ranveer’s family..
Natasha thinks what is more special in tis girl than me..tat dev didnt even look at me but going to marry tis maid..
Both sona and dev are looking at each other without taking eyes..

Natasha comes to sona..
Nat – hai sona
son – (smiles)hai
nat – today i should be there in ur place but al changd
son – sorry ..but dev and me love each other
nat – that only i am wondering hw he liked a maid like you..wat u have done to attract him than me..
(Dev comes to them.)
dev – she has done nothing natasha..she dnt even know to talk like u..she is very simple innocent..so only i was attractd to her and loved her…and one more she was not a maid nw she is the princess of the palace..so give her respect and also remember she was not less in anything than u..
(he holds sona’s hand)
come sona.lets’s go
(they went.natasha stands shockd)
son – y u said like that dev..she may be upset
dev – my dear sona stop worrying for everyone..let her loss some headweight..
U look so stunning in tis saree
Son – (smiled)thanku dev..u too more handsome.

Iswari came to centre of hall.
‘thanku everyone for coming to this wedding function..i am glad to introduce both the pairs..my son prince dev and princess sona and next is my daughter princess neha and prince ranveer.. (they came front)..now lets start the sangeet..’
The sangeet ceremony starts,
first ranveer and neha danced..
Then dev and sona started dancing for kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi..nw everyone started dancing..
dev and sona danced romanticaly..dev pulls sona towards him..they forgot everything looking into each other’s eyes..he holds sona’s face romanticaly and kissd her forehead..everyone laughd and clapped..now they both came to senses..sona shies and dev smiles..
The sangeet ceremony is over fine..

Next is dinner..
There were around 500 dishes..every one is enjoying the dinner..
Dev comes to sona..
Dev – sona y u are not eating.
Son – dev..seeing tis much dishes makes my stomach full.wat to eat.
dev – sona dear u have to eat something..come lets eat(he takes a plate..and puts some chapati and side dish and gave one to her)
eat dear..
Son – r u not eating..
Dev – u eat first sona..
(he takes a smal piece and gives in her mouth..sona smiles ..she also feeds him back..dev smiles..they were eating like tis..)
dev – u want one more
son – enough dev..plz
(Nikki and ria comes there..)
Nik – wow wow wow..wat a care..ria have u ever seen a pair like tis..
Ria – no nikki..they are romancing each other,worrying for each other,caring each other..wat a love..
Nik – ha ria..nt only bro bhabi is also very romantic..
(sona shies and smiles)
dev – dears again u came to disturb us..there neha and ranveer is there u can also disturb them..
Nik- we didnt came to disturb..we are taking bhabi from u to get ready for mehandi fuction..bye bro.
(they smiled and takes sona with them)

sona and neha gets ready for mehandi function..
Sona’s dress..


Mehandi function starts..sona and neha is sitting in the middle..many young girls are around them smiling..elena was putting mehandi in sona’s hands..she jokes at sona..
Dev came there and sighting sona..sona smiles..
Nik – bro tis is gals functn..u have no work here..
Dev – i came to check the arrangements..
Nikki – bhabi..see my bro following u everywhere..like cat following milk.
Ria – s bhabi..and today u are staying here..u carefuly lock the door and sleep..
(they laughd..both dev and sona smiles)

Next is pooja..
Everyone gathered for the pooja..
Al the rituals are performed..
Isw – nw the pooja is over..so here after the bride and groom should nt meet..nw u al can go to ur rooms and take rest..
(everyone went to the room alotted to them in the palace..nikki takes sona to the room..) niki – bhabi u take rest ..if u need anything cal me..gud nyt.
Son – thanks nikki..gud nyt.

Sona came inside..she sees the mehandi and dev’s name written in it..she kisses his name and smiles..she remembered the romantic dance with dev..
‘haiyo..i am feeling embrassd..everyone was seeing us but we didnt notice anyone..i felt like lost me completely in dev..i forgot and kept the phone in home itself..dev may cal me..wat to do ‘

dev in his room walking here and there,’wat is tis its my marriage but i cant spend time with sona..nw i cant even see her eventhough she is staying here,no i want to meet sona nwitself..’

(he came out nicely from the room and goes to sona’s room hiding behind the walls)
he knocks the door..
Sona opens it..
Son – dev u..y u came..go from here..we shouldnt meet nw..
(she tries to close the door but dev catch it)
Dev – sona with hw much love i came to meet you but you are closing the door like tis..
(he came inside and locks the door)
Son – o dev..please go..someone wil come.
dev – no one wil come dear..tis is the last day i am going to spend with u being ur lover..
Son – wat
dev – s tmrw i wil be ur husband sona.
(sona smiles)
i came here to give u a gift..
(he takes the diamond bangles from the pocket and gives to her)
son – tis bangles..
Dev – wil u accept tis bangles nw sona..
Son – (smiles)sure dev
dev – thanku sona..everytime i see tis it reminded me of ur rejectn..i have been waiting for tis day to give u this.
Son – thanku dev..
(Dev wears the bangles in sona’s hand)
dev -love you sona
son – love u dev.
dev – nw wont u giv a return gift sona
son – (smiles)i know wat u want.
(she gives a kiss in dev’s cheeks)
dev – (smiles) tis is not enough..i want more..
Son – dev..just wait til tmrw..i wil give more.nw plz go
dev – no i cant(he holds her hip and pulls her towards him and locks her in his arms..)
Son – dev..wat r u gng to do nw.
Dev – y r u afraid sona..i wnt do much ..dnt worry dear..
(Sona is looking into his eyes..
dev brings his face near her face and kisd her lips..it was a very hot kiss..sona is lost and closing her eyes)
suddenly someone knocks the door..they came to senses and seperate..
Son – dev..what we wil do nw..i told first itself..u go and hide somewhere.
Dev – ha sona
(he went and hides behind a cupboard..sona opens the door..iswari comes)
son – aunty
isw – sona..i saw light in ur room..so only i came..y u didnt sleep til nw..
Son – aunty since its a new place i am not geting sleep..
Isw – ok dear.u lie down..u have to get early tmrw..
(she moves and suddenly sees dev’s kurtha lightly seen near cupboard..she smiles)
isw – dev beta.wat r u doing here..
(dev comes out..sona bows down in shyness)
dev – mom..tat i just came here to take clothes from cupboard..
Isw – at tis time..come here..(she holds his ears..)i know u my son..i told u no u cant see each other..allow her to sleep for sometime..nw go to ur room)
ish – u sleep dear..lock door and dnt open if he comes again..
(she drags him out by holding ears)
sona laughs..

To be continued..

Precap – devakshi marriage

thanku for reading friends..hope u like this..forgive me if any mistakes..please send ur views in comments dears..

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  1. Pleasant episode. Cute romantic scenes. Wanting wanting more. Waiting for tomorrow.

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much sgatik..happy that u liked tis..i am also giving more and more..

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    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much dear..i am also waiting eagerly for the marriage dear..s dr i thought of teaching natasha a lesson..happy that u liked it..
      Take care dr..

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      Thanku so much princess dear..loved ur compliments..me too love dev sona loads.

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  6. Angel20

    Awww such a cute and romantic episode?? just awesome!! Dev Sona’s romance is too much now!!?? over dose!! Their dance and kiss??
    Post the next part soon!!
    Love you loads❤❤

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      Thanku so much maria dear..s dear i even started writing more romanticaly thinking of them..thanku for liking tis dr..
      Love u loads.
      Just wait for tmrw dr.

  7. Rj12

    amazing ff dresses were also amazing

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      Thanku so much rithika dr..thanks tat u liked the dresses.

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      wowwwwwww…my dear rosho….thankyouu so much..u are coming daily with ur lovable comments..ha ha s dear our dev caught finally….thanks to u dear..u also guided me in my writing..thans for ur love dear…i am sooooo happy when i make u happy…love you dear…
      thanks again dear…ur comments are making my writing good dear…
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      1. Erina

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      2. Sakthi

        Ok rosho dear u enjoy the festive..u can read it later. Wil be always waiting for ur comment..

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    1. Sakthi

      thankyou so much shalini for ur first comment…ha ha s dear romance is coming automatically when thinking about devakshi…so i am adding more kisses…and s in the serial no kisses but i hope to see it soon…awww u make me feel great with ur compliments..thanks dear for the love towards my ff..

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        I have uploaded it night but TU didn’t post it

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      Hai dear..everything going fine ..hw r u..thanku so much for ur cute comments dear..love you too..thanku for liking the dresses dr..ha ha s dr dev caught finaly..surely i wil make ur hope fine dear..thanks for believing me dr..and thanks for the wait too..

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      Wow thanku so much devna..loved ur comments..thanks for the compliments too..u make me feel great dr..s wil accept ur request..thanks a lot

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