Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Promo Updates- Dev’s possessiveness for Sonakshi


Jhalli comedian here with new promo …hindi cum english track. Thanks Aaru for this naamkaran. Here is the detailed written update of the new promo . PSHYCHO LOVERBOY Devrath Dixit. I may sound mad but I am loving this new color of Dev.hihi..


Dev’s Office

Sona- mr. Dixit…..aapki maa mujhe aapke saath khush nahi dekhna chahti thi aur aap mujhe kissi ke saath khush nahi dekhna chahte…(mr. Dixit…your mother didn’t want to see me happy with you and you don’t wanna see me happy with anyone…)

Dev angrily-miss bose aap hadh se zyada aage badh rahi hain…(miss Bose u r moving on too much… crossing the limit)

Sona – aapne khud decision liya na….dur hone ka(dev looks in opposite direction)…..aur jab hamare beech ab kuch nahi bacha…iska matlab ye nahi hai ki mai apne mangetar ke saath…(You took the decision yourself na…breaking up….and when there is nothing left between us…it doesn’t mean with my fiance I …)

Dev shouts angrily- baar baar usse apna mangetar mat kaho…(Don’t call him ur fiance again and again…)

Sona – nahi hai toh kya hua ho jayega..(if he is not then what…he ll become)

Dev – sonakshi…

Sona – bas…mai Ritik se shaadi karungi….Mr. Dixit…ye mera promise hai aapse…(enough…I ll marry Ritik ….Mr. Dixit …this is my promise to you…)

Background sad sound-Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

Sona leaves from there closing the door on Dev’s face.
A devastated Dev is shown.


I think this ll happen after the restaurant scene as shown in Friday’s Precap. Sonakshi ll shout at Dev then he ll go n ll drink. I mean waah big bro …yesterday u were shouting at integrated vicky n next u !!! Whatever I m having fun seeing Dev this way. Just waiting to see this Devdas….new color of Dev.

Now shoot down all ur feelings below in the comment box.



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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey thankks for the promo esme but I need one help. Can tell me the repeat timings for KRPKAB on sony? Because from 31 aug I m going back to my homeland and there they have indian sony so the timings r same so i really wanted to know the repeats timings of the shows i watch. Thank u 🙂

    1. Sharica

      It’s on 10 am in the morning and 1 pm afternoon

    2. Thanmy

      Hey jooooo hi
      The repeat timings r morning 10:00 & afternoon 1:00

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Thanks sharica and thammy 🙂

    4. Esme

      Sorry for being late Farhin….cho chorrrryyy….

  2. God knows kab done ek honge ………………
    Dev and sona
    Plzzz …..

    1. Esme

      Honge honge…ek jaroor honge….just wait n watch krpkab. .

  3. HarSHaN

    Wish to see the DevShi magic soon..Esme..

    1. Esme

      Yes but first I wanna see Devdas !!!

      1. HarSHaN

        !!!With some sad stories of memory frm Dev’s!!(must)..making Ishwari tensed n forced to unite DevShi..Waiting for that…

  4. Hello
    Plz. Post ur fan fiction” romantic and comedy devakshi” eagerly waiting for it…
    Plz plz post it soon as I love ❤ it…..

    1. Esme

      Thanks for loving it n yes I ll post it soon ….thanx

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!?????. Thank u for the promo ??. And ishwari reaction will be worth watching when dev will reach drunk home ??? aur Friday wali kist main tou muh dekh kar ishwari ka maza aa Gaya ???. Kamal kar diya writers nay aur supriya anty nay ?

    1. Esme

      Welcome n yes Friday was fun….uff…Ishwari’s face when sona said those things ….dev waiting for sona outside reminiscing old moments n yes Dev in d precap …maar daala. .

  6. Kalpana

    New twist – Depressed Dev will be seeing pictures of Sona and him together… A journalist will take pics of them secretly and publish that Dev and Sona are dating…

    1. Sharica

      Actually the reporter came to take dev’s interview. Our dear Dev babu was lost in the thoughts of his lady love. And don’t know how the reporter sees Devakshi photo. He thinks that they were dating get so he posted Devakshi photo on the newspaper. Dev had no idea about it but later on Sona blames him that he did it purposely to stop her marriage with Rithik.
      Interesting na?I am so excited. But missing Devakshi romance?

      1. Esme

        Ye sona bhi na ….galatfehmiyon ka season chala hai kya !!!

    2. YogaPriyadarshini

      Is it so?? If it happens It would be worth watching. Haha what would be his mother’s reaction ?? Epic?

      1. Esme

        Yes that would be EPIC ..

    3. Esme


  7. Thanmy

    Awesome waiting to see devdas dev dixit matlab can’t contain my excitement to see his new avatar and Erica is tooooooo good I just love devakshi

    1. Esme

      Same here waiting. ….waiting for Devdas ..

  8. Aaru

    Esme darling, I was thinking to msg u for d promo details..but u posted it b4 I cud say..I cud not understand wat Dev said, when I saw d promo for d first time n I cud not see d promo again..??

    1. Esme

      See Aaru ….I can read ur mind after all Edward Cullen is my son …hehe..

      1. Aaru

        ???? kuch bhi!!

  9. one question….spoiler stating dev found dirty side of ritvik….and happy that he will stop sona marriage…and is this spoiler true ?
    but I thinking its totally fake….wht u think ? is it true ?if it’s fake…then how Dev stop sona marriage ? we have to wait and watch it seems….

    1. Esme

      I think this is fake …Ritik is such a nyc guy from beginner !!!

    2. Sharica

      I think it’s just a rumor.

  10. Sharica

    Esme thanks for the promo. And please update ur ff. Badly missing it.

    1. Esme

      U r welcome n yes I ll upload d next soon …

  11. Kalpana

    I mean journalist will take pictures of Dev and Sona’s pictures secretly and publish!


    1. Esme

      Interesting twist !!!

  12. Rula diya bechare ko……????????
    Though he is not a bechara but still….???
    Sona jab gusse mein hoti h toh sabse best hoti h….
    #LOVE SONA??
    #LOVE ESME??????????

    1. Esme

      Though Dev is not a Bechara but still he is bechara …n that moment in Friday’s episode when he was reminiscing d moments with Sona …mind blowing …
      N thanx fr this trend #LOVE ESME
      Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
      I will always cherish this love.

      1. U r welcome dear….??

  13. Manya

    Thanks for the promo krpkab is going on an awesome track ?❤️?and after Ishwari will look at dev’s condition then only she will realise that she was wrong totally wrong ??

    1. Esme

      U r welcome Ayushi …

  14. thanks Esme for this detailed promo!!!!
    i think this promo scene will telecast in upcoming Wednesday!!!!!!!!

    1. Esme

      U r welcome Lakshree …

  15. Awesome i waiting for so long to update the new promo with eng but u did it very well thnk u so much

    1. Esme

      U r welcome LAXMI …

  16. KRPKAB repeat telecast timings are 8.am,10.am,1.pm,3.pm & 6.pm in Sony HD channel

    1. Esme

      Why sony stopped repeat telecast on Saturdays and Sundays ???? Q q q q

      1. Sharica

        May be it’s b cuz of the Kapil Sharma show.

  17. Priya9876

    Mai tumhe bhul jau ye ho nhi saktaa…
    Aur tum mujhe bhul jaoo ye mai hone nhi dunga….
    My poor baby dev?

    1. Esme

      Everywhere Dev Dev Dev…. ab bhai dev ne aisa kaam hi kiya hai ..

      1. Priya9876

        tum to naraz ho gyi… 🙁

    2. Esme

      Arre nahi….mai naraz nahi hoon Priya….mere kehne ka matlab tha ki episode dekhne ke baad mujhe sirf wohi scene acche se yaad reh rahe hain jin mein dev ho ….wo bhi aaj kal hi…thatz why I write everywhere DEv Dev and Dev….kyonki Dev ne aisa kaam hi kiya hai ki dilon dimag par chaya hua hai…aage Devdas Dev ko dekh kar aur bhi maza aanewala hai mujhe.

      1. Priya9876

        Oooo aisaaa?
        Mai to darr hi gayi thi…
        Mujhe khate sote har jagh dev dev dev hi najar aata hai….

    3. Esme

      N priya mai darr gayi ki aapko bura lag gaya …chalo koi misunderstanding nahi hui….

  18. Why to make RItvik Negative? Ritvik has to be positive and good to show Sona deserve only the best. For that Dev should make his Ma realize that Sona is best for him….

    1. Esme

      I think nothing like this negative n all that ….even Neil and Natasha were mot negative ….so same ll be here !!!

    2. Esme

      I think nothing like this negative n all that ….even Neil and Natasha were not negative ….so same ll be here !!!

    3. Sharica

      May be being Rithik being negative is just a rumor and he will only unite Devakshi. And in today’s SBSsegment segment he told the same thing to dev. And today….. After so many days…. In SBS segment Devakshi together gave the interview. I was so happy to see them together after sooooooooooooo long time.

      1. Esme

        Yeah I think this is just a rumor.

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