Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF (FUNNY AND ROMANTIC) #6


NOTE : NOBODY IN THIS FAN FICTION IS NEGATIVE . ESME Is the result of my die hard fangiri.Esme is a reel character. If you want you can imagine you are playing her role in this ff especially PRIYA bcoz I have already decided the end which is very different and yes Esme is not a negative character.
Look there maybe many mistakes n sorry if it is not heart touching.

RECAP:- Dev was following sona. Both lost in each other.


Sona goes to kitchen.
Esme comes to ishwari villa with the ‘burden’ i. e. files and things related to office work. Sees sona in kitchen n tiptoes towards her.
Then pulls her in a hug from back.

Sona – Dev!!!
Esme – ohho….its me.
Sona – then what
Esme – no….nothing. …u know what u two look very very good….I mean excellent together. …a perfect couple! !!!
Sona smiles.

Esme -So is the world upside down today? Sona in kitchen preparing something.
She looks here n there to understand what sona is cooking.
U can imagine d kitchen. All messed up. Knife flirting with spoons!!cooker looking at oven (u can say cooker taad raha tha oven ko)!! tomato kissing potato!! onion fighting with brinjal!! glass romancing with Dev’s favourite coffee mug!!!
Esme-ahem ahem…u r doing good job sona.
Sona – hoon…how shameless r u?? U r calling ur mom by her name!!! Very bad.
Both laugh.
Sona – I m preparing soup.I know u r an amazing cook.Come help me.
Esme ( in mind)-soup!!! I thought u r filming a romantic movie. Look at d posture of vegetables n crockery.
Esme – help.

Looks at vegetables. They smile evily…..don’t disturb us…we r happy whenever sona cooks….u esme….dumbo……duffer….don’t try to cook us….!!!!
Hey how dare u…I m a black belt…see my action mode

Sona – esme!! Why r u standing in a stance. Come n help me.
Esme looks at vegetables n imgines they smirk.
Esme – yeah yeah coming dear….coming to help u.
Leaves from there with the look tumhe toh mai dekh loongi….

Esme holds the spoon n start steering d sol.
Sona – Actually i m preparing this soup for dev.
Esme ( raises her head)- for dev….no I can’t….
Dev’s voice background flashback type- nahin maa mera mann nahi hai (no mom I m not in a mood. )

Meanwhile dev comes there.
Dev- Esme so we ll final it today.
Esme – sir so plz come in the hall after… (Raises one eyebrow)…I m waiting.

She goes to kichu n drags him from d kitchen to hall. Reason she wants to learn some ‘recipes’ .

In d kitchen

Dev looks at Esme leaving, sees d soup n thinks something. Nods his head.

Hr takes out a carrot from vegetable basket, takes a bite n proceed towards sona.
Sona ( looks at him)-u always call me a khargosh. Now tell me who is d real khargosh. U or me?? Who is eating carrot??… (tucks his head)…khargosh with d tag real one.

Dev holds sona’s waist from back n puts his head on her shoulder.
Dev – what r u doing?
Sona ( irritatingly)- I m adding poison to ur soup…can’t u see!!!
Dev (romantically ) – I can even eat poison given by u considering it a sweet n I know u ll never allow me to eat sweet.
Sona – eating sweet in a limited amount doesn’t cause any harm.
Dev – what!!! U want to kill ur husband. ..I mean look at me. …so hot, handsome, loving, caring. ….

Sona (smirks)- u started it .u compared poison to sweet…not me. Now eat this sweet..hooh…..Tit for Tat.
Dev makes face.
Then pulls her more tight.
Sona – mhhhn what r u doing? ?kichu bhaiya is here. Just don’t do it.
Dev – o…hello u r actually always lost thinking abt me. U sometimes fail to notice whatz happening around u. Look there…in d hall.

In d hall
(Position is such that
Dev n sona can see esme n kichu talking.
Esme n kichu can’t see dev n sona)

Funny tone plays….
Esme – kichu bhaiya. Tell me about. …about. …
Kichu-abt what didi.
Esme – about. …about. ..yes tell me how to prepare MALAI SHORMA.
Kichu-malai shorma….whatz that
Esme – hey that….that (draws invisible structure in d air wid invisible pen!!!)
Kichu -oh that. ….that is called SHIR KORMA
Esme – Yeah yeah….tell me how to prepare malai….I mean shir korma.
Keeps ‘eating’ kichu’s brain.

In d kitchen

Sona – what is she doing there? ?
Dev(smiles)-must be eating kichu’s brain…..asking abt silly recipes.
Sona – to give us some personal time.
Dev – yes
Sona – but still…..everyone s at home.
Dev – offo…look at my daughter.
Sona ( acts dumbo type)-whott?? Ur daughter! !! Whoz ur daughter. R u having an extramarital affair????

Aaaahh…mera toh itta life kharab ho gaya hai…..aaahhh….itta kharab ho gaya hai…aahh.. (aahh…my life has become hell….aahh….a hell…..aaahhh)
Dev – chill chill.. (points esme)…look there. …see how understanding is my daughter. .. (then to tease sona speaks in a fake flirty tone)…and beautiful too.
Sona( jerks him n shows fake jealousy bcoz she knows both r not that kinda person)- o hello who is her mother ???

Dev pulls her closer.
Dev – I want to play ‘Pokemon Go’…especially I want to perform d last action.. (bends)….K I S S..
Sona – don’t disturb me. U r always in a mood to romance.
Dev – and u r not.u don’t want to romance so…. (leaves her hand)…I m going to ‘ flirt’ with Esme(blinks one eye)
Sona (fake jealousy)- shez ur daughter na.
Dev – I can smell something burning here.what is burning. … (acts finding what is burning sees sona)….oh u

Goes towards her n blows her hair
Dev – trying to stop the fire.
And runs from there.
Sona -”flirting wid Esme”’ in dev’s dictionary, it means discussing office work. He keeps doing this ””flirting””’with almost everyone in his office.
She laughs.

In the hall.

Esme sees dev coming.
Esme – kichu bhaiya..malai …I mean Shir Korma’s recipe we ll discuss later on. OK
Kichu leaves d hall.

Esme to dev-how was that???
Dev comes there n hugs her intentionally showing this to sona.
His POV-look I m flirting.
Sona’s POV-I know very well what type of flirting u do.
Dev – everything z all okay . let’s flirt d files… (realises the word…funny tone plays in bg)….I mean let’s discuss. ..yeah..let’s go through d files.
Esme – yes sir

In dev &sona’s room ..same day

Dev is still in d hall.
Sona opens a box n something falls…kinda hidden stuff…..stuffed under an old newspaper n hidden cleverly. …according to d hider
She sees d thing n smiles naughtily.
Sona – Dev ur secret is out.

Ishwari’s room

Ishwari has a pic of her, sona &dev in her hand.completely lost….

Sona comes there.
Sona – ma u r still thinking about khatri.
Ishwari-how can I forget that incident? How khatri planned dev’s accident n started disturbing me when dev’s treatment was going on….How u saved me from khatri….how u called police n they took him to jail for his illegal activities.

Sona sits near ishwari n holds her hand.
Ishwari-plz forgive me for whatever wrong I did.plz forgive me for separating u n dev.i m sorry.
Sona – ma plz don’t say sorry.whatever happened was just a misunderstanding. Now everything is all okay.we all r together. …happy.let the past be the past.ok
Ishwari-beta….u r such a kind hearted soul.

Both hug each other.

Next day…night…Devakshi room

footsteps make dev turn and she is here.Sons comes there with a jug of water and a glass….he is confused as she places it right infornt of him on the table…
Finally he speaks; ‘’What is this for’’

Sona; ‘’If you get too angry or you choke of screaming you can have water which is as pure as the holy Ganga’’

Dev; ‘’O hello Ganga is not that pure But why just one glass,…. what if you scream(romantically ) ….’’

Sona; ‘’Then you can bang the jug on my head….ok enough…see this’’ and she reveals dev’s secret….a photograph
She shows it to him.
Dev blushes heavily.
Sona – so I won. Look at ur face in the mirror.may I help u. (Naughty voice)

Dev is still blushing n tries to hide his face.

Finally Secret is shown…a photograph of Dev’s childhood. …in which he is totally nude….yeah of course he is a child in the photograph.

PRECAP:-Dev fixes car mirror so that he can steal glances of sona.



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