Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF (FUNNY AND ROMANTIC) #7


ESME LUNA GREENWOOD is here with Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF ( FUNNY AND ROMANTIC )#7.

RECAP : – Dev finally blushed bcoz of his childhood nude picture.


Dev is still blushing that too…heavily.
Sona keeps laughing at dev with Dev’s childhood nude photo in her hand.
He gets irked, gets up and locks the door with a BANG. Sona is still laughing. Dev comes near her with a fake anger on his face. Sona….still laughing! !! Sees dev standing in front of her with an angry and irked face.She stops laughing but again bursts into laughter.
She laughs holding Dev’s shirt.
Now dev pins her to the table with a naughty smirk forming along his lips. Sona stops laughing. They share an eyelock with sona still holding Dev’s shirt. He comes more close. She leaves his shirt.

Sona; somebody is at the door.
Dev; ur so called door is locked. If I were a magician, I would have changed the architecture of our room. A room without doors!! No ban on romance! !! Romance whole day !!!!
Sona; u again kidnapped me. What do you think? What will happen to you?

Puts her hands around dev’s neck forming a grip.

Dev(naughtily); maybe this time I ll get a juicy, sweet….not mango juice….a K I S S . (He Spells it)

Sona smiles naughtily. Dev is still looking into her eyes. She holds d jug…(dev not noticing this)…and throws water on his face.

Dev shouts. Sona laughs.
He shows fake anger and then chuckles.

Dev; I was thinking this since a long time. Let’s go on a dinner with frndz n family.
Sona; yeah thatz a good idea . After a long time….a hangout.
Dev; on which day?
Sona; Sunday
Dev; ok done. Let’s convince everyone.

Next day

People with yes- dev, Sonakshi, Esme, Elena, bunty, vicky

People with no:-
Ishwari, mamaji, Radharani n others reason-let d children enjoy.
Neha, ranbeer reason-out on their honeymoon
Nikki, ria reason-‘ busy’ with frndz

On Sunday

Sona went to meet her parents with Elena there and Esme just arrived.
Dev, bunty n vicky goes to sona’s house via car to pick up d trio.

The girls keep irritating d boys.

“Where r u sona??” This is dev.
“Getting ready.”

After 20 minutes.

“Where r u sona??”
“Getting ready. ”
“Why do u girls take so much time? ”
“It is our birthright. ”

Then d three come out of house and again start irritating d boyz.what r they doing???….taking selfies shamelessly.

Intehaa ho gayi intezaar ki…..suits d boys.
They step out of the car and stare d girls angrily.

Sona- whott?
Dev- what?
Elena – whotttt?

All- stop this what.


All sit in the car except the lovebirds Dev n Sona.

Sona standing in front of him. ….glaring at him….with her hands on her hips…..chuckling slowly. …reason- torture done on dev.

He starts walking towards her.
Expression angry…
Sona stops chuckling.
Dev acts angry but notices her posture n bursts into laughter.
Reaches sona.
Dev; tell me one thing. What do you consider me….a friend or family? ??
Sona; oooon….I m confused…
Dev; why??
Sona; I used to fight with my boss, then started having a crush on him, then we become friends, then boyfriend girlfriend, after that husband wife. Only some of these incidents happen with anyone. I am glad that I have so many incidents fights, dance , love….I m glad that I found a husband in my frnd cum boyfriend.
Dev holds sona’s hand; who am I to you??
Sona; everything
Both look at each other.
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. …..
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. ….. in slow plays

Dev; now let’s go..otherwise our so called frndz n family will construct a Mount Everest of their shouting and waving hands right infornt of us.

Both goes towards the car.

All seats occupied !!!! Driver seat empty for Dev with bunty next to him.Esme n elena drags sona and makes her sit in their middle.

Dev – arre.. (hey)
Sona-what r u doing???
Elena-what r we doing? ??
Esme-i wanna sing a song.
Bunty-oh wow I m in a mood to listen to songs.plz plz.
Tadap tadap ke iss dil se
Aah niklti rahi….
Mujhko saja di pyar ki
Aisa kya gunah kiya….
O loot gayeeeee…
O loot gaye….
Haan loot gaye hum teri mohabbat mein…

Bunty jokes-now plz stop. You have rocked with ur ‘amazing’ singing. Ur singing is so ‘good’ that if u continued then I ll have to put whole cotton cloth in my ears.
Esme beats him.
Esme-how many ears do u have. …three… four….how many?? India wants to know.
Bunty again jokes-i have 10 ears.
Esme – whott…hws that possible? ??
Bunty-2 ears of everyone here….me dev sonakshi elena vicky
Esme – why not me??
Dev jokes-bcoz u don’t have ear.
Esme – u both r gone today.

Elena acts as if doesn’t know anything- jijjju why r u standing outside. Plz take ur seat.
***Arre bhaiya(bro/brother)….dev wants to be with his love.why r u trying to separate them ???***
And Dev….he just….just want to kill the four (elena, vicky, esme, bunty) for separating him n sona.

He sits on the driver’s seat.thinks something and adjusts car’s front mirror to steal glances of Sona. Sona sees this.She smiles looking into the mirror.

Scene shifts

Neha and ranveer r playing chess.ranveer wins.
Neha-ooooh….u won again. I don’t wanna talk to you.
She moves her face.
Ranveer- no I don’t want that achievement in which I am happy but my wife is not happy. Today I won in chess but not happy bcoz…
Ranveer-bcoz I don’t want sadness on your face.
Neha-i was just kidding.
R-i know. I know. …I somewhere read that small fights bring love with them.i luv u.
N-i know that. .I luv u.
R-i too know that.

Both smile.

Scene shifts.

Radharani-i regret for whatever wrong I did.
Mamaji-i know that. Let the past be in the past and be happy for ur vicky n elena.
Radharani-ur vicky n elena….our vicky n elena.

They smile.

Sona n Dev are starting at each other via car’s front mirror.

Elena notices this.
Elena – ahem ahem…seems our driver is not paying attention to driving.
Esme stupidly-whott?? Are we going to have an accident?
Dev- why don’t you afford a new driver?
Sona; ummm….yes…I think we should afford a new driver.
Elena – no we can’t bcoz we just love this driver.what say esme.gimme a high five.

Dev makes face. Sona chuckles at dev’s irritated expression.
Dev’s pov – I just want to escape from this driver’s seat. I want to be near my sona.grrrrrr…..u four r gone today.

PRECAP : – funny moments.Dev twirls sona.sona asks does he remember their first dance.Dev says how can he forget it.

Sorry for being late.I have my studies too so I am late sorry.
But plz write down what u love most in all the chapters of this FF.Keep supporting me n post loads of comments in the comment box specially silent readers.

Thanks for reading.



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      1. Esme, I think you are the only ff writer who replies to every comment. I have a suggestion for your story – How about you tell us how Vicky changed and how him and Elena fell in love with each other? It will be something different. Also continue writing about Devakhsi at the same time. Thank you.

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      3. Esme

        Awww….hw sweet …..anyone’s even a very small word of praise is enough for me ……n thanx fr d idea …..u know what I just hate boyz like vicky ….I mean hw cheap ….flirts even with his future SIL n elena too

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