Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (YOU STOLE MY HEART)- Episode 10


Thankyou so much friends…after reading your comments i feel like i want to write even more better..i am trying my level best dears..now i am back with epi 10..read it soon dears..

In palace,same night
dev went to neha’s room..
Ria and nikki was also there…
Dev – hai dears.
Nikki – hai bro..have you finishd your roaming.
Dev – s dr..and neha i am so happy for you..
Neh -thankyou bro
dev – did you realy like ranveer neha
(neha shies)
dev – o ok k.my sweet sistr is shying.so we can fix the marriage.
Ria – s bro.. she fals by seeing a single photo..
dev – ria..a photo is more than enough to fall..even the sound of anklets can make you fall in love
nik – wow bro..it seems like you have already fal for someone..
Neha – s bro..we also noticed that u r with ful of excitement everytime..what is the mater.
Dev – s dears…you are right..i have seen my princess..
Nikki – (with surprise)bro in this village..who is that?tel about her?
Dev – nikki..she is the girl for whom i wish to die..she showd me wat love is..and she is my sweet sona..
ria – sona
nikki – bro.r u talking about the girl working here..
Dev – s nikki..and i am so happy today that she too loves me..
(al r surprisd)
ria – bro..hw tis happens..we cant believe..you fal for a village girl
dev – ria.she may be a vilage girl but for me she is the most beautiful girl in tis world..
Nikki -s bro..she is very beautiful..
Ria – she wil also cook nicely..
Neh – bro..we r very happy for you..i know sona from childhood..she is a sweet girl..and anyone wil surely fal for her..
Ria – ha bro.we al like her..
Niki – s bro..we accept her as our sister in law.
(they al smile)
dev – thanku so much dears.love you .(.he hugs them)..
Neha -ok bro gud nyt..
Nikki -sweet dreams with sona.
Dev – ha ha.gud nyt dears.
(he went)
(neha thinks bro i was happy but at the same time worried for you..i dont know how mom wil react to this)

dev went and lies in bed..
He remembes how sona cried and told that she love him. He tels himself ‘thank god i cant forgot tis day in my life..today you gave me my dear sona and i wil always keep her safe and protect her and i wil make her happy everytime’
he smiles then..

Here in sona’s house..
Sona was lying in cot.she remembers al the incidents.., ‘o my god my heart is blushing i cant control it..today the prince become my dev..wow it gives me so much pleasure when calling him dev..’
(she remember how she bites him and laughs loud)
asha sleeping down..hears her..
Ash – sona what happens
son -no nothing mom(she smiles and closes her head with bedsheet)
(asha smiles and thinks,’god keep my daughter happy like tis always)

Next morning in palace,
sona comes to work..she wears a white color saree with golden border…
Elena – hai sona..you are very shining today..what happend yesterday eveng..
(sona smiles and tels her everything)
ele -wow sona. I am so happy for you..(hugs her).finaly you made a good decision
son – thanku elena..
Ele – now i understand y the prince gets ready in the morning itself..he already called more than 10 times in half an hour and askd about you
son – ha realy..(smiles)
ele – s.now take tis cofee and go soon..
Son – ok..

(sona comes to dev’s room.room is open..dev is not there..she came inside and looks around..kept the cofe in table..)
she thinks where he went..
Ok let me go..
Suddenly dev comes from the back of the door and closes the door, locks it and takes the key..
Sona looks shockd..
Son – dev
(he comes near her and removes her veil)
dev – wow sona you are stunning looking like an angel today..
Son – dev..what r u doing?why you lockd the door..
Dev – do you want to go?
Son – s..open it..what if mam or someone comes..
Dev – then come and open it if you can..he puts the key inside his pant pocket..
(dev is wearing a black pant and white shirt)
son – dev..dont play.give it to me.
Dev – i wont..if you want take it..(smiles naughtily)
son- dev..y r u doing this..
Dev – to take revenge my dear..
Son – what?
Dev – dont you remember what happend yesterday?..you bite me and run..
Son – so
dev – so..i am going to giv it back..
Son – no dev..
Dev – and i have a habit when anyone gives me sumthing i wil return it to them in double..
Son – no dev..please.
(she moves backward..and dev moves towards her smiling..suddenly she fals on the bed..she tries to stand but dev fals over her and locks her in the bed)
son – plz dont do anything dev..leave me..
Dev brings his lips near to her face..she feels his breathe..
It was hot..looking at her with lot of love in his eyes..
Son – no dev..no
dev – sona only your mouth is teling no but ur eyes are asking me ‘come dev,come to me’..so how i wil leave you..
(he kisses her forehead, then kissd her eyes,then her nose, then cheeks )
sona was speechless..
Dev brought his lips towards her lips..kisses it..sona too kisses now..after deeply kissing for sometime he bits her lips gently..
Sona now comes to senses and takes her lips.
Son – dev
dev – i am not done sona
Son -dev tis is not fair..i bite only in ur cheeks but u are biting in lips
dev – no u bite in lips
son – dev dont lie..
Dev – no u bite me strong in my lips in dreams..see stil now its paining (smiles again naughtily)..
son – u naughty dev..u r a bad boy
dev – but u like tis bad boy no..
Son – s..but see what i wil do now..
(she pushes him and he fals by side..she moves over him now)
dev – wow sona .do whatever.i am ready..
(she brings her face towards towards his face..he forgets everything and stares at her..sona uses tis chance and nicely takes the key from dev’s pocket..she gets up)
dev -sona tis is cheating.
Son – u only first do cheating..bye bye naughty boy.
Dev – sona dont go(he catches her hand)
(she pushes him again in the bed and runs laughing towards the door)
she opens the door quickly and gets shockd..there iswari is standing..
(sona suddenly puts her veil)
Ish- sona what is happening here(with anger)
son – mam..
(dev comes behind sona)
ish – dev..what r u doing?
Dev – (shockd)mom..nothing..suddenly the door locks and we r trying to open it..
Ish – hmm.ok sona go..
(sona goes)
ish – dev..come down soon..ranveer’s family wil come now
dev – ok mom
(he went inside)

(iswari coming downstairs thinks dev u r trying to say lies beautifuly to your mother itself)..
Radha comes there..
Rad – iswari..i have seen everything..nd tis not new daily tis is happening.
Ish – what? (shocks)
rad – s iswari..and its not the prince’s mistake..that girl sona only voluntarily going behind him..
(Ishwari fumes in anger)
ish – o it is like that..i wil look after that..
(she goes in anger..)
(radha thinks now pblm over )
vicky comes there..
Vic – mom..y u said like that
rad – s i have said the truth only.
Vic – but mom..dev only going behind her..what if she sends sona out..
Rad – s it is for good only vicky..then only you wont run behind her..
Vic – mom
(she went)
(vic thinks what i wil do now)

dev cals to kitchen,sona takes the phone..
Dev – sona..
Son – s dev..
Dev – i am sorry dear..r u okay..
Son – its ok dev.
Dev – ok sona..talk to u near the river in the eveng..take care..
Son – ok dev..bye(keeps phone)
elena – hey sona..y r u looking worried..
Son – mam sees us together elena.what she might have thought i dont know..
Ele – dont wory sona..prince wil handle everything..
Son – hmm..
A Car came outside…
They look through window..ranveer came with his mother and father..a gal also come wit them..she was wearing a very short skirt and tops..looks stylish..
Ele – so tis is tat prince ranveer whom they have choosen for princess neha.
Son – s
ele – who is that girl?
Son – i dont know

Iswari and dev came outside..
Iswari welcomes them..and introduces dev to al of them..
Ran – hai dev..
Dev – hai ranveer..
Ran – and aunty she is my sister natasha .. she studied in america came back yesterday only…
Natasha – hai aunty..hai dev..
(she forwards her hand)
dev – hai natasha.(both shakes their hands)
(sona looks on)

to be continued..

No precap ..

Thankyou for reading friends..hope u like it..no precap but i wil be back with a good episode..and sorry for making natasha ranveers sister..please send your views in comments dears..

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    Love you!❤

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  4. Nice. Good suspense in the end. Post the next one soon. Already waiting??

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  5. Aaru

    Amazinggg episode..but Ishwari ji spoiled d romance yaar!! Radha Rani n Vicky will nvr change..N phir se Natasha.. waiting for next episode..

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  6. Erika

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    1. Sakthi

      Thankyou erika ..wil accept ur request..next epi is tomorow dr.working on it.

  7. I’m just loving it dear. Again awesome epi sakthi. Loved ur ff i wish ki y kbhi khatam na ho. I think u understand what ur ff means to m. Love u and ur ff too ?????. Plzzz post soon ab to wait hi nhi ho rha h…

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  13. Superb episode ???????
    U made the environment rise
    It’s temperature with their hot romance
    No precap but can sense ishwari reaction
    And entry of Natasha will be big trouble to DevShi ?
    Final note : waiting for next part eagerly so don’t makes us wait even more

    1. Sakthi

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  18. This epi is awesome dear.. Romance is very nicely written.. Love to read more. Welcome natasha it will add some masala in ff ??. Waiting for next epi. One more thing ur writing has improved dear. Keep it up. ?

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      Thanu so much PK..ur encouragements are making me improved…

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