Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF (FUNNY AND ROMANTIC) #5



Hey ESME LUNA GREENWOOD is here with next episode.
I am not feeling well. I have typed it in a hurry so there must be some or many mistakes. I am in a bad mood which is affecting my imagination too. So this may not be good. I am sorry if it is not heart touching.


RECAP :-Sona is advised silly ideas to make Dev blush. Sona feels somebody is following her. Who is this person a male or a female? Is the person a goon? What are the hidden motives of this person?


Sona leaves for the next road. In the middle she feels somebody is following her. She looks back, nobody is there. Sona thinks nobody is here then why I have a feeling that somebody is behind me. Must be her imagination. Result of late night work!!!
She continues walking. Senses somebody is behind her back. She is tensed.

Ishwari communications

Esme enters dev’s cabin still eyes on (you can say inside) the files, turning pages.
Esme – Sir, I wanted to say something. We have already checked the files but plz go through the files once….and if u will be convinced then we will final it. May I put it on your table???
No answer.
Raises her head and looks here and there.
Esme – sir where r u? ??

Goes to tina.

Esme – Tina!! Sir is not in his cabin.
Tina-He left and must be home by now. Have you checked the watch? Its too too late.

******who is following sona???**********
Shows esme watch.
Tina-I will leave in 15 minutes. What about you? ??
Esme -Yeah I need to go through the presentation too.Last time sir was not convinced with the background. So I prepared a new one. They need just a glance. ll take only 10 minutes and I will ask sir to final the files and presentation today to save time.
Tina-too much work. Isn’t it.
Esme – Yeah yeah.Even I was late by 2 hours today.I am glad that I am not dead.hi hi…
Tina-But how??…I mean once sir was irritated of late comers.
Esme (in gyani baba tone)-Baccha pyar sab kuch karwa deta hai. (Love makes everything possible. )

She taps tina’s shoulder.

Tina-ok then we will leave together and this is done.
Esme – ok (shows files) …but we need to final this in today tomorrow else it will be late.so I will go to sir’s home.

Sona is tensed. She is walking fastly you can say running…..She can hear the foot steps.The person behind her back is following her with double speed……She is ready to attack him…..
Pepper spray….check
In action mode….check
Shoe attack…..check
Bag attack…..check

The person tightly holds her, drags her and pins her to a nearby tree.
Person-A wild Pokemon captured.
Sona shouts-Devrath.

He is none other than her hero DEV!!!!

Dev looks here and there as if he is finding someone named Devrath.Then looks in her eyes.
Dev -oh. Me . So you called me Devrath.
Sona-whott…..if I called you Devrath once then the world is not going to sink in the ocean.
Dev (innocent tone to gain sympathy)-Tumi janu. How hard it was for me to capture a wild Pokemon! !!!
Sona ( folds her arms)-You have to capture Pokemons there (points towards the mobile)….on your smart phone that is virtually not in reality.
Dev (comes near)-Why can’t I do it in real??
Sona- bcoz thatz the rule and stop coming near. People are watching us.
Dev – first thing rules are made to break.Second thing who will watch us in this late dark night and third thing we are married. So I have full right on you.
Those who will interrupt us. My excuse for them “She is my wife and I am playing Pokemon Go with her . Don’t disturb us by poking your long nose and get lost from here.

Sona-you have gone half mad…..
Dev-…in your love and not half but full. (Shouts)..I LOVE YOU SONAKSHI.
Sona- sssshhhh…lower your tone.
Dev – When there is no shame in loving each other then….why shame in speaking it??? (Again shouts)..I LOVE YOU SONAKSHI….
Sona – plz god don’t make my child like this businessman
Dev-(Imitates sona)MY CHILD. ….Our child and yes I am a businessman but now I want to do this business betwn us…
Comes near and….his lips touched hers and it happened. …K I S S….

Sona – So you kissed a wild Pokemon. Don’t do it in the game or you will lose.
Dev -But am I permitted to do it in reality???
She nods yes. Both laugh.

After some time same day….

Sona is in her room sitting on the bed. Dev comes there and locks d room. Sona is still lost in her down to memory lane ride.
Dev opens the buttons of his shirt one by one and tiptoes quickly towards her with a smirk (naughty one) forming along his lips. He wraps his strong arms around her waist and pulls her in a hug.

Dev – hello miss khargosh.
Sona- Mhmm….why are you shirtless? Why are you exposing yourself? Just go n wear ur shirt.tomar maatha totally khorab che.

Sona realises in what posture they are at d present moment. Both r on d same bed.her price charming is there SHIRTLESS. She is totally surrounded with a world full of love care…this world has her love story…. Her prince…everything for which she was waiting …for many years.
His hand on her waist. ..his face so near to her….Both…in a tight hug….
She thinks if this posture continues. ..it will be hard for her to control herself.

Dev – What happened?
Sona (fake anger)- Why r u shirtless? ?
Dev smirks and speaks in killing romantic voice-I want to have. …to have. …that ‘s’ thing. [Author-i hope u understand]

She shys.
Dev moves his mouth near sona’s ear.
Dev – SOUP !!!! I want to have some SOUP !! ‘S ‘ thing SOUP.

Sona shows fake anger and pushes him. He falls on the bed.
She leaves from there laughing.

PRECAP : – What??? Dev is blushing!!! How?? What Sona did???

I m not advertising the game Pokemon Go.I added it to the story bcoz the game is very famous and people are talking about it.



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  1. Vinya

    The episode was very funny…hahaha…. ???

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    it was funny and i was reading it with my frnd which made it more funny
    and where were you dying yesterday
    update as soon as possible

    1. Esme

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    Splendid..I had a smile on my face throughout d episode..DEVAKSHI GI..not Pokemon go

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  4. Osum episode

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    Superbbbbb epi waiting to know what did Sona do to make Dev blush and I am and about Pokemon go I loved that part

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      Ur name is Ayushi. Am I correct???

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