Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF ( ssshhh…Double T)~~~#10~~~


ESME LUNA GREENWOOD is here to do her nonstop bak bak.
Hurrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaah★☆★☆★☆ I am very very happy today. ★☆★☆★☆This is the 10 th chapter.i have written it with much dedication.

NOTE : This is going to be romantic or very romantic, I don’t know. U decide after reading it. I have used some ssshhh terms too.

Here is d next part of the most awaited ( not really) FF.

RECAP :- Mr. Gujaral’s Hidden Daughter revealed !!!


Dev looks at Natasha from head to toe totally shocked.

Elena – ye hari patti Natasha hai. (This green leaf is Natasha. )***actually this is greenleaf***
Bunty-ye patti toh badi hari nikli yaar.
Sona – I can’t believe my eyes.

All Dixits are equally shocked.

Mr Gujaral from the grand stage- Today I ll answer every question …..even those questions which I kept skipping …questions related to my wife ….questions related to her death ..So Ariana Greenleaf and my story started in college days. We were frndz n later on fell in love. She was a Christian by birth. Our families were very cooperative. They supported our decision …eventually we got married. Then Natasha came in our life. We again became kids …me n my wife. We were enjoying our life …a small but a happy family then that black day and Ariana Greenleaf left us….my life…my wife left me. Natasha was just a few months old. I lost my job. It was difficult for me to live….even one day I decided to commit suicide but then Ariana’s sister Natalie Greenleaf and her husband supported me ….I realised how selfish I was ….I was leaving my dear daughter ….(gets teary eyed. Natasha holds his hand) …for me my sister in law Natalie and her husband were God .
Everything revolves around Ishwari’s eyes….her husband’s frndship with Natalie’s husband ….

Dev in mind – same last name of Natalie and mr. Gujaral’s daughter ….GREENLEAF ….we were thinking Natalie is her mother but we were wrong.

Mr. Gujaral keeps talking about his life. Natalie and her husband kinda adopted
Nataha. He used to meet his daughter every day.

Mr. Gujaral – so naughty Natasha used to play on my shoulders and chest …used to pull my cheeks and one day (laughs)stole my trimmer. Now that naughty Natasha is turned into a beautiful , confident, independent , kind , helpful lady ….standing in front of u. But is she naughty ?? Is this Natasha naughty ?? Her childhood frnd Dev ll tell. Mr Dixit plz .
Dev trying to smile-yes she is …
Mr Gujaral – so once she stole my trimmer. This kinda incident done by her.i mean ur trimmer stolen ??
All laugh.
Dev too laughs – no but she is naughty.

Mr Gujaral – okay now dance should be started. What say Natasha and Dev !!! Everyone !!!
All shout whoaa….yeaah
Natasha- yes why not !! So I would like to invite mr. Devrath Dixit’s love. Plz put ur hands together for World’s one of the best nutritionist …the beautiful …the Awesome …one and only one Mrs. Sonakshi Bose. Whoaaah…

Mr. Gujaral is not happy at all with this announcement. Looks at Natasha.

Sona and Dev dance as a couple. All others too shake their legs. Gujaral notices Natasha looking at Devakshi.

After some time.

Dev is standing in a corner.
Some people are talking.
Person 1- Dr. Sonakshi is really very good …hardworking …so beautiful …loves her work. ..does every work with full passion.
The person keeps praising Sona.
Dev looks at Sonakshi who is talking to an aged woman.A smile comes on his face. This is not the first time .everytime he looks at her, a smile automatically covers the space near his lips. He luuuuuuuvs staring at her.

Person 2-natasha is very hot. Look at her curves. Her waist is so lean and thin. Can’t control !!! I am going to flirt with her. Kamaskam thoda bhaav toh mujhe milega hi after all I am so hot and handsome.
That person walks towards Natasha.

This time Dev looks at Natasha who is chit chatting with another business tycoon Neil .
Dev laughs- let’s see what ll happen.

Funny music.
That person to Natasha- hi Nuts ….I think I have seen you before. Ur eyes are so beautiful.
Natasha- thanks for the complement. By d way where have you seen me BHAIYA (brother)??

That person’ s face …totally dull.heheh…

Natasha sees Dev n waves him hi. Dev waves her I m fine.
He moves towards us(camera).
Dev in mind – I know Natasha. She ll never let anyone come near her except …
Looks into the camera.

Natasha- Dev !!!can you hear me ??
Dev turns and angrily looks at her.

2. Ishwari gives soup to dev. He tastes it.
Dev- waaaaaow ….amazing !! Who made it ??

Scene focuses on him.

Dev – I am done.
Ishwari- but at least finish this soup.
Dev – no maa I don’t wanna eat anything.
Ishwari- strange …just now u were praising that soup. What happened ??
Dev – nothing just some office work.

3. Natasha calling Dev …Daiddy.

4. Funny moments with Sona.

~~~~~~~~~~FLASHBACK ENDS~~~~~~~~~~~

Dev in mind – I never regarded her as a friend. She prepared that soup. I cracked all those jokes with Natasha just bcoz of u sona. Now I am tired of all these….acting as Natasha’s frnd. How to tell you about all these sona??

He remembers the convocation day. Natasha’s voice echoes in his mind.
“Dev !!! Can u hear me ?? Can u hear me Dev ?? Can u hear me ….dev…dev….dev….can u…can u ….dev…can u..”

Somebody- Dev !!! Can u hear me ??
Dev comes back to present with a jerk-yes Natasha.
Sees sona.
Dev – oh u.

Every time Dev drags sona but this time situation is reversed. She drags him in an ‘invisible’ corner where nobody can see them.

Sona eyes him romantically.
Dev – Are u ill ??
Touches her forehead.
Dev – are you drunk ??

She comes closer.
Dev – he bhagwaan…aaj meri izzat lootne se bacha lo.
He acts as a fearful person.
She moves her mouth near his left ear and speaks,” I am still a ‘Ting Ting’.
Winks at him and starts leaving but the banda who keeps finding new ways to romance, can’t let this way go so easily. So he pulls her closer and asks” Ting Ting ?? What does it mean ??”

Sona pecks his cheek and says,” aww..poor mr. Dixit who keeps talking big things. (Imitates dev )..I can do this…I can do that. … (back to normal voice) …can’t even find the meaning of a single word !!! Miracle !!!

She puts her fingers on his neck and slides them down on d buttons of Dev’s blazer. His grip losens !!! Hormones flowing inside the body !!! Sona again winks at him and runs away.

Dev googles the word.
Dev naughtily- oh !! Miss Sonakshi Bose…..get ready to be a non ‘Ting Ting’.

After two days ….Rakshabandhan Day….
Ishwari already invited mr. Gujaral and Natasha.

Sisters tie Rakhi on Dev’s wrist. Ishwari ties Rakhi on mamaji’s wrist.
Natasha is sitting with them holding her breath. Mr. Gujaral notices this.
Mr. Gujaral – Natasha u never tied this Rakhi on anyone’s wrist. Tie this on Dev’s wrist.
Natasha totally shocked.
Meanwhile Mr. Gujaral dials a number.
She takes the Rakhi.
Dev moves his hand towards her.
Natasha – ummm…accctu..ally
Just then her phone rings. Goes to attend the call.

After 15 minutes returns.
Natasha – let’s go and tie Rakhis to trees.
Drags the girls.

Mr. Gujaral in mind – caught u Greenleaf.(greenleaf=Natasha)

After some time Gujarals leave.
In the car.

Mr. Gujaral looks at Natasha. She looks at him angrily and then look in other direction.

Mr. Gujaral tells Natasha to tie Rakhi on Dev’s wrist.
Her phone rings sees the caller …Mr. Gujaral !!!
Goes outside taking excuse of the call.
~~~~~~~~~FLASHBACK ENDS~~~~~~~~~~~~


Mr Gujaral – why this big big tears in your eyes ???
Natasha – I m missing Mumma .
Mr. Gujaral – Liar !!! This is not the reason. I am your dad…can read ur thoughts.
She puts her head in his lap and weeps.

Mr. Gujaral in mind – Dixits ….get ready for a game !!! The game of Chess !!!

Dev locks the door and comes near Sona.
Dev jokes-not only u .I am a Ting Ting too. Ready to be a non Ting Ting.
Sona jokes- so mr. Double T.. (Ting Ting)…how many kids we should make.
Dev jokes – not much ….a cricket team !!!
Sona romantically-then I ll die.
Dev naughtily – yes today u ll die but after I avenge all the tortures.
Sona – whott tortures ???
He puts one hand on her waist and slides down his fingers….

first on the forehead.
Hormones initializing ….
…slides down….

Her perfect nose.
Hormones loading….
…slides down….

Her lips.
Hormones secreting starts ….
…slides down….

Her neck.
Totally in each others eyes.
…slides down….

Control get lost !!!
The world get lost !!!
Everything get lost !!!

Their forehead touched.
Nose touched.
And soon lips touched.

They kiss each other vigorously as haven’t kisssed for centuries…leave centuries ….for many light years.

Soon her fingers reach the first button of Dev’s shirt. Unbuttoned !!!
Unbuttoned !!!
Unbuttoned !!!

He lifts her in his arms …still kissing…and both fall on the bed. They stop for a moment.
Sona caresses her and only her Dev.
Dev – Do u really want to be a non Ting Ting ??
No reply but reply is there. She touches his bare chest….and again starts kissing him. He is totally lost in her eyes and he is driving her crazy.

Dev – I love you.
Sona – I love you too.

Next morning.

Dev wakes up and sees her sleeping with her hand on his bare chest. He kisses her forehead and slowly steps out of the bed without disturbing her sweet dreams.

After half an hour.

Dev is standing in front of the mirror….trying the shirts sona purchased.

Looks at her via the mirror ….still sleeping.
He removes price tags from shirts.
Sona wakes up . Eyes searching for him !!! Found him !!! There !!!

Dev removes his shirt to try another.
Sona is nonsensly tading Dev. Dev notices her condition.
Dev romantically – oh ghost u woke up !!! I thought u died bcoz of last night, we spend. Tell me who r u ghost of sonakshi or chudail (witch) sonakshi.

Sona still tading him.
Dev-If you keep tading me then u ll definitely fall in love with a ‘paraya mard’.what ll be ur husband’s reaction ?

Sona comes near puts her chin on his shoulder…still lost …
Sona romantically – My husband !!! A walking presentation !!! He doesn’t have time for me. So I came near u. I don’t have any problem in flirting with a ‘paraya mard ‘.

Dev – aap humesha se hi itni romantic theen…ya pichli raat ki wajah se meri kuch qualities aap mein aa gayi hain.
She blushes remembering the last night.
Dev lifts her chin.
Dev – I must say u were romantic thatz why I got these… (shows wound on his chest)
Sona angrily looks at him.
Sona – Don’t talk about dirty things.
Dev wraps his arms around her neck.
Dev naughtily- oh DIRTY things. What about that DIRTY thing we had last night??
Bends down for a kiss.Sona pushes him.
Dev naughtily- miss khargosh u used to bite only carrots. Am I a carrot that you bited me too ??? Here here and there there.

Shows love bites.
Sona -show me. aaahh…bahot dard ho raha hai kya ??? I am sorry. Wait I ll apply ointment.
Starts leaving but Dev pulls her closer.
Dev – u r my ointment and I am sorry that I lose my control and gave u these.

He tucks her hair behind her ear. Shows wounds on her neck.

Dev whispers in her ear- So now are you a Ting Ting or a non Ting Ting. Jangli billi.
She beats him.
Dev – itne love bites dene ke baad bhi mujhe haunt kar rahi hai. Lagta hai tum khargosh nahi ho jangli billi mein badal gayi ho.arre koi bacha lo mujhe iss jangli billi se.
He runs away with sona following him. They run like a child. Both laugh. They come closer. Sona puts her both palm on Dev’s bare chest and he kisses her forehead with his hand on her lean n thin waist. Scene freezes.

PRECAP : Sona disturbing u can say torturing Dev. After a long time, a new storm.

So you guys must have understood the meaning of Ting Ting, if not then ….
Ting Ting means Virgin.

By d way here I am trying to tell a different story of Natasha…..from a different point of view. Sorry if this chapter and FF is not heart touching.

Dev ka gussa…uff…dev ka pyar….uff….dev ka attitude. …uff…..dev ki care….uff….dev ki sympathy. ..uff….dev ka style. …uff…dev ki feelings. …uff. …Sab kuch superrrrrr se uparrrr hai re bidu log.

Thanks for reading.



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