Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 20( part 1)


Hai my dear friends..i feel very guilty i cant keep up my words due to some pblms..very sorry friends for not updating yesterday..nw i am back with my regular update..thanku my dears for commenting and encouraging me ..love you all..and friends i hope i wil satisfy al ur wishes in tis epi..no more wait ..tis epi 20 is in 2 parts..please read it soon dears..

Continued in palace..
Dev went to iswari’s room
dev – mom

isw – ha(came out of her thoughts)..dev
Dev – (came and sit near her) mom..i am sorry if u feel i hurt u..i would have beared everything that u have done to me but when u made saurav suffer i cant even control my anger mom as he was also like you who gave me my life..i felt like i have lost my mom and talking with a cruel lady(tears in his eyes).. mom we are very rich in money but they are very rich in love..u always thought of giving me best but never thought of my wish..al wil say that i was born with silver spoon..s mom i ate with silver spoon only..i longed to eat with ur hands when i saw asha aunty feeding saurav..my dressing ,my food,my studies everything u gave me best but not my wish mom..and i have acceptd everything for ur wish and sacrificed my wishes mom as i thought my mom is best in giving best..but now sona is not a wish mom..she is my soul and how i wil live without her..
(tears in iswari’s eyes)

mom..u also have hurted sona very much with ur words..she didnt came to me mom..she has more self respect..i only went behind her mom..even i made plans to get her mine but al tis because i fal for her, i love her..i love her so much..and then she also loved me..but u made her respect lost and send her out of house and i have done this to show the pride of sona..she is the DIL and pride of our house..i dnt want anyone to talk irrelevant about her..i want to make her proud in front of everyone and gained her respect back..

Mom..sona askd me nothing til nw but today she askd me just a peaceful life after marg..it wil only happen if you accept her but i dnt know it wil happen or not..and i dnt want both of you to be hurtd so i thought of taking her to london with me after marg and i hope seperatn wil make everything fine ..in future ur anger may reduce so that i can come back to my mom..i dnt know when it wil happen.nw i am leaving mom..
Again sorry mom if i hurt you..
(he left with tears)..

(here iswari is filed with more tears..every word of dev beats her heart..she cried more thinking his words ‘i lost my mom and saw a cruel lady’…she cried the whole nyt.. realised al her wrong doings..tears in her eyes are now pure and al her anger,vengence,proud are get lost in that)

In sona’s home,she thinks whether dev talked to his mom..y he didnt caled me..
sona called dev..dev sitting sadly here takes the phone..
Son – dev
dev – hai sona
son – y u sound like this..
dev – nothing sona..
Son – any pblm dev..did u talk to mom
dev – hmm.s sona

son – wat u said?
Dev – sory sona.i have made a decision without ur permission hope u wil accept it
son – anything for u dev but wat is it
dev – thanku sona..i wil tel to u tomorow in detail
son – ok dev..love you
dev – love you sona..
(both smiled)

Next morning,
iswari came to dev’s room..
Dev – mom
isw – gud mrng dev..come get ready and come soon we have to go to my DIL’s house..
Dev – what
isw – i am telling u cant u take me to ur sona’s house
(dev is surprisd..smile spread in his face)
dev – mom i cant believe this..u said my sona ur DIL
Isw – s dev..sona is my DIL
Dev – mom (hugs her)..thanku mom..
Isw – i am sorry dev..i hurted u and sona very much..i made u suffer more..u r correct dev i was being a very cruel lady in these days..sorry dev…please take me to sona’s home.i want to see her soon..

Dev – mom.sorry i didnt mean that
isw – no dev..u didnt do anything wrong..do to my proud i nly have done wrong things..plz forgive me dev..
Dev – mom..please dnt ask this..i am so happy that u changd..love you mom
Isw – thanku dev..love you too..come soon..
Dev – ok mom.
(Dev thinks shal i inform sona..no not nw let it be a surprise for her)

radha comes iswari..
Rad – iswari my son has done everything for you..but see his condition nw..he is admitted in hospital ..doctor said hereaftr he cant even stand in his legs..what i wil do nw.
Isw – i am very sorry radha..i have realised my mistakes..
And dnt wory i wil take care of his medical expenses but u have to send him out of tis village..
Rad – tis is nt fair iswari..where he wil go..
Isw – no radha..i dnt want sona to trouble anymore because of him..if you want u also can go wit him..

(radha is shockd)
rad – isw that sona mesmerizd u also..
Isw – (shouts)no more words about the bahu of tis house..u can go.
(she went)

iswari along with family went to sona’s home..

In sona’s house,
dev knocks the door..
Bej opens it..he is surprisd to iswari with dev..
Dev – hai uncle..
Bej – ha..hai dev..
Isw – shal i come inside..
Bej – s welcome
(sona, asha and saurav also surprisd..dev smiles at sona and blinked his eyes..)
(isw comes to sona and holds her both hands)
isw – sona..i am very sorry..i realised al my mistakes..plz forgive me..
Son – mam..what r u saying..dnt ask me tis..
Isw – (tears)please sona u have a big heart but tel me u forgive me..
If u want i wil fal in ur feet.

Son – no ..no mam..dnt do tis..i forgive u
isw – thanku sona..i am very sory i thought very bad about u and hurt u wit harsh words..but yesterday ur words made me think of you..hw good u are..i felt shame even in this age i dnt have tis maturity..my son also made me realise hw worthy u are to him..here after i dnt want to seperate my son’s happiness from him and his happiness lies in only you…you wil also bring happines in our home..so like u accept my son can you accept me also as your mother in law..
Son – (happy tears with smile)aunty..i already accepted u like my mom when i startd loving dev..
Isw – (cups her face) if u realy accept me cal me as mom..
Son – ok mom..
Isw – thanku sona(hugs her emotionaly and kisses her forehead )..
Everyone has happy tears in eyes..dev is very very happy..
Isw comes to saurav..

Isw – saurav sona forgive me..but i know u cant forgive me as i was very cruel to u..so please(she bends and fals in his feet)
Sau – aunty please ..dev always see my mom as his mom and me also like that only see u like my mom..so please dnt make me seperate..
Isw – saurav..u al r very good here and i only didnt understood ur pure heart..
Sau – aunty..we r happy nw tat u understand us..so no more tears..
Bej – s iswari ji..we forgot everything.
Asha – s iswari ji.. no more worries please..leave al tis
Isw – thanku for al ur kindness..i feel very blessd nw..
(everyone smiled)
neha – mom thanku u made everything fine nw..we are very happy..we are realy lucky to have sona as our SIL
isw – not me neha..dev only made everything fine..
(sona looks at dev and thanks with her eyes..he smiles)
isw – ok..tmrw u al should come with us.

Bej -where
isw – we al are going for wedding purchase..
Ash – ok iswari ji..but y we
isw – nw u are also my family.so hw i wil leave u and go
bej – ok isw ji..we wil come
isw – (smiles) thanku..please come to our home tmrw..
Ash – ok iswariji..
Isw – ok..nw we are leaving..
(sees dev’s face)
dev dnt worry u can be here…
(al smiled)

al left leaving dev..dev come and hold sona’s hand..
Dev – uncle i am taking my princess..
Bej – (smiles) ok dev..
They came out and sat in the car..
Dev – sona dear..i am so happy..
Son – dev..i cant express my happiness..i want to shout..omg i cant believe mom acceptd me..i am getting goose bumps..
Dev Can u please take me there.
(She shows a mountain in distance..)
Dev – there
son – s there..
Dev – ok dear..
Son – dev..hw u made tis possible.
Dev – only with the power of our love sona..
Son – o dev..u didnt tel me anything
dev – just a small surprise sona.
Son – no its very big dev..

But U told me tat u have decided smething..
Dev – s sona..i have decided to go for our honeymoon in london..
Son – what in london
dev – y sona
son – no..i not even went out of tis village..hw i wil cme to london..
Dev – o my dear..u are more shy but after marriage u wil become mine..so i wil remove al ur shyness..
(sona smiled)
(they reached the top hill of the mountain..sona holds dev’s hand)..

Son – come dev..
(she takes him to the tip of the mountain)..
Dev – (looking at the depth)sona it seems like suicide point..y we came here..
Son – because today i am the most happiest person in the world..i want to show u that..
(she came to tip)
son – (shouts)i love you dev..
(the words are echoed again and again in the mountain)
Dev – (surprisd and smiled.. then shoutd) i love u sona(echoed)
(sona smiled..dev continued)
dev – i am marrying sona
son – i am marrying dev
dev – sona is my life
son – dev is my soul
(both shouting again and again in joy)
dev – (shouts)sona wil kiss me now..
Son – (closes his mouth with hand)..dnt shout dev some one wil know it..
Dev – (smiles) wow sona.. then r u really kissing me..
Son – s dev.. (suddenly she catches his collar with both hands and pulls his face towards her’s..and kissed his lips,it’s a very deep kiss, dev is shockd standing stil)
son – (smiles)how is it
dev – ha..so sweet..please give me once more sona
son – no..its enough nw

Dev – ok then i wil giv.
(he pulls her nw towards him and repeats the same kiss..sona too ..)
then they hugged and smiled..
Dev – (shouts)sona..i wil kiss u everyday..
Son – (shouts)me too dev
dev – (smiles)hw u learnd to kiss like tis
son – its from you.
(both laughd)
dev – love you sona
son – love you dev.
(they spend some more time there and went home)

To be continued..

Thanku for reading my dear friends..i am realy very sorry again for making you wait..u askd that u want some more cute moments between devakshi before marg..so i have added few more..the part 2 of tis epi is coming dears.read that too..please send your views in comments dears.

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