Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART) – Episode 3


Thankyou so much friends for the lovable comments.here is the 3rd episode..read it soon friends.

Continued In palace,
In the kitchen,
elena- hey sona did you see the prince.how is he
sona- hmm ya.he is nice
elena-wat just nice.i think you don’t have good eyes
sona- elena stop talking and concentrate on the curry.
(now sona thinks dev’s words and smile)the phone rings.
sona takes the phone.it’s dev’s call
dev – hello i am dev
sona- hello sir do you need anything
dev – s .i need the halwa which i ate in morning and ask sona to bring it.
Sona- sir.i am sona.i wil bring it soon
dev- ok sona.i am waiting
sona keeps the phone
elena- who cals
sona- the prince.he needs halwa
elena – wow.now i wil go and giv it please
sona – but he asked me to bring it
elena- (surprisd)what he knows your name.how
sona – don’t know.may be in the morning he noticed
elena – o ok ok.then you go.

(sona brings halwa .when she goes upstairs someone holds her hand from behind.sona turns shocked.it’s vicky)
vicky – hey sona dear..what is this
sona- sir please leave my hand.this is halwa for the prince
vicky – then you won’t give it to me dear.i want to see your beautiful face can you remove your veil once.
Sona -sir. No
vicky -if you feel shy then come to my room(he came closer and tries to remove the veil)
sona – sir no.please leave me
(suddenly radharani calls vicky.he leaves sona)
radharani- hey sona you can go
(sona rushes upstairs)
radha- vicky.wat r u doing.
Vic- mom.i was just asking her to bring halwa
rad- i know you vicky.i already told you to keep these nasty things outside the palace.what wil happen if that ish or dev sees.don’t do something here and spoil our life.we have no other place to go..
Vicky – s mom.sorry i won’t do again(vicky thinks soon you wil be mine sona dear)
rad -ok.go to your room(she thinks vicky is always behind tis girl i have to do something)

(sona came to dev’s room)
sona – excuse me sir
dev – s.come in
(dev is wearing only a towel)
sona turns backs shocked
dev- hey. Wat happens .O i am sorry.i forgot it’s our country.just now i finishd bathing.
See how weird i can’t see your face but you can see me fully. 😛
sona -sir.. 🙁
Dev – just joking ya.atleast i am wearing towel no then wat shy…now you can turn back.i have worn the dress
sona- sorry sir.here is the halwa
dev- thankyou. your halwa is very tasty.in my childhood my mom wil make this with same taste for me.
Son- thankyou sir.shal i go.do you need anything else
dev- hey wait ya.why r you always in running mode.i want to say one thing those anklets are very beautiful in your legs
son -(shies)
dev takes the bangles from cupboard.
Dev- sona.this is for you.take it
sona- sir wat is this.for what
dev – sona.i always do what my heart says.i liked your halwa and this is my gift for the hands which made this
sona – sorry sir.i don’t need this(tries to leave)
dev holds her hand from back.she turns shockd
sona-sir.leave my hand
dev- i wil leave only if you take this(smilingly)
sona- sir.i am already getting enough salaray for my work and i no need this(saying this she takes her hand with force and leaves the room without turning back)
dev stands surprised.
He thinks.what a girl she is..i haven’t seen a girl like her..she is the 1st one who rejectd my gift..many girls wil roam around me where ever i go..but she is the only girl whose face i wan’t to see atleast once..i don’t know why.

(sona comes to kitchen)
elena – hey sona.why r u sweating a lot.anything happend
sona – (angrily)nothing elena.everybody are same in this palace.whether it’s tat bledy vicky or tat prince.both r holding a girls hand without her permision.they are thinking maids as their own property.they can do anything
elena-sona.wat happened.i think you r mistaken him.don’t compare them
sona – no ya.i can know everyone from their face.
elen-i think there is some misunderstanding.ok leave it

(In the evening sona came back home)
saurav already present there
sona gets happy seeing him.she hugs him
sona- hw r u bro?
Saurav- i am fine sonu.hw r u
bejoy-sonu. Why r you very late today?
Sona- today so much work pa and you don’t know the prince came from london
saurav – what ? r u telling about dev?
Sona- do you know him?
Saurav -s sonu. we were childhood friends..he was a very nice person.
Sona – really?
saurav- s sonu. may be you don’t remember him.you are small.we always roam together in the village but his mom is very strict.she don’t like the prince being close with me.she thinks us only servants.after that she send him to londom at the age 13 itself.do you know he cried a lot at that age..after that we don’t have contact.but i wonder how he will be now.
(sona on hearing this feels sorry for dev.she thinks may be i only misunderstood him.but what if he changed now)
what r u thinking sonu?
Sona- nothng bro.may be he changed now
saurav- i don’t think so.he wil surely come to meet me.

At night, sona sleeps in the cot remembers today’s incidents.she thinks why i can’t sleep today.she closes her eyes.dev came in front of her dancing with towel.she wakes suddenly.
(talks to herself)O my god why i am thinking about him.this is not good..sleep sona sleep.

In palace, dev too can’t sleep..he hears the anklets sound everywhere..what is happening to me.i am feeling desperate to see her.i don’t know what is special in her but i lost my heart in her anklets at the 1st moment itself..tmrw somehow i have to see her face.

to be continued..

Precap-dev came to sona’s house

thankyou for reading friends.hope you like it..please send your views in comments.(sorry friends i don’t know hindi.so plz comment in english)

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