Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF Part 1

Part 1

Guys from here my story starts. By the way i had written my story some in hindi and some English language. I hope u will understand my words. And if not then plzz comment and tell me. From next time i will write my story in english. I hope that u all will like my story.

(Dev was going back home from his office. On his way there comes a hospital where sona works.
Every day dev goes from front of her hospital)
(Us din dev ki car hospital ke saamne kharab ho gai. Sona came out hurriedly from hospital as she had to reach home early.
Sona was just passing by his car and dev on that time came out from his car.
Vo dono takraa jaate h. Sona was going to fall but dev hold her from waist. They both share eye lock.)
Dev:- Are u alright
Sona:- yes. Thank u so much.
Dev:- Its okk.
( Sona goes her way.)
Dev:- Excuse me.
(Sona turns)
Sona:- U called me
Dev:- Yes. Aapki pen girr gai thi. Ye li jiye.
Sona:- Thanks. Its my lucky pen. Once again thank u so much.
Dev:- Its my pleasure.
(Sona ke dil me thodi si feelings aati h)
(Sona murmurs)
Sona:- Nice man. Duniya me aise bhi log h. Ye dekh kr acha laga.
(Dev murmurs)
Dev:- Ajib ladki h. sambhaal kr chal nhi sakti kya?? Let it be.
Driver car thik hone ko kitna time lagega.
Driver:- Sir pata nhi mechanic ko bulaana hoga.
Dev:- okk. Then i should go by taxi.
(He went home by taxi)
(As dev enters house Nikki comes to her and requests)
Nikki :- Bhaiya bhaiya bhaiya
Dev:- what happen nikki??
Nikki:- Nothing. Aaj aap bht thak gaye hoge na. Ruko mai aapke liye paani laati hu.
(Nikki brings a glass of water for dev)
Take it bhaiya.
Dev :- Thank u
Nikki:- Bhaiya.
Dev:- haa bolo
Nikki:- Nothing
Dev:- waise aaj tum mujhe maska kyu laga rhi ho bolo what u want??
Nikki:- Bhaiya kal meri friend ka birthday h.
Dev:- ohh! U want permission
Nikki:- yes i want permission pr uske alaawa kuch or bhi chahiye.
Dev:- what u want?? say it clearly.
Nikki:- Bhaiya i want to buy a gift for my friend. Ria is busy in her work and neha di is helping maami. Mom will not come with me. So………
Dev:- so u want that i should come with u.
Nikki:- yes bhaiya plzzz mere saath chalo na.
Dev:- okk
Nikki:- plzz bhaiya chalo na plzz plzz plzz.( surprisingly) what u are coming with me.
Dev:- yes chalo.
Nikki:- (hugs dev) thank u sooooooooo much. My sweet bhaiya.
Dev:- Bas chalo ab jyada butter mat lagaao.
(Nikki laughs)
(Both went to market)
(Co-incidently dev and sona meet again in market at one shop.
They both again pass by but don’t look each other.
One boy pushes sona and all her material falls down. Dev comes there and help sona. As she was busy in picking up her material she didn’t see dev. And says)
Sona:- Thank u for helping me.
(After picking material. She stands and says)
Dev aap.
Dev:- yes. But how u know my name??
Sona:- Aapko kon nhi jaanta?? U r famous well-known businessman. I had read about u in magzine. I also read about ur achievements.
Dev:- Thanks
Today whatever i had achieve its becoz of my mother and all her efforts had made me what i m today.
Sona:- Aise bht kam log hote h jo apne achievements ka credit apne mom dad ko dete h.
Dev:-Abhi kuch der pehele bhi toh ham takraae the tab aapne mujhe nhi pehechana toh ab kaise??
Sona:- When i went home. My mom told me to give magzine. On front page of magzine i saw ur photo. I saw him some where. Fir mujhe yaad aaya ki aaj hi toh ham takraae. Then i read about u.
Dev:- ohh i see. By the way nice to meet u again.
Sona:- same here Mr.Dixit
(Both went on there way)

Precap:- In hospital dev again see sona.

Credit to: prit


  1. Sumaiya Sumi

    It’s good but pls try to update it in English as I don’t know hindi ? pls it’s a request

  2. prit

    Thnks bhoomi and asmita. And i will try much better than this. jyada comments nhi aa rahe h. But i will write for u all????

  3. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    Dont worry dear…. in my FF in 1st episode i got negative comments too…. but i still did continue….. and after that got good comments……. so be positive…

  4. Zarmin shah

    Nice start prit.like the way of your writing…post next sooooon……waiting!!!!!!!

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