Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi ( many shades of love) Episode 1


Guys, I am a silent reader and I am going to write a very small ff and please support me.

Scene starts with sona’s father scolding ishwari that I haven’t seen a mother like you and insults her. Ishwari gets shocked and goes to her room worried and tensed. Radha who comes from shopping goes to ishwari room and acts. She shows very less cost sarees and jiji see these sarees, I got these near a small shop and indirectly asks money and talks about her poor life. Ishwari gets irritated and yells at her asking how many times will you ask money, I am giving you sarees, and again, radha cries loudly and goes. Ishwari feels bad. Radha goes out and angrily says you didn’t do this right jiji, I will take revenge, you don’t know who radha rani, I will show you what I am and goes.

In the meanwhile sona and rithwik go to a restaurant and enjoy there having food. Dev sits right behind them and fumes seeing them laughing, tina calls him and says SIR, bahut gadbad ho gaya hai, mr. mittal cancelled our deal and he wants his money back with interest. Dev says what? He sees them going together and says tina, I will call you back.

He comes home worriedly saying how can I manage these things, ishwari sees him worried and asks him what happened, dev tells her everything about how Mr. Mittal cancelled our deal and he wants his money back with interest, I need to sell many of my shares and places to pay the amount again. Ishwari gets super worried and says no problem beta, you do whatever you find right, I am always with you. He says OK and calls Mr.mittal, he says I am ready to pay interest, I don’t have those papers right now so can I come tomorrow, mr.mittal says I have the papers right now and coming to your house right now. Dev cuts call. Radha rani hears all this and says now it will be a blast jiji and gets excited seeing some papers.

Mr. mittal comes to dev’s house, dev asks him to sit and nikki to bring juice, radha brings juice and gives dev and ishari and purposely makes it fall on mr.mittal.
She say I am sorry, come I will show the wash basin and takes him, she takes his bag and sends him to washroom, she then takes out his papers and keeps her papers instead and smiles.

Dev signs those papers and while giving to them, radha snatches those and laughs vigorously, dev says what is this, give those to me. She says now these are mine, do you know what did you do just now, you named all your property on my name, he gets shocked and checks the papers, she insults ishwari and ask them to get out and says Mr. mittal you don’t worry, I will pay your money and signs on his papers and gives him. She says you people can live here but as my servants. Ishwari feels insulted and falls down.
Dev holds her and takes her out of the house. Ria calls sona and cries.

Precap: Sona comes near dev and asks them to come to her home, dev looks at her emotionally.

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  1. Sharica

    Beautiful dear?please post asap. Loved it.

  2. Aaru

    Wow..superb start..now Ishwari will understand Sona’s importance..

  3. A DevAkshian

    Hey, what a superb and different storyline.keep writing. I am also a silent reader, and I also want to write my ff can u please tell me how to register myself .

  4. wow great work superb it is ur first time and u write it very nicely,keep uploding soon and long episode.

  5. Different one…..continue ur story….post soon…..really excited to see reactions of bose family….esp…bijoy…and ritvik….and this not stops sona marriage…nd mamaji ?….

  6. Manya

    Superbbb imagination ??❤️???❣??it is very different ❤️❣keep going ?and u can call me ayushi ?post soon ?

  7. Post as soon as possible….


  8. It’s amazing waiting for next part. Post soon ???

  9. Nice.

  10. Amazing!! Post next part asap..?

  11. uffffff dear !!!! it was supppprb to the core !!!

  12. Varsha94

    Wowwww…. That was the only word… I got… I mean its way to different from others… Pls post everyday… It’s awesome ? .. Loved it.. ????❤

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