Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 11

Thankyou so much dears your single comment makes me very happy…love you all..and silent readers also please comment friends..ok now wait is over ..here is epi 11..read it soon dears..

Continued in palace..
Everyone sits in hall..
Neha comes with ria and nikki..she was well dresed
Ranveer looks at her.neha too..both smile..
Ran -aunty if you dont mind..shal i talk to neha alone..
Ish – sure ranveer..neha take ranver to ur room..

(both went)
Natasha was siting in front of dev and staring at him without taking her eyes..dev feels uncomfortable..iswari notices this..
Sona brings coffee and gives to everyone..dev stares at her..iswari sees this and fumes..
Ish – sona.you can go..
(she went)
Nat – aunty..actualy i dont like villages..but after coming here i like this home and everyone here..(she again stares at dev)
Ish- o realy..i also like you..
After sometime, neha comes with ranveer..
Ran’s mom – ranveer shal we fix the engagement..
Ran – s mom.i already like neha.now i just askd her wish(neha smiles)
Ish- so happy ranveer..i wil fix and tel the engagemt date to you …
Ran’s dad – fine then..you can make the arrangements..
Ish – s sure..
Ran’s dad – ok..we r moving..
Ish – ok then..
Ran -ok aunty bye..bye dev and bye neha(smiles)
natasha comes to dev..
Nat – dev..you are handsome..
Dev – ha.thanks
nat – tis is my number(gives a card)..cal me..bye dev..
Dev – bye (thinks irritating)
(they went)

Ish – dev..you go and meet the pandit and fix the date..
Dev – ok mom..(he went)

Now ish comes to kitchen,
ish – sona
son -s mam..do u need anything.
Ish – do u need anything..

Son -mam
ish – i mean..whether the salary you are geting is enough or you need more
son – no mam..
Ish – if you need money ask me..dont try to get it by sumthing else ok.i hope you understand
(she tels in anger and went)
(sona thinks she is angry with me by seeing me with dev)

In evening,
Sona came back home..
Sau – sonu..come come..one gud news..
Son – wat bro
sau – i have got a job in mumbai..so tomorow i should go..
Son – wow..congrats bro..
Sau – soon al our sufferings wil go sonu
son -s bro..but wil mis you
sau – mis you too..

In the river,
sona comes there..dev didnt came yet..she was waiting.
(She thinks y he didnt came til now..whether i should tel him what his mom said..but he wil feel then..)
After sometime dev comes running there..
Sona is sitting in thoughts..
Dev comes and hugs her from behind..
Sona – o dev..i was afraid
dev – sona..who else wil touch you other than me..
(he lies near her and keeps his head in her lap)
Son – y r u late..i thought you went behind tat princess.(laughs)
dev – what?
Son – s..she is beautiful no..and she was always looking at you
Dev – o sona..plz dont talk about her..she is irritating..and remember you are the only beautiful girl for me..and i cant look at anyone other than you..
Son – dev..suppose if i was not beautiful you would not have liked me no..
Dev – hey sona..when i fal for you i havent seen your face..its not the beauty matters..its here in my heart the bond is made..it feels for you whenever i saw you,it tells me that you are born for me and to take you myself soon..and sona our relation is already decided by god in heaven not by us..
(sona smiles)
Son – dev..ur words are making me fal for you again and again.
dev – sona ur smile makes me forgot everything i can do anything for this..
Son – o realy..(again smiles)
dev- sona daily i am seeing you in my dreams and did you see me..what i did in dreams(smiles naughtily)
son – (lightly slaps in his cheeks)i dont have naughty dreams like you..my dreams are so sweet..in my dreams we are married..we have 2 children..1 naughty boy like you and 1 cute girl like me..
Dev – wow sona..u r fast than me..marg,children and in between the first night also..
Son – u u naughty dev(beats him in his chest lightly)i am not like u..
Dev – (laughs) but y r u kanjoos sona.only 2 children..i want 10 children like u..
Son – o my god..

Dev – y u wont giv me..
Son – ha ha..i wil giv as ur wish dev now tel me when r u going to say about us to ur mom..what she might thought today
Dev – sory sona..believe me just wait for 3 days soon after neha’s engagment i wil tel mom..
Son – wow realy..love you dev(kisses his forehead)
dev – love you too sona.. and tis is not enough give me more..
Son – no tis is enough for you..

I wil give more when you tel to ur mom..
Dev – (murmers again kanjoos see what i do) haa..(shouts and keeps his hand in his eyes)
son – what happens dev
dev – something fals in my eyes sona..
Son – let me see dev..
(she brings her lips near his eyes .suddenly dev cups her face and kissed in her lips..he didnt leave her for some time)..
Sona tried hard and left him..
Dev – so sweet.. (smiles)how is it sona..
Son – u lovable idiot..(smiles and hugs him)
(they spend some more sweet time there and left to sona’s home)

in sona home,
sau – hai dev
dev – hai da..sona told that u r going to mumbai tmrw..i am happy that u got job but wil mis you da..
sau – ha ha dev… realy wil you mis me..sona is here only..i am only going..
Dev – saurav..
Sau – just joking da..and dev please look after my sister..she is very innocent
dev – (smiles)u no need to tel me tat saurav..she is mine and i wil take care of her..and uncle and aunt also..

(sona smiles)
Sau – (hugs him)thankyou dev..c u then.
Dev – ok da.bye
sau – bye da..
Dev – bye sona(smiles)
son – bye dev

dev came to palace,
ish – dev where you went.did you c the pandit..
Dev – s mom..he told to fix the engagement within 3 days..today is 17 ..we can do it on 20..so that we can do the arrangements..
Ish -(smiles )then ok dev..i wil inform ranveers family..
Dev -ok mom..gud nyt
(he went)

Next morning,
sona comes to work..
Elena didnt came for work today..
Ish sees sona and comes to dev’s room..here dev waiting for sona
Ish – dev
dev – gud mrng mom.
Ish – r u waiting for someone..
Dev – no..no mom
ish – ok get ready and come down..today we are going for shopping for engagement and you also come with us..
Dev – hmm.ok mom
(dev thinks..today i cant spend time with sona)

Aftersome time,
Every one comes to hall..
(Vicky thinks today everyone wil go and i wont get a chance like this..i have to use tis..he smiles)
Vic – aunty my stomach is paining..so i cant come i wil stay here..
Ish – ok vicky..then you take care..
(radha looks at him in doubt)
ish cals sona..
She comes.dev looks at her and smiles.
Ish – sona. we are going out so you can go home…
Son – ok mam..
Ish – come lets go..
(they went in car)

(vicky thinks o this ish sending sona what i wil do now)
sona came out..
Vicky comes to her..
Vic – sona wait..
Son – what sir?
Vic – here some old books are there keep it in store room and go..
Son – sir but
vic – go sona.
(she takes the book and went hesitantly)

sona goes inside to store room.
Vicky locks her from outside and laughs..

To be continued…

No precap..

Thankyou for reading dears..hope you like it..forgive me today also no precap..please send your views in comments friends it means to me lot..

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  1. Dhira

    Scary ??????
    Episode was amazing
    Waiting for your next episode

    1. Sakthi

      Thankyou so much dhira for your first comment..

      1. Dhira

        As I was waiting badly – devsfan
        U know right
        Episode was amazing
        Vicky I hate him even more
        I don’t want to imagine anything so post soon

    2. Sakthi

      Thankyou for the wait dhira..let everything be fine..

  2. Awesome.Eagerly waiting for ur ff only. Thanks for upgrading it everyday

    1. Sorry for the word it’s updating not upgrading

      1. Sakthi

        Thanyou for the wait ali..i wil try to update daily like this

  3. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee Yaa I want Dev to beat that Vicky very badly ??????????????❤️?

    1. Sakthi

      Thankyou manya..may ur wish come true

  4. Rj12

    awesome:);) but the last part that dum vicky locks her was really bad
    Make dev come to open her fast

    1. Sakthi

      Thankyou rithika..and sorry for the end.

  5. I was waiting for four ff since morning yaar! Such a nice episode?? killed me in suspense???. Post the next one soon. Eagerly waiting??

    1. Sakthi

      Thankyou so much dolly..and sorry for making you wait..i updated only in afternun

  6. Nhi yaar aise……..aise suspense main na chora karo….???….episode was awesome and fabulous ?☺️??☺️???….Vicky u k***……just seriously hate u……Dev aakar bacha Layna apni Sona ko…??

    1. Sakthi

      Thankyou so much maleeha..
      Actualy when i hate a character,i wil make them as bad as possible..one among them is vicky

  7. ammazing …really cant praise ur talent dear ….supppprbb jst lyk u…/…post nxt soon eagrly waitng for that

    1. Sakthi

      Thankyou so much for your compliment ibtesam..plz wait for tomorow

  8. Awesome sakthi. Again nd again not only sona falling for dev even i’m also falling for u. Muhhhhhh for such a lovely epi but i’m little bit scared to thinking about that cheepo vicky, whats in his mind. Hope for d best nd yaa post soon dear bcse i’m scared nd i want to know whats next epi coming for us

    1. Sakthi

      Thanku so much erina for ur cute comment..and tat vicky nothing more than cheap things only in his mind..please wait for tomorow dr.

  9. Aaru

    Superb episode..but ye Vicky, Radha Rani n Ishwari ke liye mere muh se gaaliyan nikal rhi h..

    1. Sakthi

      Thankyou so much aaru..plz wait for tomorow..

  10. oh no what will happen next,eagrily wating for next..and yeaaah the episod is amzaing

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      Thankyou so much nida..please wait for tmrw

  11. Omg wts gonna happen? ? ? Update soon. Hey awesome episode. Like ur writing.

    1. Sakthi

      Thankyou so much sgatik..wil update today

  12. Sharica

    Guessing what will happen next. Nice epi?

    1. Sakthi

      Thankyou so much sharica

  13. awesome! waiting fr nxt episode)

    1. Sakthi

      Thankyou nikki..wil update today

  14. Nice. Plz don’t do any thing wrong with sona

    1. Sakthi

      Thankyou princess.. Wil accept ur request

  15. Erika

    i agree with princess pl. dont do anything bad with sona and the epi was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and 1 more thing i wont b able to comment for a week dear sakthi as i m going out of station but from 27th or 28th i would b back again so sorry in advance

    1. Sakthi

      Thankyou so much erika..i have uploaded the next your request..
      And no problem dear wil wait for you and ur comment..take care..

  16. Angel20

    Awww it was so cute yaar??
    So adorable! I’m so sorry for the late comment! Actually my exams are going on so I was busy with studies… That’s why couldn’t comment! And nothing should happen to Sona pls…???
    I wanted to know are you studying?? Or doing job?? Please tell me very eager to know and from where are you?
    And please update it soon!
    And sorry once again!
    Love you??

    1. Sakthi

      Thankyou so much maria..h also expectd your comment..but its ok dear concentrate on your exams..al the best.
      About me i have completd my studies..you are little sisters and brothers for me..i am from tamilnadu..and tel me about your region too dr…
      I have updated next epi..

      1. Angel20

        Ohh so you are from Tamil nadu! I’m from Mumbai.. And I’m now in 11th STD…
        Ohh thank you so much for updating?? sakthi di.. If you don’t mind me calling you di?

    2. Sakthi

      Thankyou dear..you can cal me sakthi di..love you too.

  17. Sakthi

    Thankyou so much maria..i also expectd ur comment..and its ok dear concentrate on ur exams..al the best..
    About me i have completd my studies..here most of ur are little sisters and brothers for me..i am frm tamilnadu..
    Tel me about ur region too dr..
    I have updatd next..

  18. NagaraniPandiyan

    Interesting i am waiting for next one, i think, i am the person to comment in last everyday…

    1. Sakthi

      Thankyou so much sis..first or last ur comment is worthy.

      1. NagaraniPandiyan

        thank you sis…..

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