Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART) – Episode 2


Thankyou friends for your encouraging comments. Here i am back with 2nd episode.
Sona rushes to the palace..she wears a simple pink kurtha.her look is like a beautiful village girl..while she runs there was unique sound arises which was from the silver anklet she wears.It looks pretty in her legs..she came through the back door and reaches the kitchen there ishwari is already shouting.
Sona-(covering her face with dupatta)excuse me mam. Sorry for being late
Ish- what sorry.where you have went til now
sona-sorry mam.today my brother is coming after finishng his studies.i waited to see him but he didn’t came yet so..

Ish- oh ho.:>your brother is a king and you are a princess so you waited in your big palace to welcome him.tomorow your brother wil also come here to work as a servant and why he needs to study.you better understand you are a maid.don’t you know the prince is coming today who wil do the works here. this is the last warning for you here after if you came late you wil be fired.Don’t stand here go and make halwa for the prince
Sona- (stands shocked.tears filled her eyes;(;() ok mam.i wil do it now
ishwari went.
Elena- hey sona.dont cry .tis is not a new thing.daily she is treating us like this
sona-no elena.she can scold me whatever but she is insulting my family.what to do.it’s my fate to hear this

elena-ok ya.leave it and make the halwa else she wil come again
sona-hmm(wipes her tears)
elena-sona today the prince is coming.i wonder how he wil be.every one is excited to see him and me too .i heard that he is very handsome
sona- Hmm.wat excitement.remember whether he is handsome or not we are only servants .
Elena-ok ok i remember.:( let’s do our work
In front of the palace car arrives.
Elena- hey sona.come lets go and see
sona- no i am not coming i have work. you go and see.(inside her heart she wants to see)
Elena- ok (she goes)
A handsome young man comes out of the car.he wears black coat suit .its our hero dev..al are happy to see him.he comes towards iswari and hugs her
ish- how r u my son.very happy to see you
dev- i am fine mom.hw r u.
Neka,nikki,ria runs towards him
dev-(hugs them)how r u my dear sisters.missed you lot
nikki-we r fine bro.misd u too.
Ish-come on dev.come inside
dev- mom nothing changd everything is same in the palace.
Radharani- hw r u dev?

Dev- i am fine aunty
Al sits in sofa
vicky- bro i thought u wil bring some london girls with you but i feel disappointd when you came single in the airport
ish- vicky! dev is not like you.i am there to choose the best girl for my prince.
Dev- s mom your wish is mine.
Elena comes to sona.
Elena-(in loud voice)wow wat a man he is.
Sona- keep quiet some one wil hear.he is the prince
elena- s we can’t go near him.but atleast we can sight;D
sona- not we.you
ish calls sona.sona runs from kitchen to hall
dev sees her legs hearing her anklets sound.his eye glanced from toe to face (but the face is covered so he can’t see our beautiful sona)

ish- bring halwa for the prince
sona- s mam(again runs to kitchen)
dev smiles seeing her.
Dev-mom til now this rule is followed the maids should cover their faces
ish- s dev. A rule is always a rule.we have to follow tis customs of our elders and tat is the way to treat the maids.
Dev- hmm.k k mom.cool
sona brings halwa.gives to everyone.while giving to dev she sees his face .she thinks elena is correct.the prince is very handsome.dev again sees her feet.
Sona stands by the side.
Dev- mom.very tasty halwa.i think you made it specially for me with more love .i wil gift you the bangles which i brought for neha.(smirks at neha)
(on hearing this a smile appears in sona’s face)
neha- ha ha bro.it is made by this maid sona.she is best in cooking.now wil you gift the bangles to her.
Ish- neha! (gives her a look.neha shuts her mouth and dev smiles) Dev you go to your room and refresh if you need halwa or anything cal via the intercom to kitchen..
Dev- ok mom
After a while in dev’s room..neha,nikki,ria are there
ria- bro now we can talk freely.how is selena?
Dev- who is selena
nikki- bro you told on phone tat u r with your girl friend selena
dev-ha ha.whether i told selena or femina

nikki- wat bro.do you have so many girl friends?
Dev- s nikki. Al gals i know are my friends.so girl friends.
Neha- bro not that any lover .we thought u r a romeo by seeing your appearance but waste .
Dev- s neha.i am a romeo but i haven’t found my juliet yet..i wish to see a girl for whom i want to die.then i wil show her to you
ria-o bro.you r talking romantic.but find her soon
dev- ok dears.
Nikki – ok bro.now give us the gifts you have brought.it has been 13 years of seperation.so show your love for sisters .give it soon
dev take a bag and giv to them.ishwari comes .
Ishwari- dev where is mine.
Nikki- ok we will see u later bro(they went)

dev- mom.i have kept it seperate for u
he goes to the cupboard and takes a box ful of diamond bangles.he opens the box and without knowing ishwari takes 2 bangles seperately and kept it aside.then he gives the box to her.
Ish-dev.wat is all this.i don’t wear tis much in this age
dev- mom you are always pretty queen of this palace and it’s my love for you mom
Ish-love you dev..at any time did you feel sad that i have send you to london for studies.dev- mom.i always know that you will do the best for me..so don’t ask this
ish-thankyou dev..ok you take rest dev.i am going
dev- ok mom
(after ish went dev takes the 2 bangles and smiles)

to be continued..

precap – dev holds sona’s hand

Thankyou for reading friends.hope you like it.please send your views in comments.

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  1. Aaru

    So, Dev will give those bangles to Sona ..but seeing same bangles Ishwari or GKB can accuse Sona of theft too..

  2. Wow superb episode
    #dev’s new avatar wow
    Waiting for next part ???

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  5. Tmhre ff se mjhe ek cuteee vali ff ki yaad aa rhi h hope so ki tmhra ff vaisa hi ho jaisa mai imagine kr rhi hu ?any way i’m wishing ki tmhra y ff mind blowing ho but plzzz jyada time mat lena update krne m

  6. Angel20

    Wow!!! It was amazing!! Lived it!! Please post the next part soon!!

  7. Manya

    Awesome ?

  8. Sakthi

    Thankyou so much dears for your lovable comments..but sorry dear i don’t know hindi..i want to understand your comments.please comment in english

  9. Awesome. Very much excited for next episode.

  10. Sakthi

    S aaru.1 st point is correct but different next.wait for next epi dear

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    It was awesome pls post next asap

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    Thankyou friend..i wil post soon

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