Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (one shot of dev and sona)


Hi guys I’m Khushi and I’m 10!this is a one shot of krpkab and hope you like it!!

The episode starts with ishwari and Natasha selecting sarees for the engagement of dev-Natasha.
Ishwari:beta,mudje Kuch batana hai
Natasha:bataiye na Aunty
Natasha:kya Hua Aunty.?koi serious baath hai kya?
Ishwari:beta,agar main kahu that dev tudjse nehe shaadi karna chatahai..
Natasha:haha nice joke Aunty Ji..
Dev:maa mazaak nehe karrehehai.i love someone else.
Natasha:what?dr Bose?that spoilt br;
Ishwari:Natasha,I think that you are one,because Sonakshi beta is very cultured and u are very money minded.
Natasha walks off breaking the engagement.
Dev:maa,how will I tell Sonakshi that I love her?
Ishwari:don’t worry i will help you..first you go sleep.its very late..

Next morning(Bose household)
The door opens and dev closes his eyes.
Dev:sona I love you very much will you marry me?
Bijoy:will you keep my Daughter happy?
Dev:sir….sorry..mudje laga..
Bijoy:Sonakshi hai.nevermind..nervous hoga..will you keep my Daughter happy?
Dev:yes sir..
Bijoy:will you give her all the happiness in the world.?
Dev:yes sir..
Bijoy:will you betray my Daughter?
Dev:never sir..
Sona comes out.
Sona:mr dixit?aap yaha?
Sona is just shocked
Sona:huh?did you just call me so;what?what is going on here?
Dev:I love you will you marry me?
Elena:ki holo shona que chi;oh mr dixit,hello.
Sona:you are even imagining him?elena…have we all gone mad?i mean even u could hear that mr dixit proposed to me?i mean my love story has been completed?
Dev:(going to her and putting his hands on her shoulder)Sonakshi,this isn’t a dream..I’m finally here..
Sona:I love you Dev..
Dev:I love you too

End:devaakshi marrige with no problem!

Sorry itna short tha..actually mujko time nehe hai na Toa..hope you liked it!

Credit to: Khushi

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  1. It’s OK I liked it.

  2. Shatakshi

    Hey Khushi
    That was so sweet???

    1. Thank you so much!im very very happy u liked it!

  3. Bhoomi

    Its good ?…. Keep writing more…

    1. Thank you so much and Glad you liked it!i won’t be writing more because this is only a one shot di!!sorry

    2. Bhoomi

      No need to say Sorry dear…. I m proud of u ?

  4. Smileflakes

    Yes it is short but so cute
    Loved it

  5. Asmita...

    hahaha………. nice one dear.

    1. Thank u asmita di and smile flakes!!!!thats a very nice name haahah!!

  6. Arunika

    Awesomeeee…..just hope Serial me bhi aisa ho!!!
    Btw….evn I’m in class 10!!!

    1. Di..I’m not in class 10?I’m 10 years old and I’m in class 4!thanks for reading and yes even I hope this track happens in the serial

      1. Arunika

        oh….enjoyed reading ur os…sissy!!!

  7. LovelyLady

    nyc story….
    keep wrtng

  8. Nice one

  9. awsm………

  10. Madhuri

    short but sweet i like it

  11. Nice ..cute and sweet di…⛄?

  12. simple yet beautiful

  13. Partho

    Khushi tumhari FF ney dil khush kar diya

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