Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 13

Thankyou so much my dear friends..and very sorry dears i hurt some of you..but friends there wil be more struggles in real love and the true lovers wil face it..and i thought of doing tis with devakshi in my ff..and forgive me once again …so now here is epi 13..read it soon dears..


Dev going with sona to her home in car..dev driving and sona sitting near him..after going sometime.
Son – dev..stop the car..
(dev stops the car near roadside)
Son – r u angry with me..
Dev – no.no sona for what..u have a big heart..but i am not like you..and i am angry with only me for not protecting you..(he punched his hand in steering wheel)
son – no dev..its not ur mistake..please be calm..
Dev – my mind would have been relaxd if atleast he was dead..
Son – dev..leave it
dev – i am realy feeling guilty sona i should have known about tis..y u didnt tel me about this earlier..
Son – sorry dev..i should have told you but i thought he is like brother to you and after knowing our relation there wont be any problem from him.
Dev – no sona..from childhood itself i thought him like that only but now he is the only enemy for me..
But sona please tel me whatever pblm you have..
Sona – ok dev ..
(she lies in his shoulder..dev puts his hand behind her and hold her)and thanks dev
Dev – for what
son – for saving my pride today…u even talkd to ur mom about my respect..
Dev – sona its my duty..ur pride is mine
Son – s dev..and i also would have died at that second itself if some bad happend and i become impure..
Dev – sona dont talk stupid..i wont let anything happen to you and do you thought if anything happend wrong i may leave you..you believe me that much only sona..the external pleasure wil not last long sona..i am in ur soul and u r in my soul..and that is always pure..
(sona’s tears filed in tears)
Son – sorry dev..its not that i didnt believe you..i belong to only you..i cant tolerate anyone touching me other than you..
dev – please dont cry sona..(wiped her tears and hugs her)..i only should say sorry..
Now i dont even have the courage to face uncle and aunty..how i wil tel them that i didnt took care of you..
Son – dev..please dont say tis to ma and pa..they wil be very much worried.
Dev – but sona
son – plz dev..i dont want them to be hurtd..i wil tel them something
(dev looks at her )
son – what dev?
Dev – you care for everyone at tis situatn also..i also didnt thought of tis.
Son – (smiles)now my naughty dev is becoming more emotional.(sligtly pinches his nose).
Dev – ha..when my silent sona becomes tis much naughty(he pinches her nose and again hugs her)..love you sona(he kisser her forehead)
son – love you too..
(both smiles)

they reachd sona’s home..
Dev carries her inside..
Ash – what happend?(wit shock)
son – nothing ma ..i just slips down in steps and fals..
(dev looks at her)
bej – y sonu..cant u walk properly..
Dev – uncle dont scold sona..she didnt do..
(sona stops him in between)
son – ok dev..leave me..i can walk…giving a hero pose to ma and pa while carrying me..(she smiles)
bej – ha ha..ok dev.take her to the room.
(dev places sona in the cot in her room)
son – ok dev.u go now
dev – y i wil be here..i dont have heart to go..i want to be with u..
Son – u go dev..everyone wil wait for u..i am alright now..
Dev – sona please.
Son – go dev..c u later.
dev – ok sona..keep this(he gives her a mobile)..
Son – dev..there is mobile in my home..u take urs.
Dev – but u dont have ur own no..and tis i for you..u should keep tis always with you..i have saved my number..i wil cal you and should also cal me if any problm comes..ok
son -ok dev..
Dev – ok Sona..u take rest..no need to come for work tmrw..i wil cme and see you..take care dear..
(kissed in forehead)
Son – ok dev bye..
(he went)

Dev came back to palace..
Ish – dev..whether sona is alright.
Dev -s mom
ish – r u angry with me dev..i hope u understand me..i have even send vicky out
dev – ok mom..
(he went)
(ish thinks r u angry with me dev for that maid..let you be angry but u cant get her)
radha comes..
Rad – iswari what r u going to do?
Isw – radha..tis reminds me of my young age.do you remember i was also a maid..rajveer the prince of tis palace loved me and married me..but i loved his money more than him.. i become the queen of tis palace..i am lucky that his parents are already died otherwise they might opposd me..and now dev being rajveer’s blood is same like him..he wont obey my words..he wil think of marrying sona..but i am alive and i wont let that happen..
Rad – but how iswari..
Isw – that u wil see soon..and did u send vicky to guest house.
Rad – s iswari..
Isw – let him be there til neha’s engagemt..dont ask him to come out.
Rad – ok iswari..

At night,
dev was holding sona’s saree and lying in bed..he called sona..
Dev – helo sona..r u ok
son – s dev..what r u doing..
Dev – i am thinking of you and holding your saree..
Son – (smiles)not fair dev..u should giv my saree back
dev – no i wont giv.
Son – ok..then i wont give ur coat..
Dev – u keep it dear..so r u wearing my coat til now..and hugging my coat and sleeping.
Son – no its only hugging me
dev – it would be nice.if i was inside that coat..
Son – u naughty..go and sleep.
Dev – wait sona..i love you
son – how much time u tel me.
Dev – i wil tel u til my life time..
Son – ha ha..love you too dev
..gud nyt
dev – gud nyt sona
(both smiled)

Next morning,
Sona didnt come to work as dev said.
Next day is neha’s engagement and everyone is busy..
Dev also went to city for some arrangements and inviting guests..iswari only voluntarily send him for al works..

Here in sona’s house..she is alright today..she thinks y dev didnt come til now..may be he is busy..

Dev came in eveng to palace..he bought some gift for sona..
(he thinks i have to see sona some how..)
ish – ha dev..u came.. What is that?
Dev – nothing mom.i wil go out and come..
Ish – where r u going dev..you have to be here now..
Dev – but mom..i wil see sona and come..
(Ish is shockd but didnt show it)
ish – dev..she wil be alright ..i wil send someone to ask about her.
Dev – mom..she is saurav’s sister..do you remember he saved my life..we have to take care of her..i wil come soon mom..
(he went without waiting for her reply)
ish fumes in anger..

To be continued..

Precap – neha’s engagement.

Thankyou for reading dears..hope you like it..please send your views(positive or negative) in comments friends..it means to me lot..once again thankyou.


  1. Erina

    Awesome as always nd i also asked question to my self that how much time i’ll say u that i love u and ur ff too nd answer is same which dev give to sona. Love u for giving me such a awesome vala ff 😘😘😘😘😍😍😘nd post soon exiciteddddddddd nd equally exiciteddddddddd to

  2. Princess

    Awesome ff dear but very much tension was there in my mind. What new problem will came in dev sona life. And how they will face it one request dear bring 100 of problem but keep devsona together. Together they will face any problems.

  3. yashfeen

    Its very nyc..bt plzzz make ds ff diff frm others by making love win over power at every single step and nt jst in d end..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Sgatik

    Love this ff. Dev listens to his heart than his mom. Lovely conversation between Devaskhi. Waiting for tomorrow episode.

  5. yashfeen

    N ya as princess said , let problems be thr 100,1000 or even mre bt keep them together n thr trust stiff on eo lyk mountain n plzzz smash ol evil acts of ishwarI…it vl b fun reading ishwari fuming…

  6. |Registered Member

    Superb πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’˜πŸ’– sakthi ❀️😍……..ishwari was also a maid πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that part gave peace to my heartπŸ˜œπŸ˜‹……seriously loved it..πŸ’˜πŸ’–β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜˜

  7. Angel20


    |Registered Member

    Superb mindblowing!! Awesome!!
    Dev sona are so cute!!😘😘😘
    This ishwari is getting on my nerves now😀😀
    Post the next part soon!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  8. |Registered Member

    Hey sakthi its me @erina so finally i have registered my self so don’t be confused bcse i’m registered With @rosho my real name (in short) u can call me erina also if u wish

  9. Erina


    |Registered Member

    Hey i have get my old name erina from tu as many of my friends know me by erina only. So if u like u can call me. Nd u r d one whom i have informed 😘😘😘😘😍😍

  10. Erina


    |Registered Member

    Yeh sakthi i mentioned ki most of frnd know me by erina but i love when u call me rosho as u said its cuteee so for u i’m rosho nd for rest erina 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

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