Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF ( MR. GUJARAL’S HIDDEN DAUGHTER) #9


ESME LUNA GREENWOOD is here with the next part of the FF.

WARNING-All the characters in this FF are totally fictional.They have nothing to do with the real life.Read the whole FF. Plz don’t leave it in the middle. While going through the FF, u ll think what rubbish is this but trust me in the last u ll say WHOTTT ??? Sorry if it is not heart touching. Next time I ll try to write better.
RECAP :-Funny moments and some moments leading us to a twist. Dev and Sonakshi enjoying romantic date.


Sona is standing in front of the mirror trying to remove her ear rings.

Dev – let me help u.

*** banda has got a new point to romance…..hehehe***

He sticks to her like a magnet getting cozy.Takes out her right ear ring and then suddenly kisses her neck.
Sona – u r helping me or romancing with me.
She pushes him but her waist has already got the grip of his arms.
Dev smirks- I just enjoy brushing my hands here…on ur waist….so lean n thin and…. (moves his mouth near sona’s right ear)…and sooo s*xy.
He winks at her.
Sona – ho gaya…chalo hato.
Dev – no.look at our reflection.
She looks at their reflection and gets mesmerised seeing his face.

Dev (puts his chin on her right shoulder)-hw was d date ???
Sona moves n faces him.
Sona – oooon…nice …yeah it was nice.
He pulls her closer.
Dev – only nice !!!
Sona- actually my mr Obodro. He was nowhere. I was missing him… (makes puppy face)..very badly.
Dev – accha
He comes closer and bends with a naughty smirk.

Sona pinches him n runs away.

Dev – sona , one thing I forget to tell you. The foreign delegates liked our idea and agreed to our terms and conditions. finally bcoz of it we ll be able to help more people and ll gain some profit too. I m very very happy.
Sona – congratz dear. All this is the result of ur hardwork.
Dev – not only mine….everyone’s. …ur too ….n thanx fr coming in my life and motivating me.
Sona – by d way. …where is today’s ‘Business Magazine’ ??? I wanna read it.

Dev sees the magazine on d table n Sona too. Funny tone plays.
They both run to catch d magazine. So dev catches it firstly. Sona struggles to snatch it frm his hand but he is like….anann….lo lo hahah….snatch it miss khargosh ….o hello this is not a carrot. U won’t be able to catch it.
Sona – Dev do na.
Dev – kya doon…achha.
Bends down to kiss her.
Sona – Dev mera dimag mat kharab karo…dinbhar romance soojhta hai…I want d magazine. Handover it to me.
Dev – on one condition.
Points his cheek.
Sona – aaj kal toh kiss bhi chawanni ke bhaav se bik reha hai kya….do some work then u ll definitely get it.huh..

Dev’s phone rings.
Dev- haah….iss kam*ney phone ne bhi abhi hi ring hona tha….acche khaase romance ki band baja di…lo apna magazine.
Sona snatches it n grins her teeth.
Dev – hello….yes tina.ok ..meeting is fixed with Mr. Gujaral.thatz a good news. We need to work harder from now.Get everything ready. Ok.bye.

Sona reads d magazine.

Sona reads d article with title “‘Mr. DEVRATH DIXIT’s two hands'”.
Sona- So here it is written.Tina and Esme are like Dev’s two hands…..really dev.
Dev – we r in d limelight bcoz of that foreign deal. Next good news.we ll be able to take our business to the next level….meeting is fixed with Mr Gujaral ….if everything goes well. Ishwari communications’s name ll be nailed. Read next article “”Mr. Gujaral’s Hidden Daughter””.

Sona – wow nice title. So it is written Mr. Gujaral has a daughter named Natasha Gujaral. She has never seen before. Must be 26 years old by now . Even the Internet has no pictures of grown up Natasha. Not a single picture of Mr. Gujaral’s late wife “Ariana Greenleaf”, a Christian by birth, then fell in love with Mr. Gujaral, they got married, she delivered their baby ‘Natasha’ but….

Dev – but she died after some months after Natasha’ s birth….who was just an infant…a 5 months old infant….poor soul.
Sona – seems mr. Gujaral wants a BANG entry of her daughter Natasha in d field of business.
Dev – yes why not after all he has seen so much poverty in young age. And I know very well Natasha must have helped him with her brilliant idea .
Sona – yeah it is written that mr. Gujaral keeps taking advices frm his daughter.
Dev – but who is Natasha ??? Where is she ???

Just then sona’s phone rings.
Dev shows fake anger n snatches phone from her hand.
Dev – oh Esme.

Puts d phone in loudspeaker.

Dev – hello esme.
Funny music plays.

Esme – aap kaun hain mujhe sona se baat karni hai.sona kisko kisko apna phone dete rehti ho.
Sona – u knew it that I am here n phone is in loudspeaker mode.
Esme – vo kya hai na ki jahan Devdas vahan uski paro. Arre dumbo call kise kiya hai maine .
Sona – aww Esme dev’s one of the two hands!!!.hw r u yaar.just saw ur pic.very good job dear.
Sona jokes- and u r looking damn hot in that pic.
Esme – owo so this is the reason that whenever I put chocolate on my hand, it melts so easily.
The three laugh.
Esme – sir meeting is fixed with Mr. Gujaral. I m really very very excited and a bit nervous too. Hope he gets impressed by our hard work. Ok bye.

Sona – Dev !!!
He ignores her.
Sona – Dev !!!
He jumps on d bed and acts sleepy.She pecks his forehead. He holds her hand. Dev – thanks but I am still angry.
Sona – now sleep. We have to run to our respective works tomorrow.

Esme’s house

Esme calls someone.
Esme – yes I am ready.i was born ready.
Smiles and cuts the call.

Next Day

Sona is in the kitchen searching something.
Sona – oh my green tea. Where r u ???

She sees the glass can on the rack.too high !!!! She tries reaching there but fails.
Sona – oooooownn.who has kept it so high ?? Let’s use a chair.
Suddenly someone lifts her from behind. She reaches tht height n finally d container is in her hand.hah..
Dev – hoon….u r very heavy really…aaj pata chala hai.
Sona – u intentionally put it there. Am I right ???
Dev – Does it matter when (pulls her closer)…we r so close.my hands on ur waist …urs on my shoulder and then a …(twirls her)…dance.
Dev – ok then mai chalta hoon
Sona – hoon

Dev – u don’t like it na when I leave. Am I correct ???
Sona – hehe u r not Tom Cruise. Now leave n I too ll leave fr hospital. Bye.

Esme comes there. Takes blessings frm everyone.sees sona coming.thinks of a prank.
Sona comes near. Esme bends and touches her feet.
Sona – khush raho…(be happy)
Everyone laugh.

Then Esme shows Dev d required files. Some pictures fall from her bag.Dev takes them.Esme tries to snatch those pictures but fails.She gets tensed.

Dev goes through the pictures.
Gujaral, his wife and a just born Natasha in one picture. Another pic-1year old Natasha sitting on mr. Gujaral’s shoulder, next pic-mr. Gujaral n his wife Ariana kissing d just born Natasha, just born Natasha sleeping on her mom Ariana’s chest, Ariana, 3 months old Natasha n mr. Gujaral looking into d camera with a smile on their face.

Dev – wow from where u got these pics ??? They are not available on d Internet. They r just wonderful…mind blowing.
Esme jokes- a psycho just like me gave these pics to me. Just kidding. Found these from the dustbin.
Takes the pics.u can say snatches the pics n puts them in her pocket.


Note:Assume this is the first meeting of Mr. DEVRATH DIXIT and Mr. GUJARAL.

All are sitting in d meeting hall.Mr. Gujaral praises dev’s work.All talk for some time.

Esme enters n goes to Dev.
Esme – Sir everythingz ready.
Mr. Gujaral sitting next to Dev hears this.
Mr. Gujaral- oh Dev and Esme. Plz don’t get tensed.
Dev – how do u know her name ???
Mr. Gujaral gets tensed. Dev notices this.
Esme smiles-sir by this… (shows d I card.)
Mr. Gujaral takes a sigh of relief. Dev notices this too.
He thinks. Mr. Gujaral has not seen her I card yet.how does he know her name. He must have read it in the ‘Business Magazine ‘.

Mr. Gujaral’s secretary- sir Esme is like the hand of Dev according to the article in this ‘Business Magazine ‘.
Shows d magazine.
Mr. Gujaral-oh I haven’t gone through the article yet. Let me check it.

Now Dev is totally shocked.
Dev in mind – He hasn’t gone through the article. How does he know her name ?? How ??

After some time the presentation starts. Mr. Gujaral likes d presentation and d preparations.
Mr. Gujaral- I m impressed. Totally impressive. So mr. Dixit I heard so many good things about u n now I feel u r d same.so good.u have a good helpful heart .u r a kind soul.hard worker n I like these things abt u.
Pats Dev’s back . Then goes to Esme , pats both her shoulders and then pats her cheeks too. Dev notices this.
Mr. Gujaral-Deal done !!!

Everyone gets happy. Esme jumps in happiness.
Mr. Gujaral- toh issi baat par mooh meetha ho jaye. What say Mr. Dixit.
Everybody feed sweets to each other.
Esme comes there with someone who iscarrying a tray in her hand.
Esme – here is our special tea
Mr. Gujaral – must be sweet just like ur name (takes a sip) yes this tea is Esme.
****Author – Esme means sweet, lovely****

Mr. Gujaral invites Dev to a small get together with family.
Goes to Esme n invites her too calling her Dev’s hand.
Dev in mind – He invited Esme , called her my hand but never took tina’s name n never addressed tina my hand. Why ???? Something z fishy.

One by one all leave except Dev who is still thinking about Esme and mr. Gujaral’s connection.

Next Day

All in Dev’s house refuse to go to get together bcoz of some works. Ishwari tells Dev to accompany Sona with him. After all they are husband wife.

Ishwari communications

Dev -Gift to mr. Gujaral should be memorable. tina plz search d whole Internet for d pics of mr. Gujaral n his family. We need to prepare a big photo collage, a gift to mr. Gujaral from Dixits.
Tina-ok sir.

Dev – Where is Esme ?? She is d first one after sona who greets me good morning.i saw her with some rare pics of mr. Gujaral. She could help us in preparing d photo collage.
Tina- sir she has taken 5 days leave.i think u ll be able to meet her only on that get together.
Dev – ok search for a pic in which mr. Gujaral, his wife Ariana Greenleaf and their daughter Natasha Gujaral are together.


Tina- sir I have searched d whole Internet that pic is nowhere.
Dev – then how Esme had that picture ??? Damn it. We won’t be able to prepare a good photo collage bcoz of d absence of that Gujaral family pic.

Tina-but where is Esme at this time….I mean at such a happy moment, she has taken 5 days leave.
Dev – tina plz this time search again for that pic.

Camera focuses on Dev.

Dev – Miss Esme Greenleaf , I know very well where to find you at this present moment.


Dev is outside in his car waiting for someone. Checking his watch every minute u can say every second.
After some 20 minutes. Esme comes out of mr. Gujaral’s house. Mr. Gujaral waves her good bye. She smiles n replies with a good bye. Then covers her face with a cloth. Dev is totally shocked seeing this.
Then she sits in a car n drives away.
Dev – what ????she knows driving but kept lying she doesn’t know.aane do dekh loonha…but let’s see where ll she go after this.
He follows her keeping a safe distance.Esme drives to her home.He gets relaxed.

The next 5 days, everyone except Dev keeps finding Esme but she is nowhere. Sonakshi, Elena, bunty, vicky, tina everyone. She is not at her home. They keep calling her but phone in switch off mode. No reply to messages.no reply to emails.Dev keeps following Esme every night.

3rd Day
Sona – Dev do u know where is Esme ??
Dev- How do i know ??
Sona- She is not receiving calls. U r her boss na.
Dev-what should i do ??
Sona sits next to her.holds his hand.

Sona-Dev any problem?
Dev – no nothing.
Dev in mind – hw to tell u ? I am not yet confirmed
For these 5 nights ,Esme comes out of mr. Gujaral’s house, sits in the car and goes to her home.


Dev accompanies Sona with him. It was a small party only family and close frndz invited and media!!!
As usual girls keep ‘tading’ Dev. The heartthrob, hot and handsome hunk !!!
Sona-oh ur magic hasn’t faded away.Every girl is tading u.
Dev – jisse tadna chahiye vo toh tadh hi nahi rahi.
Sona – if I started tading u then who ll tadh me.
Dev stupidly- hehe
So finally she is seen. Esme is there greeting guests, talking and cracking jokes.
Sona goes towards her.
Sona – so finally we found u. Where were u dying ??? We were badly missing u.
Esme jokes – I was on d Sun to gain some hotness n obviously d Sun is really very hauttt !!! By d way u two look good together.

Dev taunts her- i don’t feel like u being a guest as per ur activities.
Sona signals him what nonsense r u doing.
Mr. Gujaral takes the mike and everyone claps for him.
Media starts their questions.He starts replying.
Somebody asks him about his daughter Natasha.

Esme gets tensed. Dev notices this.
Mr. Gujaral – ‘Mr. Gujaral’s Hidden Daughter’ as per d words of everyone. So my hidden Daughter will be in front of u. I am going to throw a grand party bcoz of the deal with the famous business tycoon, every girl’s dream boy, the handsome, the charming Mr. Devrath Dixit.

All clap.

Mr. Gujaral – I am really very happy. My family and my close friends are here under a single roof.
Dev murmurs- ur family. Where is ur hidden daughter Natasha ?? Is she here ?? And who is Esme a media person…no…a family…no….a close friend or a girlfriend.
He feels he doesn’t respect mr. Gujaral, the way he used to respect him before.

Mr. Gujaral is really pleased with Dixit’s gift. A beautiful video consisting of the precious moments of his life. The background song…the brand new song of d most famous singer.
But yes in d video there was not a single pic of those pics which Esme had….mr. Gujaral’s precious of d most precious moment.

Then d music starts and Esme urges everyone to dance. Even teaches some steps to mr. Gujaral. She dances like a kid and mr. Gujaral is very happy seeing her in d kid avtar.Dev notices everything. He is totally irritated. Doesn’t respect mr. Gujaral anymore. Just wants to get out of this get together.
Soon Esme drags Devakshi to the dance floor. They dance. Everyone clap for Devakshi.

After the party all left but Dev is with sona in d car.
Here Dev tells everything to sona.
Dev – I m fully sure. Something is cooking between the two.
Sona argues- first of all ur brain is ‘running’ too much. Second thing if there is something going on then there is nothing wrong in it. After all people fall in love with someone.
Dev – I don’t feel well seeing them that way.i don’t know why. But of course he z a businessman n never ever trust a businessman.
Sona – and what abt u ?? Aren’t you a businessman ?? Look I didn’t mean that but yes u r overreacting. Sometimes things r not as per our thinking.

Dev – She is out !!!

Esme comes out and mr. Gujaral hugs her.
Dev to sona-now what ll u say ???

Sona – I trust my best friend. My neighbour Esme. And why r u speaking so rudely. she is ur childhood frnd. Ur father n her father were frndz. Both of u shared Same school then same college not me. She was just my neighbour and later on turned into a best friend. I mean you should know her better.

Dev – ok fine.leave all these.

They reach their home. Dev is totally bored. So he decides to go through his childhood pics. Takes out the album and starts turning pages. He sees a picture.
Dev shouts- what ?? This is mr. Gujaral’s daughter Natasha. What is she doing in our family pics ??? Seems shez was just 2 years old in this pic.
He shows this to sona. She too is totally shocked.

Next Day

Dev again follows Esme with sona. Esme goes inside.
Dev and sona think of a plan.
After Esme goes inside.Sona steps out of the car, goes to the bodyguard standing on the door.
Sona – bhaiya bhaiya actually my friend called me for a meeting. She just went inside. 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her name is Esme.
Bodyguard- we are not allowed to reveal any information. Maam plz go.
Sona comes to Dev making faces.Dev laughs seeing her expression.


Dev tells everything to Bunty and invites him for a night ride to mr. Gujaral’s house.

Bunty is with Dev.
Dev – see what ur sister is doing with mr. Gujaral.
Bunty – I don’t believe whatever u said.

They waited waited and waited and waited and waited. No Esme went inside no Esme came outside.
Bunty – where is she ??? Jameen kha gayi ya aasman nigal gaya.u r unnecessarily dragging ur brain. Bidu r u having an extramarital affair ???
Dev looks at Bunty angrily.
Bunty starts chanting hanuman chalisa – jai hanuman gyaan gunsagar jai kapees tihu lok uzagar….jai bajrangbali bacha lo …
Bunty – if u have to wait then wait for her. I m feeling sleepy n thus going to home.

Soon the news is everywhere. On internet, in magazines, in news all over d world. Mr. Gujaral is going to unhide his Daughter Natasha Gujaral !!!!
Posters were everywhere from Beverly Hills to small cities of India. Who is Natasha Gujaral ???
Even some girls claimed they are Natasha Gujaral but Natasha is one not so many !!!
Polls started. Who is Natasha ??? People claimed some famous actresses are Natasha. #whoisnatashagujaral? was trending on Twitter.
After so many discussions finally the D day arrived !!!


Famous businessman from all over the world are under a single roof, actors are there, politicians, famous persons from every field are there. Everything perfect…beautiful and why not all this is for Natasha Gujaral the only daughter of mr. Gujaral and his late wife Ariana Greenleaf. Media, live telecast of the event on TV, radio, internet everywhere.
Today Mr. Gujaral’s Hidden Daughter will be revealed. Mr. Gujaral will reveal his sweet lovely Natasha. All are excited.
Dev is there with his family and friends but his friend Esme is not there. (as per sona’s wish.he approved Esme as his friend. )

Nikki-bhaiya I m really excited to see Natasha.
Riya-me too.
Elena – who is Natasha ?? Plz plz reveal it.
Dev – control control

After some performances of actors and dancers. Finally mr. Gujaral takes the mike in his hand.

Mr. Gujaral – I want to invite the famous business tycoon, the handsome, the charming, the heartthrob, the handsome hunk, every girl’s dream boy one and only Mr. Devrath Dixit . A huge round of applause for him.
The huge round of applause is heard.

Dev goes on the grand stage.
Mr. Gujaral – so now Mr. Devrath Dixit and Miss Natasha Gujaral are a team. Ok plz welcome the girl of the party !!!
Anchors and peopleshout-Natasha Gujaral !!!

Dev is staring at the floor in this huge round of applause for Beautiful Lovely Natasha.
All lights off. Footsteps are heard. Natasha is here. Spotlight moves with her. She speaks-hello.
Audience shout -woho.
Again a huge round of applause. But Dev still staring at the floor. Completely disconnected from the world. He feels he has heard this voice before but thinks must be a misunderstanding.
Natasha reaches Mr. Gujaral and Dev.
Dev still staring at the floor.
***abbe floor ke andar gush jayega kya***

Mr. Gujaral – Mr. Dixit. Meet my daughter Natasha Gujaral.
Dev raises his head. Completely shocked. ESME !!!
Mr. Gujaral puts his hand on Esme’s shoulder.

Mr. Gujaral – For the world she is Esme Greenleaf but for me my little Natasha who used to play on my shoulders. Natasha is the best gift…. by my late wife Ariana Greenleaf.

Dev completely shocked !!!
Mr. Gujaral rocked !!!


How was the twist ??? While thinking this reel character, Natasha was in my mind. She was really sweet. What I hated most about her was that she started telling Dev she wants to get married….wants to have child…and blah blah….that too in the initial meetings. So I am giving the fictional character Natasha, a different touch…a positive one …Don’t worry I m not going to show divorce or break up of Devakshi. From the next episode I ll write Natasha instead of Esme.okay.

How many of u had d idea that I ll write something like this??? plz write down. Thanks to everyone for reading and supporting me. Now if it is not good u can throw as many joota chappals as u want on my dp.okay.

Thanks for reading.



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    1. Esme

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